Hooked for heroes match at Wrightington fishery

July 29th

wrightington canals

Today i was attending the hooked for heroes match at Wrightington fishery which was due to take place all over the complex and as i hadn’t been on a match here in quite some time i was really looking forward to it , i fancied a try on rivi view as it is full of big carp and you can fish the straight lead or pinging pellets which is a tactic that i don’t really do a great deal of . The weather yet again had taken a turn for the worse with a drop in temperature plus some heavy overnight rain which i felt might have a big impact on the fishing with carp being the main target species , after my short drive to the venue i was surprised to find that i was one of the first to arrive and after having a chat with the organiser it seemed that he had been let down by a few anglers so the contest was just going to take place on the two canals which was a bit disappointing , as i had not been on them before and would have to alter my approach a bit if i was going to do any good today .

At the draw my bad run in the draw bag continued as i pulled out peg 34 which was in the middle of the straight on canal two , when i got to my home for the next few hours ;

i had an island at 16m with a few over hanging reeds and a bit of a mud bank.

i was on a bit of a platform which enabled you to fish behind you .

I decided to set up a couple of rigs which i felt would give me the best chance of catching a few fish ;

Far bank rig i plumbed up in front of the reeds where it was 2.5ft deep as i felt that with all the cold water going in they wouldn’t want to be tight to the bank and i used a 4×12 MD diamond float with 014 garbo main line which had a four-inch 012 garbo hook length attached to it .

Top four rig for fishing at an angle left+right where it was over 7ft deep at the bottom of the near slope , it was a bit deeper than i would have liked but i did have the option of higher up the shelf in shallower water , i used a 0.6 MD maggot float with a bulk + 2 dropper shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo with a six-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Margin rig which was positioned towards my right hand platform in 1.5ft which was the shallowest water that i could find and i used a MD 3×12 mini diamond float which had a bulk of shot above the four-inch 014 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day was pretty simple as i only took ;

3 pints of 4mm pellets

3 pints of 6mm pellets

small tub of mixed hard pellets for the hook

3 pints groundbait

When the all in sounded i fed half a cup of 4mm pellets onto my left hand top four line and would continue to loose feed a couple of hard 6mm pellets over the top every five minutes , i then went across to the far bank found my marker then tapped in a couple of 4mm pellets before lowering my rig in over the top of it and it took nearly twenty minutes before i had my first fish which was a stockie carp about a pound , over the next forty minutes i added another four similar sized fish it was noticeable that i was missing a lot of indications and at first i thought that they might have been smaller fish but after a while it suddenly clicked that they were probably line bites , so i made the decision to plumb up tighter to the bank but the shallowest water i could find was 1.5ft and i hoped this wouldn’t be too deep . I started taping in pellets again and i didn’t have to wait long before i was back catching again but as i feared in the depth of water i began suffering with line bites , i changed my feeding to dump potting in the pellets which would hopefully get them back on the deck and this worked really well as i managed another run of fish , but just as i felt that i was getting into a good rhythm the wind started blowing stronger and i began feeling a bit rough with hot+cold sweats i was also struggling to control my rig as it kept hooking the far bank reeds so i fed a cup of ground-bait which would keep the fish in the area before going onto my top four rig .

I had fed this line since the match started so i expected a few fish to be in the vicinity and on my first drop i had the slightest dink on the float which resulted in a nice sized skimmer hitting the net , for the next hour i kept catching the odd fish it was hectic by any means just nice and steady plus i didn’t know what species i was going to catch next which made a nice change . After a while i began struggling to hit the bites and with the waves worsening i couldn’t see the little dinks on the float , so i made the decision to set up a new swim towards my right in the same depth which would give me a better option of controlling my rig and i began by putting in half a pot of 4mm pellets while it settled i had another look across to the far bank , after struggling with the wind i only added a couple of stockies but there was definitely a few fish present i just couldn’t keep my hook bait still long enough to get a proper bite . Back on to my right hand top four swim and i was back catching again but it was a bit slow at first , i stopped loose feeding the 6mm pellets due to the size of fish i was catching and began dump potting in the 4mm pellets through a kinder pot after every fish or missed bite so i could build the swim up , i also changed my shotting pattern to a staggered bulk as i wanted catch everything on the deck and by making this change i managed another good run of fish .

