Widdows fishery

15th Jan , peg 24


With my job being a little quiet at the moment i took the opportunity for a short afternoon session and after last weeks good silver fish catch their was only one place that i wanted to go , so after a little detour to pick up some maggots me and John headed off to Widdows fishery .

On arrival there weren’t a soul about which wasn’t a surprise in the recent rainy weather but today it isn’t that bad with it being quite mild and only a light breeze , so we had the choice of pegs and after last weeks good show on the low numbers we decided to try the other bank and see how that side fishes , we settled on pegs 24+25 just at the side of the wooden boards .


After the recent heavy rain it was noticeable that the water level were quite high and after plumbing up i found that last weeks rig was a good 4 inch to shallow even at 13 meters where the shelf would normally be , so a new rig was called for . After plumbing up a few different areas i found that their was only a few inch difference so only one rig would be called for today .


0.3 maver float with a thin tip to show any delicate bites from the roach , main line was 0.10 garbo with a 0.07 garbo hook length and a size 20 gamma black hook .


1/2 pint red maggots

1/2 pint pinkes

Because of what i learned from last weeks visit i decided too only take maggots-pinkies and that turned out to be a mistake as you will find out later .

At 12 i was ready to get started so i shipped out to 13 meters and began catapulting in half a dozen maggots every minute , it didn’t take long before i was into some nice stamp roach and in the first hour it was all so easy with a dozen fish coming my way . After that it went a bit harder as they got a bit un-settled but with a change of shotting pattern i could keep them coming before all of a sudden it died on me and at first i thought that a carp might have scared them off .


All the first hour while i was catching well my mate was struggling on pellet he was also fishing at 13 meters the same as me , but when i stopped catching it coincided with a shoal of skimmers settling on his swim and he began eating into my lead . I set up a new line in the channel were it was slightly deeper and here i decided to feed with a kinder pot to try to keep the fish on the deck making them easier to catch but apart from a few quick fish this also died on me STRANGE .

I had flicked a few maggots to the side of some reeds on my right hand margin were it was 4 ft deep and after ten minutes my float buried and elastic shoot off , but after a few seconds the small hook pulled out and no doubt it would have been a carp which would have only broke my light hook length so i wasn’t too down heartened .

My mate John was still bagging up on the skimmers using pellet and his secret additive for his micros , so with nothing else working i reluctantly decided to follow suit and soaked some micros i also pinched a hand full of his expanders . I plumbed up a new swim at six meters which was in the middle of the channel well away from where i had fed any maggots in case they had put the fish off .

We was now into the last hour so it was now or never if i was going to try to catch my mate up , it took me a good ten minutes before the fish found my kinder pot of micros and i was finally into my first skimmer of the session and it was slow going at the start but it was starting to build up nicely and just before we called it a day at 4 pm i had the biggest fish of the session with a nice 3 lb bream .


I ended up with 32 fish mainly roach and my mate had over 40 fish nearly all skimmers which would have weighed a lot more than my catch , it seems strange that last week i couldn’t get a bite on pellet on the low numbered pegs and this week on the high numbers that’s all they wanted , it might be the in consistent weather or just that the skimmers are in certain pegs and at least i know how to tackle a winter match situation on here because their maybe one taking place next Sunday .


Widdows fishery

peg 6 , January 8th

widdows fishery

widdows fishery

With the weather being a bit un-settled recently i decided to make the most of a fore-cast dry day and sneak a few hours fishing after dinner when i had finished work . Widdows fishery is some where that i don’t visit that often even though it is right on my door step , in fact i haven’t been since the club match in June when i came second with 40 lb of skimmers on worm and caster .

The water its self has thirty pegs all of which are suitable for the disabled with a ramp going to them and you can also drive round to every one to drop your tackle off , it is in the shape of an elongated doughnut with it being 16 meter to the island and it has a healthy head of carp and more importantly silvers which i intended to target today .

After ringing around to find out which pegs to sit on i got told that the low numbers where better for the skimmers because they are in a bay and it is also a bit deeper their , when i arrived the cabin was all locked up so i went to find a peg and settled on peg six because it was near where i fished the club match and i always like a contrast of summer-winter on venues .


On getting my gear together i decided to fish at 11 meter which was at the bottom of the far shelf and decided on two swims four meters apart , one was to be fed with fishery micros which i had left from my last trip for the skimmers and the other was for the roach so i fed only maggots .



