Lathom pond one

24th August , peg 11


Well it has soon come round to the last club match of the season and my final one with Balmoral AC , i have enjoyed my four years there and had a little bit of success along the way with me winning ;

Division three winner in 2011

Overall club winner in 2013

Runner up in 2014

But there has also been a few disagreements to sort out over the years and its been quite stressful running the club on your own ,so i would recommend to who ever decides to take over that they nominate a couple of people to help with everything to make it a bit easier. Back to todays match i had wanted everything to go well but the harder you try the more it usually goes wrong , but it never really happened like that today and without going into too much detail , it wasn’t how i would have liked to finish my time at the club .

Today we only had a dozen anglers fishing because a few members of the club was on a fishing holiday and with us having most of the lake i was able to peg one miss one which will make the fishing better hopefully , i had been up for a practise the previous week and done extremely well so i was expecting some big weights and one lad who had been on a few times in the week decided he would try to break the long-standing club record which stood at 99lb and to be fair he did just that so well done to him .

After the draw i ended up on peg eleven which was in the middle of the bay which also had the benefit of the bit of breeze blowing in to it , but the last few matches we have fished on here this area never usually throws up decent weights and we also had a couple of good anglers on the better pegs plus my section was the hardest of the three so i could be up against it today .

When i got to my peg i had already decided on how i would like to target it and i was really happy with my margin swim too , the areas i wanted to fish where ;

Shallow 1ft+2ft , i used a matrix series three float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a guru LWG hook which had a micro band attached , elastic was size 12 preston durro

Pellet deck 6 meter ,i used a 4×14 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 hook length which had a size 18 gamma pellet hook attached and my elastic was matrix 12s red .

Paste  meter , i used a 0.3 scone float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a turbertini 808 hook and my elastic was matrix 12s red ,

Margin ,  i used a 0.2 scone float with 0.14 garbo direct to a guru size 16 LWG hook and my elastic was matrix 14s yellow

I had found it best to feed quite heavy on here to keep the fish in the peg so i brought with me ;

1 pint paste

3 pint of 4mm pellets

2 tins of corn

1 tin of hemp

1 tub of hard hook pellets

1 tub of mixed expanders

When the all in sounded i went on to my four meter line and cupped in a full pot of 4mm pellets before proceeding to drop a pea sized piece of paste over the top i decided to use a piece this size because i had expected to be mainly targeting f1s and i would also cut out the pellet feed if it brought the fish up in the water which was a problem on my last visit here .It took a few attempts to get my float set right but it all went towards feeding the peg and i was soon getting indications but not from the f1s though but from proper carp averaging over 2lb a piece so i increased the paste to the size of a conker which helped attract the better stamp of fish .


In the first couple of hours i had thirty fish in the net and seemed to be doing better than all but one other angler , my swim was starting to struggle though and i needed another part of my peg to produce to keep on catching . I had been loose feeding pellets on to my six meter line since the match started but strangely i had only seen the odd one top where when i practised the week before it was black with fish shallow , maybe the recent cold weather had pushed them lower in the water so i decided to start on my deeper shallow rig first to see what response i got but it wasn’t great with only a few line bites so i tried increasing the feed to try to force the fish up in the water but this didn’t work either .

I figured with the amount of pellets going in that their must be some fish in the area so i tried my deck rig with an expander on the hook but this did not produce a bite either and maybe the water was a bit too deep at six meters but i do know that i had just wasted forty minutes without putting a fish in the net not what i wanted .

With two hours remaining of the match i decided to start feeding the left hand margin with four big pots of hemp plus corn , i also made the bold or stupid decision to put my second net in and while i left my margin to settle so went back on to my paste swim which took a while to get going again after being neglected for an hour , i was relieved to finally start getting indications again but the fish i began catching now were f1s instead of carp so i reduced the paste size again which increased the amount of bites that i hit .


I noticed a swirl from a big carp at the side of the reeds where i had potted in the bait so i took the opportunity to give my margin rig a go with double corn on the hook , i had purposely left all the float bristle showing so i wouldn’t be tempted to strike at any little dinks which would have only resulted in foul hooked fish . My first proper bite resulted in yards of yellow 14s matrix elastic streaming from the pole tip , after struggling to get it under control for about five minutes i had a near double figured carp in the net which was a bonus and another smaller one followed before i started getting bites from silvers so a couple more pots of feed went in before i returned to my paste rig .