With ninety minutes of the match remaining i began potting in some ground-bait on my margin swim and while it settled i went back across to the far bank for another couple of stockies before the wind got to strong to present my rig properly , i dropped onto my right hand margin with a 6mm pellet on the hook and i started getting liners straight away which was a good sign , not long after my elastic shot out of my pole as something bolted out of the peg taking me under the empty platform , luckily i managed to get it back and after a spirited fight up popped a 2lb barbel which turned out to be my biggest fish of the day . With barbel being a shoal fish i hoped that i could have a good run of them but apart from a couple of tiny carp that’s the only indications i had and i would probably have been better feeding maggots rather than pellets but i didn’t have that option today , i spent the remainder of the match rotating my two top four swims picking up fish from each right to the all out sounded .

As the stamp of fish was on the small side i decided against using my clicker today so i did not have a clue on what weight i had today and when the scales arrived i was quite surprised when they went 47lb this was good enough to finish third on the day missing out on second by a few ounces and getting beat by both end pegs , lack of bonus fish and venue knowledge cost me today but it was a busy days fishing because i only managed one fish over 10oz although i would have enjoyed it more if i had felt better as i had to stop the car a few times on the way home as i felt a bit sick .


Wrightington fishery , rivi view

August 2nd , peg 48 rivi view


After a hectic weekend i managed to book a few days from work so i decided to spend a couple of hours on Wrightington fishery to help recharge the batteries , it is a venue that i don’t get to visit that often because it is usually clubbed out at the weekends and even though the weather was forecast to be pretty miserable with strong winds plus heavy down pours i was really looking forward to getting among the resident carp , on arriving at the fishery i wasnt surprised to see quite a few cars knocking about because it is a very popular place and after parking up i had a quick look to check on which pegs were free , as i expected all the better pegs facing the islands had been taken but with the wind blowing towards the car park i chose to sit on 48 which gave me a bit of open water .

After setting up my gear i decided to start on the pellet feeder but with the lad opposite throwing a straight lead well past half way i could only chuck about 25m so i decided to aim for the aerator towards my left and as i had not even picked a rod up for over a year it was probably a good thing that i had a bit of space for my wayward casting , rivi view has a lot of hand sized skimmers which can become a nuisance when you are feeding ground-bait of micros so i planned on using 4mm pellets in the feeder and an 8mm on the hook , i began by casting every few minutes to get a bit of bait into the swim this also helped get rid of the rustiness and after about twenty minutes i started getting a few liners , not long after i had my first fish which was a mirror carp about 5lb then a couple of skimmers got in on the act but by casting every five minutes plus ringing the changes with the hard pellet on the band i began catching mainly carp , although it was noticeable that you would get a couple of fish quite quickly before a bit of a wait but as long as i kept the bait going in regularly they did return and i was doing a lot better than those anglers within eye shot .


After nearly two hours the lure of going on the pole was too much and i had earlier plumbed up a line at four meters which i had fed with a small cupping kit of 4mm pellets every twenty minutes and first drop on this line my float had only just settled when it shot under after a spirited fight up popped a carp which wasnt far away from being double figures , another of similar size followed before i began missing the odd bite but by changing pellet size+colour i soon had them lined up again it wasnt hectic by any means but the carp were all of a decent size so well worth waiting for .


