Blundells Fishery

November 24th

Today was the next to the last round of my Autumn-winter league at Blundells fishery in Warrington , because we had over twenty people attending i had to split the match across two waters ;

Willow lakee

Willow lake

Willow lake

This was a predominately silver fish water and those that had practised on it the previous Sunday had caught really well with double figure nets common , we had two sections of four on here which on a twenty peg water meant that their was plenty of room for everyone .

West canal

West canal

West canal

This has a large head of carp , f1s and ide . Recent match weights had been around the 50 lb mark but with them being a rover you wouldn’t get many on it , so we would have to see how it fishes under more pressure .So as you can guess majority of the anglers wanted to be drawn on here , we had three sections and gave the anglers in the harder areas more room and tightened up the better pegs , to hopefully make it a fairer competion .

With the weather recently being a tad un-settled because we had a strong frost on Saturday and cold all day with blue sky’s , compared to today’s six degree temperature and over cast . I was certainly confused at what to expect next , never mind the fish and im sure that the fishing will improve when it settles down a bit . Because we were spread over the two waters we had an early draw so every one could get to their pegs on time , when it came to my turn their was two left in the bag and one was on Willow which a quite fancied fishing , the other was in a hard section on west canal .


Un-surprisingly my home for the day was peg 12 on the canal , as my drawing arm has let me down recently .When i got to my home for the day i was sweating my knackers off in my celcious suit . The peg its self looked ok with an empty peg to my right and my mate Branny to my left , it was 13 m to the far bank with the odd fish topping down the channel which i presumed was ide .

My rigs for today was ;

13 meter I plumbed up and found 2 ft off water , so i used a 0.2 matrix float with 0.12 garbo line – 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

12 m  I plumbed up here and found 3 ft off water , so i used a malmam diamond pattern with 0.12 garbo line – 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .


Top 3 and 10 m , here i found 5 ft of water and used a 4×14 malman winter wire float , with a 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length attached to a size 20 gamma pellet hook .


My bait was ;

1/2 pint red maggot

1/4 pint soaked micro

1/4 pint ground-bait

As the all in sounded i went out to 12 m where it was deeper and at the side of some over hanging reeds which hopefully some carp might be taking cover , i purposely left fishing tight across until it warmed up a bit . After feeding six maggots and a few micros every five minutes , i was also lifting-dropping my rig to try to entice a bite but thirty minutes in i was still waiting for an indication .Branny to my left had hooked and lost a carp  and John further too my left had begun catching tight across , so i decided to follow suit but all that followed was another thirty minutes of in activity !!!

So that was two of my swims that wasn’t producing but fingers crossed they might do later , so i decided to try my 10 m line because this was in the deepest part of the peg and hope fully a few fish might be lurking their , but two hours in and i was still waiting for my first sign .

I had been loose feeding a few maggots on to my top three-line and i had wanted to leave it until the last hour but needs must , after about twenty minutes of letting my rig fall through the water and i finally had a bite !!! This resulted in my only fish of the day and a mighty 4oz roach found its way into the net , no more bites followed on this line so yet again another change was in order and i decided to try dobbing bread along the far bank , i hadn’t fished this way before but had read a lot about it .


I worked all along the far bank going into all the fishy looking areas , changing depths and trying every thing to entice a bite from a carp but yet again nothing materialised .Branny decided after three hours of working every inch of his peg that enough was enough and decided to pack up , so that he could catch the second half of the football and if i wasn’t running the match i would have done the same because we are both half decent anglers and only one small roach between us must have meant that no fish where present in the area .

I noticed that the odd fish was topping in the channel , so i began flicking a few maggots in this area while i rotated my swims in the vain hope of picking up a few fish but nothing came of this and if my shallow line didn’t work i was stuffed because the lad on the end peg was getting the odd fish and John had about 10 lb in the net . After fishing my shallow line for an hour and even dropping down to a size 22 hook with a 0.7 hook length  still didn’t result in a bite .

With nothing happening in my peg i decided to rest my peg and have a walk to see what was happening down the bottom end of the canal , when i got their it was noticeably wider around 16 meter but it was fishing just as hard but their was the odd carp coming out and it seemed that towards the middle of the canal was the place to be .

When i got back to my peg i had a quick rotate of my swims to see if any carp had settled on my feed but as expected no more indications followed , after i called the all out i let my solitary roach go and find its friends . Me and John then started the weigh in which didn’t take to long with half of the anglers not weighing in and i was in the middle of a row of four anglers not troubling the scales .