A few more f1s came to my four meter line before after about twenty minutes the fish were back in the margin , so a quick change of rig resulted in a couple more carp before i hooked something heavy which just plodded about then headed off into open water before the hook pulled and i felt that it must have been foul hooked , a few more cups went in and by rotating between the two swims i kept fish coming for the rest of the match apart from in the last ten minutes when i had run out of corn+hemp so i decided to feed pellets which strangely killed my margin .

When the all out sounded i was unsure if i had done enough to end my time at Balmoral AC with a win but i had certainly caught a few fish , as it turned out it was probably the best club match that i had been involved in with lots of weights around the 50lb mark . It was between me and one other lad for the match win , he had caught constantly all day where i had a bigger stamp but the quiet hour would most certainly cost me and it did with my 53 fish going 94lb but he put 106lb on the scales for the match win and new club record , So well done you fished a great match . 

It was a closer result than a few people in the club had thought and it was a fitting result to end my time at the club because i have lost count on the amount of matches that i had just fell short of winning in my four years with them ,it was just a real shame that it ended up the way it did  but to be honest i didn’t expect any less from some members in the club .

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my club fishing exploits and i have booked some good matches for Balmoral AC next year i just hope that they find someone good enough to take over from me . I think that you will like my open match blogs that i will be doing from now on and i know it is going to be a real step up for me , i have no doubt it will be a steep learning curve but i am looking forward to it .

Lathom fisheries pond one

Peg 2 , 7th August

With the weather still being nice i decided to have a few hours fishing and wanted to go somewhere a bit different so with our last match taking place at Lathom that is where i choose to go , i had planned on fishing the normal match hours and got to the venue for 9 am but i was still surprised to find that most lakes were nearly full especially on pond one which is where i wanted to fish it just proves how well Lathom is fishing now .

In my opinion i have found that the early pegs on the pond aren’t usually the best but other than plonk myself in between two anglers i had no option and settled on peg two , i had decided to keep things a little simple so a choose just a couple of lines and bait these where ;

Shallow 1ft+2ft 0.3 series three matrix float with 0.12 garbo direct to a kamasam size 18 f1 hook which had a micro bait band , i choose to fish at 6 meters and would loose feed six pellets every couple of minutes for the first hour before upping the feed when i went on it mid-match .

Paste 4ft deep on top four line , i used a 0.4 scone jadz float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a turbertini 808 hook and i decided to fish that at 4 meters so would feed half a cup of 4mm pellets and a nugget of swim stim paste , i fished this line for the first and last hour of the match .

Bait today was just your basic ;

3 pints 4mm pellets

1 pint swim stim paste

4+6mm hard pellets

At 10 am i was ready to start and began on my paste line it took me a few attempts to get my float to settle correctly and the bottom was rather uneven but it all went towards feeding the peg , it didn’t take long before i began getting indications and at first they was easy to hit with some nice sized f1s coming to the net i also had a run of tench including one approaching the 4lb mark which is my biggest of the season so far , but with me feeding pellets on my paste line i began getting lots of line bites from the fish up in the water and with me catching about twenty in the first hour i decided to let my paste line settle before going on to my shallow swim .

I started on my 2ft rig and upped my feed , by constantly laying my rig through the feed i began getting bites , it didn’t take long before the fish were swirling on the surface and i swapped rigs for my shallower one . This increased my catch rate considerably i did notice that slapping worked better than tapping which i thought was strange because i find the former is usually best for f1s , feeding while i was unhooking the fish rather than when my rig was in the water cut down on foul hookers considerably but apart from that it was all pretty straight forward although the paste fish were a bit bigger and in the middle three hours i added another forty f1s .

It was approaching the last hour and with me still having some paste left i decided to give it another go but this time i cut out the pellets and reduced the ball of paste to the size of a pea , this increased my catch rate too which included some nice skimmers and finally i managed to get among some proper carp including some around the 5lb mark . As i called time on my practise match i ended up with nearly 80 fish over 1lb plus a few around 3-5lb and i even had one take my bare hook from the margin while i was packing up my gear , so all in all i had a good days fishing and it looks like the match on their will be a fitting end to my days at Balmoral Angling Club .


Lathom fishery

10th November

Today’s match was at Lathom pond four and was the third of my Autumn-winter league that i am running , after their being lots of rain coming down the day before and us also having the first proper frost of the year ,it was 0 degrees on the way to the venue and never rose above 5 degrees all day , i wasn’t expecting lots of big weights although it is more than capable of doing so with 100lb plus weights winning in summer but with it being predominately a f1 and silver fish water we should still be in for a few fish .