On my last club match here i caught really well using paste in the margins this is something that i don’t do a great deal of and as i had a bag of tiger fish in my carryall i decided to give it a whirl because it was a day for enjoying myself trying a few different things out , in the cold weather conditions which more resembled autumn than summer i didn’t plumb up tight to the reeds but in the slightly deeper water at the bottom of the first shelf , it took a couple of goes to get my rig set correctly but it all went towards feeding my paste line and it took nearly twenty minutes before i had any signs on the float , i was just about to give up on it when my elastic was pulled out of my pole with another near double figure carp hitting the net and it took me awhile to start hitting the correct type of indication.


For the next couple of hours i rotated between my two pole swims picking a couple of carp from each and by doing this it prolonged the life of both of them it also stopped the skimmers getting in on the action as well , before i knew it was time to go and with the black clouds starting to roll in i decided to have one more fish on my paste line which turned out to be an immaculate near double figure common carp , i ended up catching twenty-five carp between 4+10lb plus a few skimmers and a really enjoyable days fishing trying out a few tactics that i don’t tend to fish that often .

Wrightington rivi view

17th September , peg twenty


After booking a few days off work which included my birthday i chose to spend it fishing for a few hours and with me needing to pick the kids up from school i couldn’t travel too far away so decided so settled on Wrightington mainly because it was closest in resemblance to Weston fisheries were i would be contesting the natural bait festival next weekend , the weather leading up to today was a bit iffy with a drop in temperature plus some pretty consistent rain but luckily it was forecast to be a lot dryer although it was still cold . On arrival at the venue i was surprised to see only a few other anglers as it can be a popular place for pleasure anglers and i just hoped that it was the inclement weather that put them off rather than the fact it had fished hard , with all the high numbered pegs being free i decided to fish an area i hadn’t tried before and settled on peg twenty which was towards the end of the island on the rear bay this gave me two nice reed lined margin although I’m  not too sure it would come into play during today’s session .


On getting to my peg i choose to fish just two lines ;

Bottom near slope where it was 4ft deep and here i was going to use paste so i used a sconezone jadz float with 014 garbo direct to a size 14 tubertini 808 hook and the new Nick Gilbert size 10-12 red elastic .

Eleven meter line where it was 5ft deep and here i was going to fish corn+pellet rather negatively so i used a 03 joof float with 012 garbo main line and the same line for the hook length which had a size 16 matrix bagger hook , elastic was the same Nick Gilbert size 10-12 red .

My bait for the fishing session was ;

Two pints of green swim stim paste

Two tins of corn

Two pints or 4mm soaked pellets


At ten o’clock i was ready to get started and deposited i small cupping kit which was half full of corn+pellets and rather than pour the bait in i choose to scatter it over a one meter square area i hoped this might help with the peg fizzing as it can be a problem on here as like most venues that are quite old they usual have a heavy buildup of silt , i carefully lowered in my rig with a piece of corn on the hook and after about five minutes my float dipped a sharp lift resulted in yards of red elastic streaming from the pole tip after a spirited fight i struggled to fit a low double figure carp into my landing net which was a good start to the session . After going back out i had a ten minute wait before i had my next carp which was a more manageable 5lb but it wasn’t long before the solitary bubbles changed and i began suffering with the dreaded fizzing , this also coincided with lots of missed bites as i had expected so i choose to change my shotting pattern to a bulk+dropper plus i squeezed the middle out of the corn so it could slowly flutter through the water layers i hopped that this would allow me to grab the attention of any passing fish before it got to the deck where it would be harder to find among the muddy bottom and by doing this i caught a couple more carp but i began getting plagued with small 4oz mirror carp this was a good sign for the fishery because they haven’t been stocked  but are a proper pain in the neck at the moment .


After an hour my long line did not show any signs of getting any better so i went on to the near slope paste rig i had dropped a few conker sized balls of paste on this line every ten minutes to allow a few fish to settle , it took a few attempts to get my rig to settle correctly and after having had no indications on my float for fifteen minutes i began to think it wasn’t going to be a paste day then bang my float buried i didn’t even have time to strike before the elastic ripped out this resulted in another double gracing the bank this time a mirror carp . Another long wait before i had my next fish this turned out to be a nice sized skimmer before a couple more carp got in on the action but unfortunately i began getting all sorts of strange indications on the float and it took me a little while to figure out what was causing them i hopped that they might be from finicky skimmers but no the tiny carp had returned so that was the end of the paste swim for the time being .


