Widdows flash , 1st round Angling times supercup

May 6th

widdows fishery

Today i was contesting the first round of the Angling times supercup with the Adlington angling center team where we would be fishing against Crown tackle our local rivals and with over a hundred teams in the northern half of the draw i was a bit surprised to get them so soon in the competition but it is what it is , after having had a group meeting we decided to hold it at Widdows flash in Spring view near Wigan and although it wasnt a venue that any of us had much experience of we felt that it would suit majority of our anglers with it being a mix of silvers plus carp .

After having managed to get one squad practice plus a team match against Stockton heath angling group on the higher numbered pegs the lads felt that we had worked a couple of things out which would hopefully catch us 20lb of silvers from any peg plus a few carp then we could have a good chance of winning the sections required to go through to the next round , we obviously would have liked to have had a couple more sessions on the lake to tweak a few things but with two other teams also using widdows flash as there supercup venue all the weekends had been taken and in fact we had to give up a day so that crown tackle could have a practice on all the lake which was more than we had managed , as a few of our team had declined to take part in the contest for various reasons we was down to our bare bones as a new team we had not got the strength in numbers just yet so i felt we would be up against it to get through but was going to give it our best shot .

As i was running the match today i needed to be at the fishery early so it was a good job it was only ten minutes away from home and i was quite shocked to see a couple of our squad members already there when i arrived but it showed that they was eager to give a good performance , the water we was fishing on today is a donut style lake with the island between 14m+16m away and with out a breath of wind plus bright skies the fishing could be tough especially after the match the previous day were the average weights was less than twenty pounds , although the framing weights were quite good but unfortunately we wasnt going to have any anglers in that area as i had decided to put six of us on the low numbers and six on the high numbers which would give each team two end pegs .

At nine o’clock myself and the opposing team captain started the draw and i had the last peg in our home bag that put me on eleven which was right near the car park , it wasnt the best area to be in going from the limited knowledge i had of the venue because we had not practised on this side and i was also up against the end peg but on the plus side i didn’t have far to walk.On arriving at my home for the next few hours i decided to set up a few different rigs to cover my options because with it fishing hard the day before i felt it might be a scratching around match so i set up ;

Margin rig at the side of the lily pads to my right the shallowest water i could find was two foot so i used an 0.4 MD diamond float with my usual 014 garbo main line and i upped my hook length to 014 garbo as well because there is a few big carp in here .

Top four swim for fishing at the bottom of the near slope this was an area that i had caught some bonus fish on by loose feeding maggots quite heavily , i used a 0.2 MD maggot float which had a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern spread along my 014 garbo main line and attached to it was a six-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Three quarter line which is where we expected to catch majority of our weight consisting of nice stamp skimmers from here by loose feeding casters and fishing six-inch of the deck because we found that if you fished on the deck the stamp of silver was a lot smaller , as we would be fishing through the water i used a 0.2 MD maggot float which had a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern spread along my 014 garbo main line and attached to it was a four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Shallow far bank rig where i wanted to catch the odd carp and i used a 0.1 MD mini maggot float which had three number eleven shot just above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length i would be using hard pellets so it had a size twenty guru lwg with a micro bait band .

Deck far bank rig yet again i was targeting carp and i used a 0.2 MD mini maggot float which had an on the drop shotting pattern for fishing through the water , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and a four inch 012 garbo hook length i would be using hard pellets so it had a size twenty guru lwg with a micro bait band .

Bait for the day was ;

Two pints of casters

Two pints of fishery 4mm pellets

One tin of corn

Small tub of mixed hard hook pellets

When the all in sounded i began by fishing across to the far bank to try to pick up a bonus carp because there seemed to be a few cruising about it would also give me chance for me to prime my three-quarter skimmer line which i would loose feed a dozen casters through a catty every five minutes , i purposely didnt feed any pellets across until i knew how the carp would respond to any bait going in so i kept a close eye on those anglers around me to see what they was doing and the guy to my left had four carp in quick succession by dobbing bread all of them foul hooked but he wasnt the lad in my section . With no bites coming in the first twenty minutes on normal pellets i rooted around in my tub of mixed hookers and found some white 6mm , this worked a treat as i managed two carp by dobbing my rig under the over hanging reeds but i also lost a couple in a snag a meter from the far bank in between me and the lad towards my right , with those early bonus fish in the net i went onto my skimmer line expecting to catch straight away but all i could manage was a couple of small roach and by this time the lad to my right had a caught two carp as well .