Section A Mike Henshaw , peg 9 – 26lb 4oz

Section B Rob , peg 15 -19lb 6oz

Section C Paul , peg  18 – 7lb 2oz

When we got back to the car with the tackle , i went to help Dave with the weigh in on Willow lake and to my horror this had fished even harder with even the reliable roach and skimmers becoming non-existent .

Section D Kenny b , peg 1 – 3lb 3oz

Section E Dave Machin , peg 6 – 7lb 1oz

Well what can i say about today’s matches , they promised so much and for many delivered very little but from what i have heard from else where many waters had shut down too , so maybe its the in-consistent weather finally taking its toll on the fish . But one lousy match out of four isn’t to bad at this time of year and with one match remaining at Cunneries , i hope it fishes as well as it can do to end the Autumn-winter series  .

Off to Partridge lakes on Sunday for another crack at the open and hopefully i might get out in the week to try to catch a few fish at the Cunneries fishery . Keep coming back to see how i get on .

Cheers Gary

Willow lake

1 kenny baxter 3lb 3oz section win

2 shaun dnw

3 Chris 1lb 12 oz section 2nd

4 Andy 1lb 5oz

5 Brian s 2lb 10 oz

6 Dave machin 7lb 1oz section win

7 Alan h 5lb 7oz section 2nd

8 Chris b 2lb 11oz

West canal

9 Mike h 26lb 4oz section win

10 John 7lb 9oz section 2nd

11 martin dnw

12 Gary dnw

13 Kenny b dnw

14 Ronnie dnw

15 Robbie 19lb 6oz section win

16 Darren c 16lb 12oz section 2nd

17 Jordan dnw

18 Paul 7lb 2oz section win

19 Aidy dnw

20 Tony  2lb 4oz section 2nd

21 Gary dnw .

Lathom fishery

10th November

Today’s match was at Lathom pond four and was the third of my Autumn-winter league that i am running , after their being lots of rain coming down the day before and us also having the first proper frost of the year ,it was 0 degrees on the way to the venue and never rose above 5 degrees all day , i wasn’t expecting lots of big weights although it is more than capable of doing so with 100lb plus weights winning in summer but with it being predominately a f1 and silver fish water we should still be in for a few fish .

After sorting the pegging and pools it was time for the draw and 17 where in attendance and half of us would be sat in the cold with the trees blocking out the sun , the other half would be basking in the winter sun . Their was two pegs left in the bag for me and Tony scopex to choose from , one in the sun shine the other in the shade and un fortunately i was left with the latter peg Not a good start to the day .

On arrival at my peg i was on permanent peg nine which was only one away from the corner and had a slight breeze blowing into my bank , i just hope that it doesn’t get any stronger because i was cold enough sat in the shade without having the wind to contend with and to make it worse all the anglers on the other bank were sat in their t-shirts and sun glasses .

After my practice on here the Sunday before i had set my stall out to fish shallow because that’s what had worked extremely well , but i wasn’t sure it would be as effective today in my peg and with today’s conditions to contend with so i had a pellet approach on the deck as my back up plan although it was patchy at best in practice .

2ft shallow , 0.3 matrix float with a bulk under the float and two droppers , using 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and with my usual orange matrix .

1ft shallow 0.3 matrix float with a bulk under the float and one dropper , using 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 18 gamma pellet hook and my usual orange matrix .

5ft deck rig , 4×14 malmans winter wire with a spread bulk starting 8 inch above the 0.10 garbo hook length and size 20 gamma pellet hook , my main line was 0.12 and my usual orange matrix .

My bait was ;

1 pint casters

small tub expanders

1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint soaked 4mm

As the all in sounded i started on my pellet rig at 6m with a soft 4mm expander on the hook , i was feeding half a medium kinder pot of micros and 4mm  every five minutes , started lifting-dropping trying to entice the f1s to bite . All the people around me was struggling in the shade but on the other bank they were catching the odd fish ,when out of the blue my float dipped slightly and after a spirited fight a big f1 was in the net but un fortunately it was hooked in the pectoral fin .

No more indications came in the next forty minutes on this line and because i had been loose feeding casters at 13 meter this was my next move to try to get among the fish , i started on my shallow deep rig but this didn’t produce and a change to my shallow rig didn’t either , which was a puzzle to me because last Sunday it was prolific .