So back i went onto my long rig still with corn on the hook and another couple of quick carp before the attack of the dreaded tiny carp which began doing my head in , it was at this point that i had a light bulb moment it must be the pellets drawing the small fish as it was only when they began breaking down did they move in with this in mind i set up a new swim more towards my right here i just fed a couple of grains of corn and after a few feeds i began getting the odd bite but at least they was from a better stamp of fish mainly carp with the odd big skimmer mixed in . I felt that giving this line a rest would be beneficial but i did not want to go back on my paste line so i jumped off my box and set up a margin swim i wasn’t to sure it would work although with it being nearly three-foot deep i might just get away with it , i put in half a cup full of corn as i didn’t want to over do it until i knew what if any fish would be present and after picking a couple more carp from my long line i was eager to try my margin swim because secretly it was a method that i am beginning to enjoy , it didn’t take too long before my first bite which resulted in the jag jag of a barbel next exactly what i wanted but at nearly two pounds it was a nice fish pristine condition as well and a few carp got into the action too .



I was spending longer and longer on my margin swim before i knew it i was beginning to run out of corn as i was feeding a large kinder pot after every fish , i had no option other than to start mixing pellets in with the corn i just hoped it wouldn’t be a mistake to do so as i was catching quite well and didn’t want the small carp to make an appearance and strangely or luckily my peg got stronger and stronger with more carp making their way to the bank , with just an hour of my session remaining i just concentrated on my margin and i even tried the tactic of dumping all your bait in like you was packing up this produced some more near doubles i had to keep a couple of sections close to hand because when hooked they shot off like a scalded cat but by following the fish out on their initial run it meant i suffered minimal breakages or hook pulls .


After about four hours it was time to pack up so i could get home in time to pick my little lad up from school and it called time on another enjoyable session on Wrightington fishery with plenty carp and a couple of low barney roubles too i can not wait to get back but I’m afraid that will have to wait till next year as the nights are drawing in so i doubt i will get chance for an after work session and my weekend matches will be taken up with Partridge lakes of course that is after the little matter of the natural bait festival at Weston pools , regular readers might remember that a couple of blogs back i said i was getting a birthday surprise well as it turns out my lovely wife booked me a coaching session with the f1 master which I’m really looking forward to as it will no doubt help my fishing immensely .

Wrightington fishery

Peg seven Rivi – view , August 18th


After booking a few days off work and with the weather still being nice i decided on a day’s fishing i didn’t fancy doing a match because i don’t tend to do that well mid-week so choose to have a few hours at Wrightington fisheries with Rivi-view my first choice if there was any half decent pegs left as it is a popular venue for pleasure anglers , yet again i had a crap nights sleep and woke up at the crack of sparrows so i decided to head off a bit earlier than i had originally planned wishing the fresh air might help clear my head the weather was forecast to be warm with blue skies but it didn’t look like that when i began packing my gear into the car as it was overcast+misty i just hoped that it would get better as the day wore on .


As i expected on arriving at the venue there was plenty cars knocking about even at 9 o’clock on a Tuesday and after looking at Rivi – view i could see eight other anglers scattered about but there was a bit of room along the narrower island side so i settled on peg seven and my plan was to have a nice easy day setting up just three rigs to cover my options ;

Margin which was 2ft deep at the side of both sets of reeds i used an 0.4 Jeff’s Ruddy float with 0.16 garbo main line and 0.14 garbo hook length which had a size 14 LWG hook my elastic was Matrix 14 yellow elastic .