I had no option other than to go back across to the island and i did manage another carp but also lost three on the snag which put me behind in the section also it limited my options when going over to the tins , with ninety minutes of the match gone all signs of carp had disappeared so i decided to ping pellets to try to draw some back but this turned out to be a big mistake as it just killed the across line . Back on to my skimmer swim but yet again it didn’t work my banker swim wasnt producing i was also behind in the section and for the next hour or so i put next to nothing in the net it looked like i was blowing out big time , i had an early look on my margin line which produced a couple of indications on corn but a change to treble maggot saw me add some big roach to my net although it wasnt exactly what i needed to be catching .

I had fed my top four with casters since the match started so i hoped that this would produce for me because i was at least three carp behind  i had an indication straight away which saw a big skimmer hitting the bank but it was a loner so i decided to cut out the loose feed and change to big potting casters , this worked well for me as i added three more decent skimmers over the course of the next ninety minutes although i could only catch one of them from each feed usually after about twenty minutes of the bait going in , for the rest of the match i rotated between the far swim plus top four this had me putting the odd stamp fish in the net and i was slowly pulling my way back into the section , but i yet again lost a few carp in the snag late on because i had to risk going towards it to get a bite .

when the all out sounded i was unsure if i had done enough but had a sinking feeling that i was a carp behind , it was soon time for me to start the weigh in  ;

Section A  21lb vs 24lb crown tackle

Section B 17lb vs 41lb crown tackle

Section C 19lb vs 16lb adlington angling

Section D 11lb vs 25lb  crown tackle

Section E  29lb vs 18lb adlington angling

Section F 14lb vs 24lb crown tackle

So unfortunately we had got beaten 4-2 but at least i had managed to keep up my one hundred percent record  in the competition by winning my section for the fifth time running but i was still to get past the second round despite fishing for three different teams , our only other section winner was from the most consistent performer in the squad on the venue and i would like to wish Crown tackle all the best in the competition .

Adlington angling center



Cunneries teams of three

May 6th

Cunneries S canal

Today i was back at Cunneries fishery in Eccleston for round four of the teams of three and after my last match here on Monday where i won my section i was really looking forward to it especially as we at last had our best team fishing today so hopefully a good result will help push us up the table , as usual due to my lack of sleep i was one of the first to arrive and after having a chat with a few of the lads knocking about time was passing by with still no sign of most of the team , a quick phone call and i found out they was on their way after having a bit of bait trouble in the Adlington angling tackle shop or more like our captain was too busy chatting , when they finally turned up it was nearly draw time and as i was the team draw bag i joined the queue towards the rear , when it came round to my turn in the bag of doom i strangely pulled out three decent pegs ;

17 on hawk for Rob

26 on legs 3+4 of s canal for Jordan

15 on legs 1+2 of s canal for me

As i was on the same peg again from Monday and with conditions very similar blue skies , wind blowing away from the car park although we did have a drop in temperature , so i expected the fishing to be very similar and it didn’t take me too long setting up because all my rigs were still in my box ;

4ft rig for fishing half way up both slopes and i used a 4×12 MD maggot float which had a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern spread along my 014 garbo main line attached to it was a six-inch 010 garbo hook length .

3ft rig for fishing in front of the reeds across and in the margin and i used a 4×10 MD maggot float which had a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern spread along my 014 garbo main line attached to it was a six-inch 010 garbo hook length .

shallow rig for when they came up of the deck in the margin and i used a 4×10 MD mini maggot float which had a bulk of eleven stotz above my six-inch 010 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day ;

3 pints of white maggots with a hand full of reds mixed in

1 pint of soaked micros

small tub of 4mm expanders

When the all in sounded i decided on a bit of a change today to see if i could sort my early part of the match out which is usually where i struggle and i began on my 4ft rig with pellets , i had been informed that they had pumped cold water in to the s canal all week to try to keep the weights down and freshen up the water which could knock the fish off the feed, so i decided to take it easy with the bait until i knew how the f1s would respond and after tapping in a few micros i laid my rig in so that it would fall along the far slope keeping a tight line between pole + float which would help me spot any tiny indications .

After a couple of feeds i had my first f1 in the net and i managed a few more during the next half hour but it was slow going but it was the same for everyone down my end of the s canal , after a while i began getting midered by skimmers + small stockies which can be a problem when using pellets so i plumbed up a new line a meter towards my left and started again this produced a couple more f1s . I wasnt really happy with the way things were going today using pellets so i changed my 4ft lines to maggots but this didn’t produce how i would have liked , i had fed my top three swim with maggots since the match started but this produced a few indications which i couldn’t connect with and with not a lot happening i needed to keep rotating swims to pick up the odd fish .