After sorting the pegging and pools it was time for the draw and 17 where in attendance and half of us would be sat in the cold with the trees blocking out the sun , the other half would be basking in the winter sun . Their was two pegs left in the bag for me and Tony scopex to choose from , one in the sun shine the other in the shade and un fortunately i was left with the latter peg Not a good start to the day .

On arrival at my peg i was on permanent peg nine which was only one away from the corner and had a slight breeze blowing into my bank , i just hope that it doesn’t get any stronger because i was cold enough sat in the shade without having the wind to contend with and to make it worse all the anglers on the other bank were sat in their t-shirts and sun glasses .

After my practice on here the Sunday before i had set my stall out to fish shallow because that’s what had worked extremely well , but i wasn’t sure it would be as effective today in my peg and with today’s conditions to contend with so i had a pellet approach on the deck as my back up plan although it was patchy at best in practice .

2ft shallow , 0.3 matrix float with a bulk under the float and two droppers , using 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and with my usual orange matrix .

1ft shallow 0.3 matrix float with a bulk under the float and one dropper , using 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and my usual orange matrix .

5ft deck rig , 4×14 malmans winter wire with a spread bulk starting 8 inch above the 0.10 garbo hook length and size 20 gamma pellet hook , my main line was 0.12 and my usual orange matrix .

My bait was ;

1 pint casters

small tub expanders

1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint soaked 4mm

As the all in sounded i started on my pellet rig at 6m with a soft 4mm expander on the hook , i was feeding half a medium kinder pot of micros and 4mm  every five minutes , started lifting-dropping trying to entice the f1s to bite . All the people around me was struggling in the shade but on the other bank they were catching the odd fish ,when out of the blue my float dipped slightly and after a spirited fight a big f1 was in the net but un fortunately it was hooked in the pectoral fin .

No more indications came in the next forty minutes on this line and because i had been loose feeding casters at 13 meter this was my next move to try to get among the fish , i started on my shallow deep rig but this didn’t produce and a change to my shallow rig didn’t either , which was a puzzle to me because last Sunday it was prolific .

I decided to leave this line alone for a while but obviously kept feeding it for later in the match , i had noticed that some one to my right was catching the odd f1 on his top kit , which after plumbing up i found it to be the same depth as my shallow deep rig . So i decided to follow suit and began loose feeding six casters every few minutes , i laid my rig in and dragged it up the near side shelf slightly to make a static bait . I began getting the odd indication but nothing positive when suddenly my float slide under and yet again i was attached to another big f1 foul hooked in the pectoral fin yet again .

Two hours gone and all i had in the net was two big f1s , just what could i do to put some fish in the net ? I rotated my swims again but all i managed was a small chub but at least i had hooked it in the mouth this time .

The sun had finally worked its way over the trees so i hoped that this might encourage the fish to feed up in the water , so that’s what i tried next but i just couldn’t get a bite even though the lad on the next peg to my right was catching doing it and so was all those on the sun shine bank .

I went back on to my top kit line with casters and this produced a couple more big f1s , but we was fast approaching the last ninety minutes and i had toyed with the idea of fishing another pellet line at 11m but i thought that it might have been to close to my 7m pellet swim , but because nothing else was working that’s all that i was left with to do and after plumbing up it was the same depth as my other pellet swim .

So there was no real reason it should work but work it did , with eight fish coming my way before the all out and i did bump a couple of fish plus missing the odd bite . I was left wondering to my self just why i hadn’t made the switch sooner especially when on weighing in my section i was only three f1s from winning it . Just an extra thirty minutes would have made all the difference and all the best f1 anglers know when to make the match winning switch .

Section A , peg 3 43lb 7oz Dave Machin , fishing shallow using maggot

Section B , peg 6 20lb 1oz Rob , picking the odd fish up from various lines , mainly chub shallow on maggot

Section C , peg 10 18lb 15oz John Unsworth , fishing pellet at 11m

Section D, peg 17 30lb 10oz Tony Barton , worm and caster at 7m for a mainly all chub-ide net of fish .

Overall i think it was a well contested match with the lowest weight being 10lb , but all the biggest weights came from the sun shine pegs . My match was a bit of a non starter but a change of swim worked wonders and its surprising how when its cold the f1s wont move a few meters to find the feed , pellets worked well for me today but not as effective for others which was a strange , i didnt get as many fish as others did but they was of a bigger stamp and maybe should have taken maggots instead of casters ?