Shallow which was 2ft deep i used an 0.2 scone zone pea float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 Matrix rigger hook which had a micro bait band attached to it , my elastic was red size 12 Matrix .

Six meter line which was 5ft deep i used a 4×14 Malman Roob with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern my main line was 0.14 garbo and 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix rigger hook that had a micro bait band attached elastic was red size 12 matrix .


My bait today was ;

tub of mixed hard pellets for the hook

2 tins of corn

2 pints 4mm pellets

1 pint 6mm pellets

1 pint micros

3 pints of margin ground-bait


I mixed and riddled the ground-bait before adding the micros plus one tin of corn and a handful of 4mm pellets . all in all it cost less than a fiver which wasn’t too bad , i decided to start my session at six meters where i had earlier plumbed up to find a flattish area and it got gradually deeper the further out you went , i purposely left a longish lash with a couple of back shots to help counteract the strong cross wind it would also give me the option of putting in a new swim at 13m underneath my shallow line if required . I put in a cupping kit full of 4mm pellets then a ball of my ground-bait mix and i then lowered my rig in down the same hole with a hard 6mm pellet on the hook it didn’t take to long before my float dipped a firm strike resulted in the elastic streaming out of the pole tip after a spirited fight i had a 5lb carp in the net , i then started getting the dreaded fizzing as a shoal of skimmers settled on my feed and i began missing lots of bites it just wasn’t working for me upon looking around everyone seemed to be fishing the same way as me they were also struggling to get a steady run of fish so i decided to try something a bit different by going out to 13m and began pinging 6mm pellets at the float so i wouldn’t overfeed my peg thus hopefully stopping the fizzing .



I began firing half a dozen pellets at my float every five minutes if i started getting liners i would obviously pick up my shallow rig but i hoped to keep them on the deck , it didn’t take too long before i began getting indications and i was soon into a stream of barbel averaging 2lb but strangely no carp or f1s  , i was really enjoying catching them as they are a very hard fighting fish IMG-20150818-00708although it was noticeable that i did get the odd indication on the float a few seconds after i pinged the pellets in so i picked up my shallow rig and i began getting bites straight away although i missed more than i hit but as they were only from silvers so i decided to go back on to the deck altering my feeding to keep them there , but it seemed that all the disturbance of slapping+tapping had disrupted the barbel shoal although a few carp up to 5lb had taken their place and i decided to begin feeding both my margin swims for later in the session with the ground-bait mix .I started picking up the odd skimmer among the carp which wasn’t a good sign i occasionally tried my margin swims but only for a couple of minutes at a time because if there was any fish in the vicinity i would get some sort of indication straight away , i had nothing on my left hand side but on my other side i began missing lots of bites so i tried using the smallest piece of corn i could find which resulted in me getting a big fan tail carp then a few of the recently stocked hand sized carp .



By keeping feeding and rotating my lines i kept fish coming but it was only when i saw a swirl on my left hand margin that it really kicked off as my first drop saw me catch a bream around 4lb which did its best dolphin impressionIMG-20150818-00710 before the carp moved in and although i was waiting longer for a bite every fish was over 5lb some approaching double figures and even when a guy came talking too me standing just 2ft from where i was fishing i was still getting bites , i was enjoying myself that much i decided on an extra thirty minutes while i used up my remaining bait but when i hit something a bit bigger which bottomed my elastic out before snapping my hook length trashing my rig in the process so i reluctantly called it a day and i had nearly 150lb on my clicker plus a sore shoulder but more importantly i had really enjoyed my day’s fishing i am having a weekend away from match fishing but hope to get out for a pleasure session some were before the bank holiday open at Weston pools plus my ticket for the subscriber classic at Tunnel barn farm has turned up so it looks like i have a busy September planned .