After plumbing up i found a touch over four-foot so i used a 4×14 malmams speedy float with a bulk and dropper shotting pattern , my main line was 0.12 garbo with a 0.10 hook length with a size 18 gamma pellet hook and it would seem a bit heavy a set up for silvers but there is always a chance of a carp or too .



1/2 pint red maggots

1/2 pint soaked fishery pellets

small tub 4mm expanders normal and white

At 1 pm i was ready to start fishing and i began by feeding my skimmer line with a medium kinder pot of micros squeezed into a ball so they would go straight to the bottom and i would keep doing this every ten minutes , leaving it for at least an hour before going on to it giving the skimmers every chance to settle when hopefully i could bag up .  I started off on my roach line and began by kinder potting maggots before later in the session i would catty them in because they had moved up in the water .


It took all of ten minutes before a 10 oz skimmer took a liking to my double red maggot hook bait which was a nice surprise , it slowed down a touch but i was confident of catching on my pellet line later and of course i wanted to catch some thing while i was waiting for them to arrive .I began flicking a few maggots at the float to try to get some roach interested and this worked to some extent with the odd nice stamp silver coming my way , in the first hour i had six roach and skimmers .

I decided to give this line a rest and go on to my pellet swim and i went in with an expander on the hook 15 minutes past with out a single indication not what i was expecting , i decided to change my hook bait for a maggot and this resulted in me catching a small roach so i had a decision to make and with it only being a short session i decided to leave my pellet line and concentrate only on my maggot swim because i was catching quicker there .


With the fish all being of similar stamp to those at Heskin i decided to swap rigs to the one i used on their , to see if i could get more bites using it and if by chance i did hook a carp i would have to be ultra careful .


Maver 0.3 float with a thin nylon bristle to show up any little indication the shotting pattern was the same bulk and dropper style , my main line was 0.10 garbo with a 1 ft long 0.07 hook length attached to a size 20 gamma black hook .

This rig worked a treat and i was getting more and more bites , the tiny dinks i was getting before were now more positive indications and this resulted in my catch rate doubling but they was all nice sized roach . I was still flicking six maggots every few minutes and this brought them up in the water so another change of shotting pattern for an on the drop one , resulted in my catch rate continuing along the same line and surprisingly i never had a bite on the drop but they all came as soon as the float settled .


I was enjoying my self catching the pristine looking roach but with time running out i wanted to see if i could get the bigger stamp of skimmer feeding , so i changed back to a bulk-dropper shotting pattern and began kinder potting loose micros . I decided to sit it out with an expander on the hook and after a 15 minute wait my float slid under which resulted in my biggest fish of the day a nice 2 lb skimmer ., but bites were few and far between and a change of hook bait back to maggot only resulted in more roach . So i decided to get my head down and see how many fish i could catch in the remaining thirty minutes and at 4 pm it began getting dark so i decided to call it a day with me catching 39 fish mostly roach in three hours , which is a good catch rate by any ones standard and i doubt that i would have caught that much if i hadn’t changed my rig .

Widdows Fishery

June 30th 2013 Peg 4

my peg for the day

my peg for the day

Off to Widdows Fishery today for the half way stage of our club matches, I have been looking forward to this one since last years club match where I finished 3rd, it isn’t a place I frequent a lot, so I want for a sneaky practice last week and had a plan worked out. Because there hadn’t been many Carp showing recently in matches I decided to try tight to the island for the first hour before hopefully bagging in up with Skimmers at four meters and all I needed now was a peg with a chance!

Only eighteen was fishing today as a few people had been unwell recently, but it made pegging out the lake a whole lot easier and I just put the even peg numbers in the bag which gave everyone an empty peg either side of them, because you can drop your tackle off with the car at every peg and with everyone here we started the draw at 8:45am, I was getting a bit disheartened seeing all the good pegs being taken and unfortunately I ended up with peg four, not really an area I wanted but hopefully I could make it work.

On settling in on my peg I had a nice over hanging bush to my right, but unfortunately it wasn’t very deep there but I would feed it for the last hour just in case. I had three lines of attack today and these are:

16 meter shallow

0.2 matrix float set 2ft deep , 0.12 main line to a size 18 hook with micro band , 13h elastic

14 meter far slope

0.3 scone float set 3ft deep , 0.12 main line to a size 18 hook with a micro band , 13h elastic.