For the record i ended up with 13 fish for 16lb 8oz a couple of fish short for the section but i also had my fair share of luck with the foul hookers , off to Church Gardens in Bolton on Thurs to hopefully get among the skimmers and i have never been before so am obviously looking forward to it .

Keep coming back to see how i get on .

Cheers Gary.

Peg 1 Jordan 15lb 5oz 2nd in section

peg 2 Chris b dnw

peg 3 Dave 43lb 7oz section win

peg 4 Allen 13lb 1oz

peg 5 Mike 18lb 10oz section 2nd

peg 6 Rob 20lb 1oz section win

peg 7 aidy 10lb 1oz

peg 8 Gary 16lb 8oz

peg 9 Brian dnw

peg 10 John 18lb 15oz section win

peg 11 Darren 11lb 1oz

peg 12 Tim 11lb 14oz section 2nd

peg 13 Kenny 9lb 4oz

peg 14 Chris 21lb 3oz

peg 15 Martin 22lb 3oz

peg 16 Ronnie 23lb 4oz section 2nd

peg 17 Tony 30lb 10oz section win

Lathom fishery

3rd November

I had planned on practicing for my next up and coming Autumn-winter league match because i hadn’t fished Lathom 4 since last November, the lake its self is a square water with twenty pegs but with them being extremely close together only 18 anglers can comfortable fish and it is heavily stocked with a mix of f1s , carp and silvers , which would make it an ideal winter venue . The weather leading up to my trip could only be described as awful with the North West getting hit by the back-end of a storm and when i woke up in the morning the trees where bent double , with the rain also lashing it down . So i decided on an extra few hours in bed and at 9am it had all calmed down a bit , so making the most of it i set off for a shorter session than i originally planned , as i was unable to stay too long because i had to organize the club presentation for later that day .

When i arrived at the complex i didn’t expect their to be many people fishing and in fact their was only two other brave souls attending , both on pond four sat with the wind blowing into their faces . The wind was quite gusty blowing towards the car-park and the rain was intermittent all day , i had expected the fishing to be extremely difficult so decided on a softly softly approach using pellets at first and i did have a few maggots to try if it turned out to be really hard .

I decided to choose a peg with the wind off my back and after careful consideration i settled on peg 17 , i first plumbed up at 11m then worked my way back to try to find the bottom of the near shelf but because their was only a two-inch change of depth i decided on fishing a comfortable 6m in case the weather deteriorated during the day . The depth i found was a touch over 4ft so i decided on a 4×16 malmams speedy float , maybe a tad heavy for the depth but needed in today’s blustery conditions .

I began by kinder potting in some micros and a touch of crushed expander every five minutes , it took a while before i had an indication and by lifting-dropping my rig i managed a couple of nice sized f1s , but it was slow going and i was keeping a close eye on the anglers on the opposite bank to see if they were doing any better , it looked like we was all doing about the same with just four fish coming my way in the first hour .


I noticed that every time i fed my float was moving all over the place , a sure sign that surprisingly in the conditions the f1s where settled up in the water . I hastily set up a new rig which was a 4×12 malmam diamond pattern , i began at 3ft which was a foot off the bottom and i changed to loose feeding maggots every five minutes , like before my float was being knocked all over the place by the competing fish but no positive indications . So i shallowed up by another foot and this did the trick , i had a run of f1s all over 1 lb going up to 3 lb they was mainly the silver type but i had the odd smaller golden one mixed in with them .

I then had a frustrating run of foul hooked fish , so i changed to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and went even shallower tp just 1 ft and this solved the problem for a while any way , with 12 fish in twenty minutes making their way to the bank . Surprisingly the f1s where know even boiling on the surface and because their was only me fishing that bank , i just had too many fish in my swim and frustratingly i suffered another run of foul hooked fish .


I began to run out of maggots so a change to feeding crushed expander with a 4 mm expander on the hook this produced the bigger fish but it was noticeably slower than fishing with maggot and when i had a run off chub i thought the f1s had backed off . I had noticed a few bubbles coming up off the deck so a change to my deeper rig was in order , but frustratingly i couldn’t get a proper bite from their and only suffered more foul hooked fish . Even by changing my shotting and feeding just to micros , i couldn’t get a run off fish together but i did hook a big bream of about 5 lb which came off agonizingly just out of range of my landing net .