I decided to leave this line alone for a while but obviously kept feeding it for later in the match , i had noticed that some one to my right was catching the odd f1 on his top kit , which after plumbing up i found it to be the same depth as my shallow deep rig . So i decided to follow suit and began loose feeding six casters every few minutes , i laid my rig in and dragged it up the near side shelf slightly to make a static bait . I began getting the odd indication but nothing positive when suddenly my float slide under and yet again i was attached to another big f1 foul hooked in the pectoral fin yet again .

Two hours gone and all i had in the net was two big f1s , just what could i do to put some fish in the net ? I rotated my swims again but all i managed was a small chub but at least i had hooked it in the mouth this time .

The sun had finally worked its way over the trees so i hoped that this might encourage the fish to feed up in the water , so that’s what i tried next but i just couldn’t get a bite even though the lad on the next peg to my right was catching doing it and so was all those on the sun shine bank .

I went back on to my top kit line with casters and this produced a couple more big f1s , but we was fast approaching the last ninety minutes and i had toyed with the idea of fishing another pellet line at 11m but i thought that it might have been to close to my 7m pellet swim , but because nothing else was working that’s all that i was left with to do and after plumbing up it was the same depth as my other pellet swim .

So there was no real reason it should work but work it did , with eight fish coming my way before the all out and i did bump a couple of fish plus missing the odd bite . I was left wondering to my self just why i hadn’t made the switch sooner especially when on weighing in my section i was only three f1s from winning it . Just an extra thirty minutes would have made all the difference and all the best f1 anglers know when to make the match winning switch .

Section A , peg 3 43lb 7oz Dave Machin , fishing shallow using maggot

Section B , peg 6 20lb 1oz Rob , picking the odd fish up from various lines , mainly chub shallow on maggot

Section C , peg 10 18lb 15oz John Unsworth , fishing pellet at 11m

Section D, peg 17 30lb 10oz Tony Barton , worm and caster at 7m for a mainly all chub-ide net of fish .

Overall i think it was a well contested match with the lowest weight being 10lb , but all the biggest weights came from the sun shine pegs . My match was a bit of a non starter but a change of swim worked wonders and its surprising how when its cold the f1s wont move a few meters to find the feed , pellets worked well for me today but not as effective for others which was a strange , i didnt get as many fish as others did but they was of a bigger stamp and maybe should have taken maggots instead of casters ?

For the record i ended up with 13 fish for 16lb 8oz a couple of fish short for the section but i also had my fair share of luck with the foul hookers , off to Church Gardens in Bolton on Thurs to hopefully get among the skimmers and i have never been before so am obviously looking forward to it .

Keep coming back to see how i get on .

Cheers Gary.

Peg 1 Jordan 15lb 5oz 2nd in section

peg 2 Chris b dnw

peg 3 Dave 43lb 7oz section win

peg 4 Allen 13lb 1oz

peg 5 Mike 18lb 10oz section 2nd

peg 6 Rob 20lb 1oz section win

peg 7 aidy 10lb 1oz

peg 8 Gary 16lb 8oz

peg 9 Brian dnw

peg 10 John 18lb 15oz section win

peg 11 Darren 11lb 1oz

peg 12 Tim 11lb 14oz section 2nd

peg 13 Kenny 9lb 4oz

peg 14 Chris 21lb 3oz

peg 15 Martin 22lb 3oz

peg 16 Ronnie 23lb 4oz section 2nd

peg 17 Tony 30lb 10oz section win

Sycamore fishery

27th Oct , peg 37 ROWANS

Today was the second round of my Autumn-winter series of matches , taking place at Sycamore fishery on Rowans canal but with a full pond of anglers and the water level going up a foot since Tuesday plus the fore cast stormy weather , I wasn’t expecting the fishing to be very good with a mid twenty pound winning weight .

On arrival at the venue we where greeted to sodden ground all over the complex after the heavy over night rain ,but at the moment we had blue sky’s and a light breeze towards the car park but as you will find out later it was definitely the calm before the storm . Because we was here early yet again !! I took the opportunity to take my travelling companion John for a look round as he had only fished two of the waters on here .

When we got back to the car park a lot of the anglers fishing my match where present and people being on time , paying without me asking is something i could get used too and just hope it continues next year when my club season starts in May . Any way back to today’s match and with every one present I began the draw , the only section I didn’t really want to be in was the one with flyer peg 40 in and guess what I was left with in the bag number 37 , not the best of starts to the day and I even had the lad who won the last match on Gwens canal at hall lane in my section so I was up against it today .