4 meter near slope

0.3 scone float , set 3ft deep , 0.12 main line to a 0.10 hook length attached to a size 16 hook with 11h elastic

Bait today was:

Hard 4ml and 6ml fishery pellets, for the far bank

Worm and Caster for the 4 meter line.

As the all in sounded I went straight out to 14 meters and using a medium cup, potted in some hard 4ml pellets. I went over the top of this with my 3 foot rig and a hard 6ml pellet on the hook, I began getting indications but the was very hard to hit, 30 minutes in and still no fish, which wasn’t a good sign, so I began pinging in some 4ml pellets over the top. This seemed to work and I began picking up the odd Skimmer but it was slow going. In the first hour I had only six Skimmers in the net, Branny opposite was catching Carp shallow, tight to the tins and I followed suit, this produced a small 3lb Carp almost instantly but I kept getting tiny dips on the float which I thought was small Roach, and I probably spent too long on this unproductive line trying to make it work.

I made the decision to concentrate on the 4 meter slope line which was the area I had targeted in practice that could be a potential match winner because majority of the anglers would stay fishing long all match. I put two medium pots full of chopped worm and caster in and the went over with an inch segment of worm, it didn’t take long for the Skimmers to arrive and I was catching them in a four fish burst, I just couldn’t get the fish to settle but every time it went quiet or I caught a small Perch I put another cup of feed in andthe Skimmers are well worth catching averaging at 1lb a piece.

At last I had found a line where I could put some fish in the net, every hour I would rest the swim for ten minutes and re-try my sixteen meter shallow line, this produced lots of bites like before but was still very hard to hit, and those that I managed to latch in to were Carp but bumped them off on the way in, I think it was a combination of two heavy an elastic and that they wasn’t hooked on properly. I was averaging seven fish an hour but I had lost a couple of flying Skimmers, but had some proper Bream to compensate for it. I was unsure of what everyone else had been doing because the bush to my right had blocked two thirds of the lake, so in the last hour I tried upping the feed to bring the much needed bonus Carp in to the area.

All of a sudden my peg went strangely quiet, had I made a big mistake and over fed? Just as I began thinking that my float shot under and I was attached to a right lump! Which was hell bent on getting under the aerator, the only trouble was it was located two pegs to my left and the lad on that peg was also playing a Carp, a few dodgy moments occurred before I could get it back in to my peg and with the fish still fighting hard at least it was on my top kit where I managed to use my pulla to apply some more pressure but twice it took me through the nearside bush,  just when I thought I had it under control and I was just about to net it the carp rolled over the line and it broke, so I waved goodbye to a 10lb Carp which was a potential match winner! After untangling my rig I went back out to four meter, the Skimmers were settled again and I had a little burst of fish before the all out was sounded.

Upon starting the weigh in my thirty three fish went 34lb which was a good average size, I had only Tony to beat for the section and when he put 29lb on the scales the first job was done. My weight was winning all the way round until we came to the last two pegs, Branny was the first of these to weigh and had been catching Carp all match, he was also the final angler in the Big Heads Pool and luckily for me he only had 28lb, so I had won that too but was my weight big enough for the match win? With the final person ready to weigh I felt it would be close and when he put 35lb on the scales I had been beaten by the narrowest of margins. Lost Carp and Skimmers had cost me again, but second overall, a section win and also winning the Big Heads Pool would do for me. I was also happy that we had all caught well today all over the lake and will book it again for next season, strangely the five club matches so far have produced five different winners and it getting tight at the top of the league table.

Another ‘if only’ match for me today, but you can’t be expected to win every match although it would be nice and I’m happy with the way my fishing is going at present, my next club match is on the S Canal at Cunneries, but before that I will hopefully be fishing Sycamore Open Match on Wednesday, work permitting of course! So…… Come back to see how I get on!

1st 35lb peg 36

2nd 34lb peg 4

3rd 29lb peg 8

4th 28lb peg 34

Widdows fishery

peg 17 , June 21st

After managing to finish work on time for a change , i decided to make the most of it  and have a sneaky practice on Widdows fishery where my next club match takes place . I haven’t had chance to try any of the other four club matches before we fished them so i think you can let me off with this one , even though the water is right on my door step in fact it was only a five minute drive but  it isn’t some were i frequent regularly and have only fished it four times in the past ten years . Not sure why though because its a lovely looking water with 38 permanent concrete pegs which you can drive to every one and drop your tackle off and an island at 16m available on every peg plus a nice reed lined margin . The main species as you would expect are carp and skimmers , but unusually these days their are no f1s , ide or barbel present anyway that’s a brief run down of the venue lets see how my afternoon session went .