With half the match gone i only had 12 f1s in the net which was about the same as everyone that i could see and i also heard lots of moaning going on saying how hard it was fishing today , i had been loose feeding maggots regularly on my left hand top three margin swim tight to the bank in the shallowest water that i could find and this produced a couple of quick f1s , it seemed that pellets was the bait to be using today but i didn’t have a great deal of micros made up so i had to be a bit careful on which lines i fed it and i decided to put in a new swim at 11m towards peg 14 , this got me a couple more fish but the small stockies moved in so i swapped onto my other margin swim which produced the odd f1 and it was noticable that i would catch almost straight away when changing lines before they backed off .

With the 3ft swim working close in i decided to put in a line at the same depth across towards the far bank reeds to see if it would work as good but it only produced small skimmers so i spent the rest of the match concentrating on my two margin swims and i managed to pick up the odd f1 up to the all out , strangely today i didn’t suffer with any line bites which can be a problem on here it just goes to show the lack of feeding fish down this end of the s canal .

After packing my gear away i had a quick chat with the lads near by and they had found the going hard as well but managed to catch most of their fish on pellets in three-foot , i followed the scales down the main two legs of the s canal and when they arrived at my peg there was a 60lb weight winning with a low 50lb , then two low 40lb weights and my thirty f1s went 44lb which was good enough to win the section but more importantly finish third on my two legs of the s canal .The team captain put in a good performance to win his two legs of s canal and Rob had finished 5th on his first try on hawk pool so we ended up with nine points , which was good enough for us to finish joint first on the day with DT floats but ended up second on weight and we was all extremely pleased with how things went today especially after our disaster on the previous round , i am unfortunately going to miss the penultimate round as im contesting the two hundred pegger North vs South match at Tunnel barn that weekend so i hope the rest of the squad can keep it going .

It’s the first round of the Angling times supercup tomorrow at widows flash in Spring view so lets hope we can keep the good form and put up a decent performance .


Angling times Supercup round one , Goose green fishery

Goose green fishery match lake peg 7 , April 9th

Today was the first round of the Angling times supercup and my mate  had  asked me to fish for the Stockton Heath team although, after last years debacle when things really didn’t go to plan I was a bit unsure about accepting the offer however I decided to throw caution to the wind as it was with a totally different group of lads. For those of you who don’t know anything about The Angling Times Supercup competition you have to enter a team of six lads and each of us would be in a section of two or three depending on how many teams you was fishing against, so basically you only needed to beat the lad at the side of you to gain a point for your squad and if both teams tied on points it would then go down to cumulative weight this was the fourth time I had fished this event with three different groups of lads, individually I had quite a good record in this competition winning my section on all bar one of the matches in the first round and on the other it was a three-way tie where I finished second in section so still picked up good points, on the team front though it was a different story as I had only gone past the first round once and last year I got beat on weight which is always a kick in the teeth , I always wondered why they never do teams of five so things like that do not happen in the future.

We had been for a practise match a couple of weeks previously where the weather was atrocious but at least we had managed to sort a few things out and came up with a game plan so we was pretty confident of holding our own against Trafford Angling even though they had home advantage and been fishing a winter league for the past month or two so obviously had some tricks up their sleeves, after my thirty mile trip to the venue which took over an hour with all the roadworks, then restricted speed zones on the motorway near Manchester I finally arrived at the fishery and met up with the rest of the squad , we was all in an upbeat mood although a couple were understandably a bit nervous as it was their first attempt in the competition.

Before the draw had taken place it was agreed that certain areas of the lake we were not allowed to use tip rods because it would limit the distance people could fish, I was put on peg seven which was on the far side of the lake where the boards are and on our practise match we didn’t fish this part of the lake as it was a very poor area but like I mentioned earlier you only needed to beat the angler at the side of you and I was quite confident of doing just that because I tend to do better on places that you need to scratch around for bites.

On settling in at my home for the next few hours i decided to set up three rigs ;

Long line at 14m were after plumbing up i found it to be 10ft deep so i used a 4×16 malman roob which had a bulk plus two droppers as a shotting pattern and my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch hook length of 010 with a size 18 silver fish-hook .

Six meter line i really would have liked to fish this line closer in but in this area the peg was all over the place sloping badly from right to left and i had to go that far out to find a flat spot , as it was 6ft here i used a 4×14 maggie float with a bulk two foot away from my hook and then two droppers which would allow for a slow fall in the final third ,my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch hook length of 010 garbo with a size 18 silver fish hook .