After wadding through the muddy puddles I finally made it to my peg and my section had the worst of the wind which could make presentation problematic if it got any stronger, but to be honest I was in an area which produces results in the open matches so I should hope fully catch a few today .

Taking into account on what I had learned from last weeks match on here , I decided to target ;

Margin with it only being 2ft deep I decided to use a malmans diamond patterned float which had a spread bulk starting 6 inch above the 0.10 garbo line which had a size 20 gamma black hook because I expected to be using mainly maggots today .

4m after plumbing up I found a depth of three-foot at the top of the slope and this area is where I expected to catch for most of the match , going from previous experiences on here . I used a 4×12 malmans winter wire which had a spread bulk of number 10 stotz starting 8 inch from the size 20 gamma black hook , I had noticed that spreading the stotz 2 inch apart got better indications and i was using a 0.10 garbo hook length and 0.12 garbo main line .

5m this was at the bottom of the near side slope , it was four-foot deep here so i used a heavier float which would hope fully give me more control over the float in the wind and would allow me to drag my rig up the slope slightly to keep my bait still . I used a 4×14 malmans winter wire with my usual spread bulk starting 8 inch from the 0.10 garbo hook length , my main line was 0.12 garbo and my hook was a size 20 gamma black hook .

11m I plumbed up to find the bottom of the far shelf and it was 5 ft deep here , so a 4×16 malmans speedy float were used which had a thicker tip because my eyes struggle to pick up winter wires at distance unless in calm conditions , yet again i used a spread bulk of number 10 stotz starting 8 inch above my 0.10 garbo hook length and 0.12 garbo main line but this time i used a size 18 gamma pellet hook because i was expecting to use pellet on this line .

My elastic of choice theses days for f1 fishing is size 10 orange matrix because it allows the fish to swim away from your feeding area before getting it under control with the pulla kit .

Bait was the usual ;

1 pint mags

1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint sweet fish meal ground-bait

Small tub 4mm expanders

As the all in sounded I went out on to my 4m line with a single maggot on the hook and as expected it took me a while to entice my first bite and for a change I managed to hit the little dink which resulted in a 1lb f1 , but no matter what I did with my rig or feed I couldn’t tempt another sign !!!!

Thinking that the fish could have dropped further down the slope I tried my 5m rig and this also produced a quick fish but with only two fish coming in the first hour I was up against it . Worse was to come with heavy rain and strengthening wind , a few brollys took a battering but my little bait brolly stood up well to the test which was a good job or my maggots would have done an escaping act .

Another change of line was in order this time to my right hand margin , were I had flicked a few maggots every five minutes and first drop another big f1 , then I foul hooked one in the pectoral fin which must have weakened the hook length because on my next fish it snapped and this disturbance caused my swim to die on me as is usual on here .

So yet again another change of swim was in order , so this time i tried my eleven meter line but this time with pellets and it took a couple of feeds to get my first bite but after lifting and dropping i got the slightest of dink which resulted in a f1 gracing my net , a further three followed before the wind and the sun prevented me from seeing the indications . I tried using maggots on the hook because f1s usually hang on to them a bit longer to enable you to connect with the bites easier , but after struggling with the strengthening wind I decided to stop fishing this line with fear of breaking my pole because I had heard two snap in the previous fifteen minutes .

For the rest of the match I had two lines left for me to fish which were my five meter and margin , by swapping between them both I finally put a run of fish together . But I did deep hook a couple on my five meter line as I had to go over depth to keep the bait still long enough to get a bite , so I was probably getting indications that I wasn’t seeing in the conditions and I could only pick up the odd fish from the margin but they was twice the size of any I caught else where in my peg .

When the all out sounded I was a bit disappointed with how my match had gone , I don’t think that their was enough feeding fish present in my peg to compete against the end pegs and my best swim i could only fish in bursts because of the wind but I had at least beat both sides of me so that proves I fished well and worked hard for my fish today .

Me , Dave boss baits and John started the weigh in and it was plain to see that as expected it had fished hard , but all the sections were even with most only having 1lb between first and second so although it may have been a difficult day it was the same for every one .