Arrived at twelve and their was about six fishing which wasn’t a surprise in this nice sunny weather , hopefully the weather forecasters had got it wrong and it will last all weekend fingers crossed . Decided to fish an area that was relatively free from anglers and at a part of the lake i hadn’t fished before ,i settled on peg 17 which was only a short walk from the car park so no Preston shuttle was needed today .

When i got to my peg i set up my box at a slight angle to the far bank because today i would be mainly fishing at 16m and with my box set like this it will make resting the pole on my knees easier and therefore taking the weight from off my back , the other thing i did was to set my side tray as high as possible making it a lot easier for me to find my feed pellets and i could catty them in a nice smooth motion with out even looking and another thing to consider was the pole roller placement getting this right will prevent breakages and tangled rigs especially when fishing shallow with a short leader , luckily for me today i only needed my flat bed map roller which i set as high as possible because their was a handily placed fence i could use as my rear pole roller .

As today was to be used for practice i decided not to fish tight to the island because i knew you can catch carp from their using experience from previous visits , so today i  wanted to fish on the slope and with careful plumbing i found a flat area at 3ft deep which was 2ft away from the far bank .

RIG 13h elastic , with a 0.3 scone float 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 f1 hook and a micro band

BAIT 6mm hard pellet for hook and 4mm hard pellet for feed

Went out to the island and fed a medium cupping kit full with 4mm hard pellets and then went over the top with my rig and 6mm hard pellet on the hook , it didn’t take long before i was getting indications and my first fish was a 1lb plus skimmer . The first hour was pretty straight forward with eight skimmers and two carp coming my way for about 15lb kept re feeding a kinder pot full of hard 4mm pellets after every fish ,

RIG 13h elastic , with 0.2 matrix float , 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 18 f1 hook and a micro band .

BAIT 6mm hard pellet for hook and 4mm hard pellet for feed

The second hour i decided to try for a few more carp by going shallow tight to the island , i kept loose feeding six 4mm hard pellets by catty every couple of minutes and by searching all along the far bank i managed to pick up four carp up to 4lb , but strangely they wasn’t any caught from the same part of my peg and just wouldn’t settle in one area this was probably due to being over fished for in this area . in this hour i managed another near 15lb although i lost a couple of carp too .

RIG 13h elastic , with 0.3 middy float , 0.14 garbo main line attached to a size 14 b911 hook .

BAIT chopped worm in inch pieces and sloppy soil .

The third hour was spent fishing chopped worm on the same line as my first hour and to be honest i had a sneaky suspicion that this would be my best line and bait today , but i just couldn’t get it to work properly but i did catch two carp early but i think they was still present from before i put the medium cupping kit of chopped worm in . It did produce lots of bites but from small silvers which i couldn’t feed off ,when i put a bigger piece of worm on the hook i just began missing bites but those i did connect with were 1lb plus skimmers and i don’t think this bait will work in the match , caught 8lb in this hour .

RIG 11h elastic , with 0.3 scone float , 0.12 garbo main line attached direct to a size 18 f1 hook and micro bait band , which i later changed to a size 18 gamma pellet and paste hook.

BAIT 6mm hard pellets and then 4mm expanders for hook bait , 4mm hard pellets for feed .

The fourth and fifth hour was by far and away the best of the day ,this was spent fishing just 4m out at 3ft deep on top of the near side slope . I potted in half a medium cupping kit of hard 4mm pellets i began getting bites straight away but started bumping fish off so changed to a 4mm expander and this resulted in a purple patch of ten skimmers in thirty minutes which included a few flying fish and i don’t think their is a better sight in fishing . By loose feeding 4mm i kept the fish interested but this brought them up in the water so a change of shotting pattern to on the drop style resulted in some nice roach . Not quite what i was after so began kinder potting after every fish which got the skimmers back on the bottom making them easier to catch , unfortunately i got broke by a big carp at the end so called it a day .