Shallow rig which was set at four-foot deep but i would alter this as the match progressed , my float was a 4×12 maggie which had a strung out shotting pattern along the 014 garbo which had a six-inch hook length of 010 garbo with a size 20 silver fish-hook .

Bait for the day was rather simple ;

Three pints of casters

Three pints of soaked micros

Small tub of 4mm expanders

Small tub of white hooker pellets

When the all in sounded I put a small cup of casters onto my six meter line and two cups of pellets on my fourteen meter swim, my reasons for doing it was that I wanted to keep the fish on the deck because this was where the bigger silvers had been caught plus, you would also get chance to catch a bonus skimmer although there wasnt that many caught in the practice match, I left my far swim to settle and went onto the six meter line hoping to get a quick couple of pounds of silvers which is what I did although, they were a lot smaller than i wanted to be catching. After a while I began getting into a nice routine and it was all going well, I started double feeding a dozen casters every five minutes over my float but even this heavy feeding brought them up of the deck and when I had a few liners I picked up my shallow rig this improved my catch rate to one every two minutes, I saw a few skimmers come out on the noted flyers but as mentioned earlier you only had to beat the lad to your left and, I was catching twice as fast as he was although only small silvers so I just kept putting fish in the net unsurprisingly my catch rate slowed and I needed to really work at it changing shotting patterns & depths to keep the roach coming.

Every hour I decided to spend ten minutes on my far swim, to see if I could pick up a bonus skimmer which would have boosted my weight considerably, however all I could manage were small roach so I re-fed it with a ball of micros and then went back on to the shallow rig, after the rest I always seemed to pick up a few better stamp roach on it before I was back into the two ounce roach this is basically how my match went and i could only catch small silvers on all of my lines so i spent most of my match fishing shallow , although strangely i would pick up a bigger stamp of fish by letting my hook bait just hang there mid-depth and I only really had one moment of worry when my neighbour managed to catch a small skimmer but it turned out to be a loner and as the all out sounded I was pretty confident of winning my section.

After packing up I went round to see the other lads in the team and it looked like we had got properly beat on two sections & won two sections, the remaining sections would be pretty close and this is how it panned out. Unfortunately the two sections which we felt would be close went the way of Trafford AC but only by the odd pound so we ended up getting beat 4-2 so well done to them and I hope they go far in the competition, on a personal note I kept up my record of winning my section comfortably this time with my hundred roach weighing 15lb compared to my neighbours 6lb but I still have only made the second round once so that needs improving on and now that that’s over with for another year I’m going to have a couple of weeks of to recharge my batteries before i am back on the match scene.


Goose green fishery

Goose green fishery

Goose green fishery

Today’s match was going to take place on Goose green fishery which was where Trafford angling had decided to take us for the first round of the Angling Times super cup and as none of our squad had even seen the water before, obviously we wanted a practice chuck before the match took place in a fortnight’s time, I managed to find a bit of information about the venue through social media and I got told that it was a very deep lake with the main species to target being skimmers averaging two pounds and roach , so using this info i could put a plan together and as a result I felt pretty happy with my tactics for the day.

The weather leading up to the match hadn’t been great as we had to contend with strong winds plus heavy rain and today was no different we also had the added threat of a thunderstorm , luckily on the morning i woke to find it draw and i just hopped that it would stay that way for most of the day , after packing the van with my fishing gear and putting the address in my sat nav i headed off on my short thirty mile journey to the fishery , it took me nearly an hour to get there with lots of roadworks and temporary speed limits i even drove past the complex as it wasnt sign posted and you had to go down an unmarked road to get there . As a result I was one of the last to arrive and i only expected to know the organiser of the match but as usual for me i found a couple of friendly faces that i recognised from various matches around the north-west , i was a bit surprised to see the size of the lake we would be fishing it also had no permanent pegs so we had to put them where we thought they should go and as the wind was blasting towards the disabled pegs those were left out which meant everyone was a lot closer together and i mean close together being four meters apart at a push which was far from ideal .

After the hustle+bustle of the draw it was time for my pick and there was two left to choose from one which was in the teeth of the storm the other with the wind of my back this time i got lucky picking out the latter one , on settling in at my home for the next few hours i had already got a plan in mind but i was unsure whether it would be worth setting up the tip rod as nearly every one around me would be chucking to the very small island i decided i would give it a try but fish it around twenty meters ;

Six meter line , i plumbed up to find it was nearly 6ft deep so i used a 4×14 maggie float with a bulk+dropper shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was 009 garbo which had a size 20 matrix silver hook attached .