Section A Darren Clough peg 21 15lb 4oz

Section B John Unsworth peg 29 12lb 11oz

Section C Mike Henshaw peg 31 16lb 11oz

Section D Dave boss baits peg 39 21lb 8oz

I ended up with 14lb 8oz from only 12 fish which got be fifth out of the twenty anglers today , but only third in my section ,I have a lot to think about after this match because im not sure if i am over working my peg and putting too much bait in all over the place . Special mention must go to Dave from Boss baits because he set his stall out to fish tight across to the island all match and struggled with the wind although from where i was sitting his diawa g20 coped with it extremely well , he has also won the first two matches of the series and is on a role , we will have to see if some one can put an end to it just hope its me .

peg 21 Darren 15lb 4oz section win

peg 22 Jordan 11lb 15oz

peg 23 Brian 12lb 6oz

peg 24 Allen 11lb 13oz

peg 25 Martyn 14lb 6oz section 2nd

peg 26 Tim 9lb 7oz

peg 27 Tony 11lb 14oz section 2nd

peg 28 Kenny baxter dnw

peg 29 John 12lb 11oz section win

peg 30 Bob 11lb 5oz

peg 31 Mike 16lb 11oz section win

peg 32 Kenny baxter dnw

peg 33 Chris 12lb 14oz

peg 34 Chris b 14lb 12oz section 2nd

peg 35 Rob 12lb 13oz

peg 36 Steve dnw

peg 37 Gary 14lb 8oz section 2nd by default

peg 38 Aidy dnw

peg 39 Dave 21lb 8oz section win

peg 40 Mac 17lb 15oz

Also i must mention my travelling companion John who picked up his section today fishing against some good anglers from my Balmoral club and been winning a few matches on his local water , he has only been with me for less than a year and is coming on really well picking up all the little tricks . So very well done mate and i expect you to be challenging me in the club next year , have been teaching you to well . 

Hall lane , Gwens canal

Well today was my first match of my autumn-winter series and it was with a bit of trepidation that i set off at 730 because i was unsure if every one was going to turn up with the anglers in fishing with where un familiar to me and just how well it would fish in the recent change able weather . i arrived at the venue at 815 and as usual i was the first person they’re so went for a walk to the bottom of the canal  just to make sure that we had enough pegs to fit all the 28 anglers fishing today , when i got back to the car park their was a few people knocking about and it’s always a bit awkward at first fishing with new faces but it all went swimmingly , i didn’t have to chase after people for their pools and every one came over to introduce them self’s and pay which made a refreshing change .

At 845 every one was here so we had an early draw and the last ball in the bag was peg three so that was my home for the day , not the best of areas but as i would only be paying out sections every one around me would be in the same boat plus i didn’t have a long walk to the bottom of the canal. But before i could get to my peg i had to sort out the money for the sections , pay Richard the owner and finally in form every body where their sections start and finish .

I finally got to my peg at 920 and hastily began setting up , i had a plan already in mind which made it a bit easier . The peg its self was the same as most on the canal with a mature reed lined margin and 15 meters away was the island with some over hanging vegetation ,my three areas i decided to attack was ;

Top kit , plumbed up to find 4ft near the rushes so i used a 4×12 malmans speedy float with a spread bulk starting above the 0.10 garbo hook length attached to a size 18 gamma pellet hook , main line was 0.12 garbo . with size 10 matrix elastic on a pulla kit .

6m channel , i didn’t get round to using this today but after plumbing up to find 6ft i used a 4×16 malmans float with a spread bulk starting above the 0.10 garbo hook length attached to a size 18 gamma pellet hook , main line was 0.12 garbo with size 10 matrix elastic on a pulla kit .

14m far bank , plumbed up to find 2ft depth because i didn’t think the carp would settle in any shallower because of the cold recent weather . i used a 4×12 malmans speedy float with a spread bulk starting above the 0.12 garbo hook length because i expected to catch mainly carp on this line , attached to  it was a size 18 gamma pellet hook , main line was 0.12 garbo with size 10 matrix elastic on a pulla kit .

Bait was the usual ;

1 pint of red maggots

1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint f1 ground-bait

small tub 4mm expanders

To my amazement i was ready with ten minutes to go and its surprising just how quick you can be setting up when your up against the clock , after i shouted the all in at ten i went out and feed my 6m channel swim with a medium cupping kit of micros and ground-bait which i intended to do every thirty minutes because i wanted the fish to settle on it and try for them later in the match , i then proceeded to fish my top kit to the right hand margin and i began feeding maggots by hand every couple of minutes . My first fish was an 8 oz red-gold fish and i began picking up silvers quite regularly before after thirty minutes it went quiet , it wasn’t long before i found out why and a little dip on the float resulted in a battle with a 4lb mirror carp , a couple of smaller samples followed and after the first hour i had 8lb in the net . Not a bad start seeing as though i had estimated a high twenty pound weight to win today .