What did i learn today

Carp didn’t want to be shallow and speaking to other anglers they found it to be the same and ended up laying some line on the deck to catch .

3ft deep line near the island was the best area to fish .

Not confident chopped worm will work near the island but could work in the near margin .

Best area to fish was definitely bottom of the near slope .

Banded 6mm pellet and 4mm expander was the best bait to use .

Carp average 3lb and skimmers 1lb , so not many required to make a good weight .

Overall i got a few things sorted and can start forming a plan for fishing the club match next weekend , i ended up with 46 fish for around 60lb which consisted of eight carp and the rest skimmers .

Widdows fishery


Another phone call from work telling me a didn’t have to go in , so I decided on a short session on my local water that I don’t fish often enough even though its only 5 minutes away .

Widows fishery is a 30+ peg water especially designed for disabled anglers that has an island which is 16m away apart from a couple of pegs on the boards , it is one of only a few venues that have been kept ice free by the balife all winter and recent matches have been won with over 40lb of carp although it does have a good head of silver fish .

The weather today was forecast snow showers but only light winds so hopefully it wouldnt be to cold , the car was frozen over so it might put the carp off the feed and I decided to attack the silvers mainly the bigger skimmers .When I got there two anglers were on the recent match winning pegs were the carp have been holed up.

So my peg for the day was 22 which wasn’t far to walk from the car park and only 14m to the island if I needed to go that far .
With today only being a pleasure session I decided on just the one rig ,
my float was a 0.3 maver fine wire which works really well in calm winter conditions .

my line was 0.10 to a gamma black size 20 in case I hooked into a rouge carp .
bait was mixed maggots and expanders and feed was green swim stim with a few fishery micros mixed in to be fed by a small kinder pot .

Started my session at ten and was planning to fish till 3 unless It got to cold , started at 8m in the channel and my initial feed was 6 maggots and a small ball of swim stim it took a good 30 mins before my first bite and fish a nice 1lb skimmer , I had a further 3 more skimmers in the first hour but started suffering with my rig towing through so went a few inch over depth this seemed to cure the problem but my next two fish were deep hooked .

Changing my shotting pattern and cattying in a few maggots kept the skimmers coming but it was slow which wasn’t surprising in the snow but did manage a nice 3lb mirror which killed my swim .

Decided to try 13m for a bit in case the skimmers had backed off but it was like the beginning of the session and took 20 mins to get my first fish which was a 2lb skimmer, I would be happy if they all started coming this size , another quiet spell so began cattying a few mags 3 at a time every 5 mins and this resulted in me catching another 3lb carp but again another quiet spell so topped up with some pellets and swim stim this resulted in a bite straight away from a big carp and after 5mins of fighting it broke my hook length and smashed my rig .

So after 3 hours fishing and the snow getting heavier I couldn’t feel my fingers or feet so called it a day and ended up with 10 skimmers and 2 carp for nearly 15lb and didn’t miss a bite but did lose that carp , which was a lot better than the others fishing who were struggling to catch carp at 16m .