For the final thirty minutes i went back shallow with maggot on the hook and fed just micros this resulted in another ten more f1s but it began to get colder and looked like rain so at 230 i called an end to the proceedings . My final tally for the day was 46 f1s and 5 chub for nearly 60 lb in 4 hrs , i also lost about 30 foul hooked fish and no doubt would have had a lot more if i had taken more maggots .

But as you know it’s all different come match day when the nets go in , i had intended to try my tip rod today but never had chance with the fishing on the pole being so good . I hope this gives you all a heads up for Sundays match and apprentley there is no ground-bait allowed or method feeders .

See you all their .


Lathom fishery

Pond one , 16th July

My latest round of my club season was soon upon me and after not even seeing the place since last years match , i was keen to do a bit of research before fishing it and a few from our club had fished it in the weeks before and the common theme was the fact that it had been heavily stocked with 4oz  f1s and the bigger carp seemed to be feeding best in the margins .

On the day of the match i woke up feeling very ill and if people wasn’t relying on me then i probably wouldnt have attended it , arrived at 815 and their was a few pleasure anglers attempting to set up on the lake we had booked for today’s match so the first thing i had to do was move them on and then sort the pegging out which turned out to be peg two miss one giving everyone a margin to fish towards .

At the draw i yet again had the last peg in the bag which turned out to be permanent peg five which was a reasonable area but last years club match they struggled on this side of the lake and i had a very tough section of anglers which would make picking up points today very hard but i intended to give it my best shot .

My main lines of attack where to be ;


6m bottom near shelve

0.4 scone float were it was 6ft deep , 0.12 garbo line to a size 18 f1 hook with a micro bait band .

14m shallow deep

0.2 matrix float set 2ft deep, 0.14 garbo line attached to a size 18 f1 hook with a micro bait band .

14m shallow

0.2 scone dibber float set 1ft deep with a long leader , 0.14 garbo line attached to a size 18 f1 hook with a micro bait band .


As the all in sounded i put a full medium pot of 4mm pellets in at 6m and went over the top with a banded 6mm , within five minutes i hooked my first fish which was a proper carp and after a spirited fight i got it to the top kit when the hook pulled Not the best of starts , anyway undeterred i went straight back out and fed another large kinder pot of 4mm and began getting all sorts of indications from fish which were up in the water swimming into the line and thinking about later i should have been big potting to keep them on the deck .

My next positive bite resulted in another hook pull but this time from a tench , 20 minutes in and still no fish !! a few carp were coming out from all over the lake mainly from those pegs near the aerator which the wind was blowing towards , i finally managed to land my next two fish which put 8lb in the net but i proceeded to lose another 5 carp in ninety minutes for about 20lb all from hook pulls which i can only put down to the size of hook i was using . Fed another big cup of 4mm and decided to try shallow deep while it was settling because their was still a couple of big carp swirling in the middle of the lake .

I had been feeding this line for ninety minutes so was hoping for an instant response but after twenty minutes i was still waiting for a proper indication so i changed for my ultra shallow rig with a longer leader in case the carp were backing away from the pole tip and in some way this worked and i managed to drop the pellet on the nose of a 5lb carp which i landed this time . But nothing else followed i had a couple of knocks nothing positive though so a new line was in order but i kept feeding my 14m  swim to try again later in the match .

Went back on to my 7m bottom rig while i pondered on what to do next and this produced another carp but after still getting line bites from fish shallow i decided to try this and my first fish was a 1lb carp but after that i began getting pestered by small 4oz f1s but not fast enough to compete so another re think was in order .

Two hours of the match remaining and out came the paste because i remembered it working well last time i fished here , it was last chance saloon time to catch the 50lb i thought would be needed to win . It took five minutes to get the float set up right but it soon buried and i had a 6lb carp in the net Good start , i began getting all sorts of indications but they were very hard to connect with but i did manage a few 1lb f1s but nothing along the size i needed to catch .

The last thirty minutes were spent in the margins looking for a few lumps and their was lots of fish in this area but seemed totally uninterested in feeding today and the lucky few who managed to catch in the margins was where the wind had been blowing into their pegs all match , as the all out sounded it had become apparent that most people had done OK and a few would be in chance of winning their sections .

My match was over within the first 90 minutes because i didn’t make the most of this feeding spell , as when the wind dropped and the sun came out the carp decided to down tools for the day and wouldnt settle over the feed . When i started the weigh in at peg one he had managed a few nice carp including one whopper of around 15lb , peg two won the match fishing 13m with worm and caster for a nearly all silver net of fish . All in all some nice weights had come out today and had been spread evenly around the lake making for a very well contested match , not as good a winning weight as last year but the weather conditions were better then .