I decided to rest this line for a while and re feed my 6m swim like before , i then went on to the 14m swim and began kinder potting maggots with a touch of ground-bait i was re feeding the same after every fish . It didn’t take long before i was into the 10 oz stockies , i couldn’t say that it was prolific but they were coming every five minutes or so with the odd chub mixed in with them too .

After two hours it slowed yet again and so i went back on to my top kit line but this didn’t really produce like at the start of the session , i did pick up a few more big silvers and the odd carp, so half way through the match and 18lb in the net Not bad but this is where my match began to tail off . I continued to feed my margin but this time with mainly micros and the odd maggot to try to encourage more carp to the swim .

I returned on to my far bank swim and tried catapulting in maggots to try to draw some fish back in to the area but this only produced more chub . A change to expander saw me back among the carp yet again , but a run off missed bites and bumped fish finally resulted in me snapping my rig above the float with a 3lb carp at the landing net Not Good 10lb of fish lost in thirty minutes .

Do not know why but after changing my rig for a lighter float and bigger hook to try to solve the problem , but i was having trouble seeing the dotted down tip and the bites i could get only resulted in small 8oz carp or chub . I re tried my margin again and a little dip saw me lift into something a bit bigger that hugged the bottom and was a bit sluggish , at first i thought it was a bream before suddenly it woke up and powered off and five minutes in to the fight i still hadn’t seen it before finally i got to the top and in to the net Result a nice 6lb mirror carp .

Un surprisingly no more bites came from this margin line with all the disturbance , so a return to my far bank with maggot on the hook and back into the small chub again , this is the way it stayed till the all out sounded at 3pm.

As i started the weigh in with the help off John and Dave from Boss baits , i was surprised at how well it had fished today especially with all 28 pegs being taken and 3/4 of the anglers had caught over 20lb which shows just how high the caliber of people fishing today was .

A section Dave Boss baits 52lb , caught tight across to the far bank fishing 1ft deep with pellet .

B section Ian cox 38lb ,

C section Paul smith 41lb , caught at 4m with worm and caster .

D section Tony barton 33lb ,mainly in channel fishing 6mm expander over hard 4mm pellets then along the far bank with corn or four pinkies feeding pellet slop .

E section Martin worswick  30lb , caught at 13m with red maggot .

Over all i learned a few things today that i can take forward to any future matches on their and other similar waters , i ended up with 33lb for second in my section and 5th out of 28 anglers from a reasonable area so not a bad days fishing .

It was a pleasure to fish with such a nice set of anglers because their was no moaning from any one and every one appreciated all the effort i put in to get these matches up off the ground and i hope that every one enjoyed it as much as i did .

Off to Sycamore open match next Sunday before the next Autumn-Winter series of matches continues on Rowans at the same venue , see you all their .

peg 1 Malc dnw

peg 2 Chris b 24lb 10oz

peg 3 Gary 33lb 10oz section 2nd

peg 4 Jay 23lb 1oz

peg 5 Dave 52lb 8oz section win

peg 6 Gary o 33lb 11oz

peg 7 Andy 24lb 3oz

peg 8 Ian 38lb

peg 9 Kenny baxter 20lb 14oz section 2nd by default

peg 10 John 26lb 4oz section win by default

peg 11 Chris 20lb 4oz section 2nd

peg 12 Ronnie 12lb 10oz

peg 13 Bob dnw

peg 14 Paul 41lb 9oz

peg 15 Aidy 9lb 14oz

peg 16 Mike 30lb 13oz section win

peg 17 Mac dnw

peg 18 Tony 33lb 2oz section win

peg 19 Ste 16lb 14oz section 2nd by default

peg 20 Stu 24lb 4oz

peg 21 Shaun dnw

peg 22 Worswick 22lb 2oz

peg 23 Tim dnw

peg 24 Darren 8lb 6oz

peg 25 Allen dnw

peg 26 Kenny b 12lb 10oz section 2nd by default

peg 27 Martin w 30lb 9oz

peg 28 Brian 22lb 13oz section win by default