Wrightington fisheries , Rivi view

May 22nd , peg 27


After booking a day’s holiday off work i planned to spend it fishing and fancied going some where a bit different , i hadn’t been to Wrightington fisheries for nearly two years when i needed to get my section to win my old Balmoral AC which i managed and with it being mainly carp in it i decided to head they’re hoping that the fish would be in a feeding mood packing on weight before they start spawning . At about nine o’clock i headed off on the thirty minute journey to the venue the traffic was pretty kind considering it was rush hour and i had to travel through Wigan town center , on arrival i was really surprised at how many cars were knocking about and at first i thought that their might have been a match on but luckily there wasn’t although with over a dozen anglers already fishing all the best pegs had been taken so i had to settle on peg 27 which gave me plenty of open water to target plus i had a nice reed lined margin which had the wind blowing into it the lake looked pretty much the same as on my last visit although all the trees on the island had been chopped right back .


I set up three rigs to cover my options ;

Margin . after plumbing up at the side of the reeds i found it to be over 2ft deep and i had originally planned on using ground-bait but at this depth i felt particles would be the better option , i used a series three 0.3 matrix float with 014 garbo line and a size 14 LWG hook .

Shallow , this is normally a banker option on here especially when there has been a bit of sun on the water , i used a size 02 Drennon crystal dibber float set 2ft deep which would allow me to go shallower if required my main line was 014 garbo with a n 012 garbo hook length attached was a size 16 hook which had a bait band attached .

13m deck, i plumbed up to find nearly a top kit depth so i used a 04 series three matrix float , i started with a spread bulk shotting pattern to allow for a slower fall but later changed to a bulk and two droppers .My main line was 014 garbo which had an 012 garbo hook length and a size 16 hook with a bait band .

My bait for the day was ;

2 pints 4mm pellets

2 pints 6mm pellets

1 pint of corn


At ten o’clock i was ready to go so shipped out to 13m and deposited a cupping kit full of 4mm pellets before going over the top of it with an 8mm banded pellet , i had planned on flicking half a dozen pellets every couple of minutes to try to get them up in the water which is a method that i like doing and works well on here it didn’t take long before i had my first indication with carp number one hitting the net at around 5lb i hoped that they are all this size . By continuously pinging pellets at my float i kept the bites ticking over mainly from carp but with the odd big skimmer mixed in between and even in the cold blustery conditions there was still the odd fish topping i had also began getting some liners so i took the opportunity to pick up my shallow rig , i had a quick mirror carp then nothing apart from the odd greedy roach that took a liking to my 8mm pellet which i thought was strange because it’s normally a good method on here i put this down to the changeable weather recently so i decided to start feeding a bit heavier to keep them on the deck instead of scattering the pellets in from a height to try to get the carp up in the water i was now pouring them in trying not to make too much disturbance i hoped this would help keep them on the bottom as well .



With the wind increasing all the time blowing directly into my right hand margin i decided to put in two cups of pellets+corn on this top three-line and would top it up every twenty minutes , while i let it to settle i went back long on the deck i had altered my shotting pattern from a more on the drop staggered bulk to a more direct bulk and two droppers this got me back catching carp again but after a while the peg started fizzing as a shoal of skimmers had settled over the feed and this meant i was beginning to miss more bites than i hit so i gave the swim rest . I went on to my margin line and on my first drop with double corn on the hook my float kept on going thinking that i was too far down the near side shelf with the weight of the hook bait dragging the float under but as i dragged it up closer to the reeds my Matrix 14 yellow elastic shot out , after a spirited fight a near double figure carp hit the net which was the biggest of the day so far another slightly smaller mirror carp followed before a barbel got in on the action these had almost doubled in size since my last visit here .


After all the commotion on my margin swim it had died a little so a refeed was in order another two big pots went in and while it settled i went back on to my long line thankfully the fizzing had subsided , i decided to feed by catapult putting in three big pouches in rather than by big potting the bait in because this would spread the bait over a wider area , by working my rig in the two meter feed area i began catching the carp again although they wasn’t the same size as i had got on this line earlier they were now the smaller 3lb old carp which looked like the original stock because their mouths were ruined and i don’t know if this was down to how i was putting the feed in but it is something to think about .