1st peg 2 , 44lb

2nd peg 28 , 33lb

3rd peg 16 , 31lb

With just the three weights under 20lb from 21 fishing so a good days fishing had by all and if i had been in a more fit state im sure i could have gone closer to framing , not sure which match i will be fishing at the weekend Partridge or Sycamore which has improved since the aerators had gone in .

Lots of things to think about regarding today’s match , mainly regarding hook lengths and hook sizes for carp which i need to sort out before my next club match at Widdows , but on the positive side i was impressed with the tiger fish feed pellets .



The fishery now boasts 4 lakes, situated right next to each other, offering the angler a choice of either, and making it easy to swap from one to the other.

All are well stocked with a variety of fish including Carp to 30lb,Tench to 7lb, Barbel to 6lb and Roach to a magnificent 3lb.  There are also Bream, Orfe, ChubRudd and Perch making up a splendid variety. 

Pool 1 shown above, has a depth of around 5′.  It also features an island in the bay at the far end, and has 30 pegs available.  This is the match pool and holds barbel and chub to 5lb, carp to 10lb, bream to 5lb, tench and roach

Pool 2 above is on average 8′ deep and holds the specimen fish with carp to 30lb

and has 24 pegs.  In here are carp, ghosties, barbel, bream, tench, perch and roach.

Pool 3 above is well stocked with plenty of fish up to around the 4lb mark.  It has carp,

chub, orfe, F1s, roach and tench and is an ideal learners pool.

Pool 4 above has been recently stocked with small barbel but also holds carp to 10lb,

F1s, orfe, tench and roach

Current Prices

The price is only £5 per rod per day and only £4 for concessions with fishing from dawn till dusk, but you MUST be off site before dark as the gates will be shut shortly after dusk.

Monies are placed in envelopes in the ticket office before fishing.

How to get there

The fishery is situated on Warpers Moss Lane in Burscough.

If you are travelling towards Liverpool on the A59, you turn left into the lane just before thetwo bridges in Burscough.  If travelling towards Preston, you turn right into the lane just after the two bridges.

Continue down the lane, under the railway bridge, and the fishery is about 1/4 mile further on the right hand side.

Rules and Guidelines

For everyone’s safety, the following rules and guidelines

have been set for the benefit of both the fishery and the angler:


Barbless hooks MUST be used at all times
No keep nets are permitted, with the exception of matches
Groundbait, Trout pellets, Bloodworm, Joker and Boilies areforbidden
No Bread Feed, Loose feed only
Landing Nets MUST be used
Keep all gates shut
Always use the Litter Bins provided
Anglers are expected to remove all rubbish and not discard any unused bait
No Night Fishing
Anyone attempting to remove fish will be prosecuted
The owner accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property
We reserve the right to check all bags and vehicles


Your co-operation with these rules is much appreciated


There is 2 methods that work very well on Lathom but…………it all depends on the wind. If you draw with the wind blowing to your peg, then you will bag up. If the wind is blowing away from you then you will generally struggle. There are 29 pegs on of which 25 are generally fished off.

Peg 1 to 7 are in open water on the straight and you need to fish 13mtr line on deck or up in water. I always prefer paste over hemp but many fish chop worm/caster alternating up and down to find/keep the fish. Peg 8/9 gives you a choice to fish toward the “island” either pellet wag or free running feeder with pellet.

Peg 10/11 we normally leave out due to corner issues then you are looking at 12 – 17 in the bowl where 10 mtr on deck pellet or paste will produce. Don’t miss the opportunity to fish tight to the side in the shallow water as it is here that could bring you the bonus lumps.

pegs 18 to 22 on the point are good pegs but very tight on a curved bank and 18 should be left out to prevent crossing. permanent peg 22 is the lake flyer and gives you the opportunity to fish the pole line where sky meets land in the water reflection or chuck out the pellet wag toward the island and keep the 6mm/8mm spraying in 4/6 at a time.

Peg 23 to 27 are opposite 1 – 7 and can be fished the same but on 6-8m pole. Down the side is also very good along here. 28 and 29 are not generally pegged in matches as they are on the end and the aireator causes issues.
Sorry for the info overload, but it is a variety of options that can make a difference. Our match on Sunday was won with 54lb on peg 22 pellet wag in the open water. 2nd was peg 3 13 mtr up in water worm and choppy and peg 17 was 3rd pellet at 10 mtr on deck. Wind was toward pegs 27 – 15