Went down on Friday to have a go because I have only fished the place once before and fished peg 10 which was right near the car park, had to buy the fishery feed pellets which I think is a rip off  I fished 16m to the island with banded pellet and another 4m line were I fished with 4mm meat, caught quite well and ended up with 20lb in 3 hours but the guy on peg 22 was bagging on the silvers fishing shallow feeding caster, this gave me something to think about before the match 
Woke up on Sunday the day of the match to rain which had been non stop all weekend looked like I would find out how waterproof my new map suit would be 
picked my mate up at 8 for our ten minute journey to widdows and when we got there a few club members had arrived and for a change weren’t bank walking  martin text me to say he wouldnt be attending because he only got back from The Stone Roses late and another two no shows meant we had 20 people fishing so I split us up into four sections with a peg empty in between them.
The rain started lashing down so we had an early draw, I had the last peg out of the bag which was 22 the same peg the guy was bagging with silvers on friday 
was really looking forward to a good match with plenty of fish to be caught,
I set up four rigs all shallow
2 x dibber rigs 1ft deep, one bait band on black hydro and one normal on red hollo
2 x wellardz 2ft deep, one bait band on black hydro and one normal on red hollo
4mm meat and casters were my main line of attack and if things didnt work out 4mm hard pellet for the carp was my get out of jail attack 
At the all in at ten the rain started easing but the wind got up blowing off my back but it was gusting and 14m was going to be hard work, started feeding casters at 11m about 20 every 2 mins and went out to the island to snare an early carp on meat which worked a treat with a nice 4lb mirror in the net within ten mins 
Out went my caster rig to hopefully start bagging on silvers but nothing was willing to have ago, pushed my rig out to 14m to see if they were on the edge of the island, started getting bites but was only hitting 1 in 5 bites tried meat on the same line and this reduced the amount of bites but increased my catch rate  with me hitting more bites from a bigger stamp of fish mainly skimmers and big roach, but no matter how much I tried they wouldnt come within 1ft of the island and it didn’t take long before I hooked and lost 2 carp which I just couldn’t stop on red hollo  this resulted in my silver line struggling to survive and the bigger fish backed off and small roach and unhittable bites returned.
My mate was a few pegs away and was catching the odd skimmer so I decided to set up a 7m line for them, I hastily mixed up some micros and plumbed up a swim, put a half pot of feed in and left it 20 mins to settle, so I went back on my silver rig at 14m with meat again and managed a few smaller 2lb carp before the roach returned, Benson on peg 20 was bagging with carp on his margin line one even managed to take all his rig and elastic when his pulla bung came undone and he was the one to beat not many people seemed to be catching anything in numbers but every one was at least catching some fish, Tony and Mick even had flying skimmers land on the island
It was time to try my 7m line out went my rig with a cube of 4mm krill coated meat and three skimmers in three drops put another 2lb in my net and if it stayed like this I could be on for a shed full of fish but it didn’t last and I was back struggling for bites.
The last hour soon came round and I decided to sit it out for carp on banded pellet, kept flicking the odd 4mm pellet out and pushed my rig as close to the island as I dared a 5lb ghostie was soon hooked and landed, but then I started suffering hook pulls with the black hydro and the red hollo was to soft and started lossing fish at the net, I even managed to hook the island a few times and trashed my rig  but this was in fact a good think because on my new rig was a bigger hook and I didn’t lose another fish and ended up with 5 carp in 40 mins before the all out at 3, it was hard going though having to search every inch of the far bank to find them, I’m fairly new to hard pellet fishing and for my 2nd try in match conditions did ok but if I had been more confident I would have been on it earlier one more carp would have got me 2nd 
1st D Benson 48lb margin worm
2nd A Hardman 24lb margin caster
3rd Me 21lb island hard pellet
A – A Belshaw SNR 14lb
B – T Barton 14lb
C – Aidy 24lb
D – R Meadows 14lb

Ste won division 3
Aidy won division 2
Tony won division 1
Was a very even match apart from the winner who was on a flier

Branny you were right for a change  carp won the match and silvers didnt figure much, I should have fished hard pellet sooner but still managed 3rd overall but didnt end up with any money, need to sort the pay structure better for next season, Cattries up next another venue I haven’t fished but before then I’m off to watch fish’o with Branny and Tony Scopex, should be fun.



not a match but my first trip to a venue hadnt fished for 20yrs , after feeling a bit better when i woke up and the weather not being to bad , i decided to have a trip to widdows fishery .
on arrival branny was already there , so settled in a peg nearby , plumbed up at 11m and found 5ft which was a suprise had been told it was deeper . decided on 11 hollo and 3lb hook lengths in case the carp turned up .
feed some fishery micros and fished pellet over the top , after a slow start about 20 mins passed when i got my first bite and lost carp !! after doing my elastics over winter had set them to tight great 
after the first hour it was still very slow and only had 2 skimmers to show for it one on pellet and one about a lb on jpz , no body else seemed to be catching though 
branny was still waiting for his first bite after 2hrs , so borrowed some red mags and tried up in the water about 2ft deep , started getting a few bites and the odd skimmer , branny decided he had enough and went home still fishless . i got the rest of his mags .
weather warmed up a bit so decided to try 13m line and try the bungee , good decsion by me , started spraying in the mags and after a while started catching proper some nice skimmers and a 2lb roach , smaller rudd and a 4lb bream , all a foot deep and no sign of the fish boiling on the surface and wasnt being bothered by small stuff either .
a rather confusing day and will try it again when the carp start showing more , ended up with 24lb of mainly skimmers , from what a saw no one else was catching and this was confirmed when i spoke to the balief who said most had struggled over the weekend .
going to give it another go when it warms up a bit