My wife had turned up nearly three hours into my session to bring me some dinner so i had a ten minute break and while she was here i took the opportunity for some catch shots which i don’t get chance to when fishing on my own , with my margin swim producing the bigger fish i had a try there within five minutes my float shot under and another decent carp made its bid for freedom which made for some nice pictures even though i took my time playing it for the camera all the disturbance hadn’t put the carp off with another of similar size soon following it .


I worked out that i could get two big carp from the margin before i needed to put some more feed in then it would take at least twenty minutes before they came back so instead of just sitting there waiting i went back long to pick up a few smaller carp or skimmers , after five hours my alarm went off as even when pleasure fishing i try to fish the match hours i had managed to catch 25 carp between 3lb + 15lb but with still a bit of bait left on my side tray i decided to stay for a while longer to use it up , i decided to concentrate on my margin swim to see if i could get any more lumps and it looked like i had made the right decision as i added a further five carp including a couple of donkeys which fought like mad .


In the end i had probably caught 100lb of carp plus 20lb of skimmers+barbel and i had really enjoyed my day’s fishing even if the weather wasn’t the best , it certainly made a change from catching the usual f1s+stockies and im off to Old Hough fisheries to contest a little match on Big Max on Sunday which is another venue i haven’t fished before i wonder what that has in store for me ?

Wrightington fishery

Rivi view peg 3 .  1st September

Well here it was the final club match of the season and could i get the points required to win the club league Of course i can ,although i made very hard work of achieving it as you will find out later .

I woke up to find it over cast ,cold and windy which would hopefully get the carp feeding on the deck and stop the floating pole being dominate on the island pegs. I was the first to arrive at the venue and had a chat with Paul the owner who said it had been fishing well but the recent cold weather might mean lower weights and as you will find out he was right .

I went round to do the pegging and as we were expecting 18 today with a few anglers missing due to illness and working shifts , i decided on three sections of six with the best pegs on the lake being near the island on the high numbers so i put six pegs along their to try and stop them running away with the match . The other six peg section was in the open water as you get on to the lake three on each side of the lake and this left lots of space towards the bottom of the lake for the final section because it wasn’t great down that end although the wind was blowing that way . To my mind this was the best and fairest way to peg it but it still didn’t stop people moaning after drawing bad today .

Everyone was early  and in an up beat mood with it being the last match of the season , so we did the draw and one by one all the best pegs was going and finally it came to me and the last ball in the bag was peg three or perminate peg five . Not a bad place to be with lots of open water to go at , on the down side i did have a couple of good anglers to contend with but my main challenger wasn’t one of them thankfully .

After Thursdays venture on here i had hopefully sorted a few things out and was keen to get started ;

13m this was to be my main line of attack using meat on the hook and feeding hemp , corn to hopefully keep the fish routing about on the bottom , it was further out than i had fished in practice because i thought the bank side disturbance might have made the fish back off . on plumbing up i found it to be 6ft deep and with it being windy i used a 0.6 scone float for more stability a few inch over depth , i used 0.15 garbo line and a 0.14 hook length to a size 16 hook because i was expecting to catch mainly carp , barbel and the odd skimmer

4m this was to be my paste line for the final two hours of the match , i used a scone paste float and as it was 4ft deep it was a 0.4 gram one , line was to be 0.15 garbo straight through to a size 12 hook because their are some big carp in here my elastic was 13 hollo .

pellet waggler , 11ft drennon red pellet rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a 4 gram middy pellet waggler and 0.14 hook length with a size 16 hook with a micro band attached .

pellet feeder , 9ft maver reactor lite feeder rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a preston pellet feeder because im not confident in using method feeders yet , a 0.14 hook length with a size 16 qm1 hook with a micro band attached .


meat 1 pint 4mm cubed , coated in krill powder

paste half pint , tiger fish one to one paste

pellets pint 4mm hard tiger fish pellets and pint of soaked micros

hemp and corn one pint

As the all in sounded at ten i put in two medium pots of meat , hemp and corn at 11m and went over the top with a piece of 4mm meat on the hook , i kept lifting and dropping to try to entice a bite . I began getting indications but couldn’t hit any and it wasn’t the proper bites like i had on Thursday , i changed my shotting pattern to allow for a slower fall of the meat and this worked to some extent but only small skimmers where coming my way .The lads on the other pegs either side of me were struggling too , but the others on the far bank seemed to be doing well especially the guy fishing the mong rig shallow and they also had the benefit of the ripple on the water .

With nothing really happening on my pole line and with the wind blowing off my back i decided on a few chucks with the pellet waggler towards the aerator thirty meters away and i am not the best at fishing this but i felt that i would need to get on the edge of the wind to get a bite shallow , i began feeding 6mm pellets twice every minute and re casting every two minutes , after a while i began getting the odd bite that i kept missing presumably from roach and i had to get it right at the side of the aerator to get any sort of indication and of course it wasn’t long before i got snagged up on it losing the lot so that went up the bank .

Another try on the pole produced nothing and i had really wanted to leave my margin paste line for the last hour , so i gave the pellet feeder a whirl i was still casting towards the aerator every five minutes and i began getting lots of liners so i knew that fish was in the area , after twenty minutes i had a 1lb skimmer in the net quickly followed by a 3lb carp but as soon as they turned up they had gone and i was left wondering why ! ! ! All the time the lad facing me was bagging up on carp and i was now fishing for second in the section , we was fast approaching the fourth hour and i had no option but to go on my margin line sooner than i planned .

I had been cupping in 4mm pellets every thirty minutes like i had done in practice and first drop i began getting indications , it wasn’t long before it buried and after a hard scrap an 8lb carp was in the net before a few more smaller fish followed Nice start . I then had a spell of foul hooked fish in the tail which i managed to get in and it was probably down to their being a lot of fish in the swim so i cut out the pellets and only feed the hook paste .

This i think worked because my next two fish were carp approaching double figures and in the fourth hour i had put 30lb in the net proper bagging , un fortunately a carp ploughed straight through my paste swim which resulted in my swim dying on me and when they did come back the bites where now little dinks and not the proper gazunders like before , maybe the skimmers had moved although i never caught any ?

Before the all out i had another lump and a smaller carp and i found the best way to catch them was to drop the paste in on the slope and then drag it up the near side shelf slightly and as the whistle went i was unsure if i had done enough .

To be honest as i was packing up it felt like any other match and not one that would decided the league winner , word reached me that my main challenger had struggled in his section and if that was the case i would win any way because he had to do better than me . We weighed my half of the section first which i won with 41lb before leaving the other half on the other bank to try and add a bit of extra tension , but when we got to my main challenger he had to beat 24lb which my apprentice had to get in the points but he only put 15lb on the scales so that was it the leadership was mine .

Section A 77lb , peg 18

Section B 32lb , peg 5

Section C 28lb , peg 12

A hard thought match with some nice weights and a run away winner , my match was very patchy and this week my main line of attack didn’t work out but my back up plan did which was a  relief , only wish i could get them both to work then i would definatley be winning more matches which i think my fishing deserves. By the way i finished second in my section and second in the match overall , but their was no way i could catch the winner after giving him such a head start .

Not sure if i deserve to win overall because at the start of the league i fished well but it tailed off in the middle before picking up towards the end and i finally scraped over the line . Unlike the winter league last year when i think i fished really well all the time , but of course it doesn’t always go like that and it hasn’t really sunk in yet and probably wont till i pick up the trophy because it is my biggest fishing achievement so far in my match fishing . Got a month to kill before it all starts again with my autumn – winter league in October and going to have a week off match fishing before i go back on to the partridge lakes open matches .