Thirteen meter line , here i found it was over 9ft so i used an 0.6 scone float with a bulk+dropper shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was 009 garbo which had a size 20 matrix silver hook attached .

Feeder line at twenty meters i used a twenty gram open-ended swim feeder which had a six-inch twisted loop boom and a 2ft hook length of 010 garbo that had a size 18 matrix bagger hook attached.

Bait for the day was ;

Two pints of red+white maggots

Half pint of pinkies

Three pints of pro natural groundbait mixed 50/50 with brown crumb

When the all in for the match started i fed four balls on my six meter line and six balls onto my thirteen meter then went on to my feeder line while it settled , i cast every five minutes so i could get some bait down and after four casts i had my first indication on the tip which resulted in a skimmer around the pound mark not a bad start to the session , i then began getting lots of little shakes on the float but nothing positive and then i picked up a small silver around 2oz not what i wanted to be catching after forty minutes without another skimmer i decided to go on my pole line to see what had settled on it . By now the wind had got a lot stronger which made holding the pole a lot more difficult this obviously had a bearing on my presentation and i also had to go lay six-inch of line on the deck to counter act the undertow i began catching a lot of silvers but they was a smaller stamp than i would have liked , since the match began i had loose fed maggots on my six meter line so when i dropped on it i expected an instant response and that’s what i got yet again they were smaller than i would have liked but at least i was catching quicker .

After a couple of hours the sky went black and we could see the thunder-storm heading our way in the distance , the heavens opened and not only put a dampener on the anglers but also on the fishing as the bites slowed right down which wasnt surprising , gradually it began getting better and it was noticeable that more and more skimmers were hitting the bank around the lake as the match progressed but my peg seemed to be getting worse as the bites deteriorated .With an hour of the match remaining the storm settled above us and we was greeted to some nice natural fireworks it didn’t look like it would be moving anytime soon so we called a halt to the match , after packing up it was time for the weigh in and it would be interesting to see how everyone got on as we all had a slight twist on how we attacked our pegs today , apart from two of us who struggled by fishing in a similar way me being one of them we all managed over double figures with nearly 30lb winning which wasnt bad in just four hours and it gave us a good idea on how to target the match but it will be very difficult beating Trafford angling on their home patch .

Tomorrow i will be back at Weston pools for the Drennon backed bank holiday open i just hope this weather improves and i can get back among the fish , below is a short video on todays match hope you enjoy it .

Partridge lakes , Holbar lake

April 23rd , peg 46


After the recent sunny weather i decided to make the most of it and grab a few hours fishing after work and with Partridge lakes being only ten minutes away i decided to head their but i was unsure on just which lake to fish on as all the waters there are highly stocked with fish , with my first fisho qualifier coming up on Moorlands farm which are mainly big lakes and catching carp in the margin will play an important part to doing well i decided to see how many anglers were on Holbar as this is the only place on the complex which respond to this method .

After parking up my car on the road near covey i went for a look to see just how many people were fishing on it and i was surprised to see nearly every other peg taken in fact it looked like their was a match taking place but i spotted on the opposite bank a gap of four empty places so i hastily drove to Holbars car-park and made my way to the peg after speaking to a few anglers on the way most had said that it had been hard going in the spring sunshine , when i approached the group of pegs i settled on the last one which gave me a bit of space plus there was plenty carp showing in both margins  .


I decided on a nice easy day so concentrated just on both my margin as i could do with the practise because it is something that i don’t do a great deal off these days in fact my last try was in the second round of the Angling times super cup at chapel pool , i plumbed up to find 2ft against both sets of margin reeds which i felt would be a bit too deep but that was as shallow as i could find and i would no doubt suffer with foul hookers if i got my feeding wrong .


My bait today was going to revolve around using particles as ground-bait wasn’t allowed at Moorlands fishery so i had ;

1 pint of corn

2 pints of 4mm pellets

I hoped that this would last me for a few hours , at 3 o’clock i was ready to get started and i put in two cupping kits full of pellets+corn on to my left hand margin within minutes i began getting line bites before my float shot under with a nice 2lb f1 being my first fish of the day not a bad start but better was to follow when my next fish was a double figure carp that only just fitted into my landing net and it is times like this that i wished someone had come along with me because the catch picture does not do it justice .


After landing the carp i stopped getting liners so i decided to feed another two cups of bait then went on my right hand margin there i decided to kinder pot the bait in to see what response this would get me , the reeds on this side were already knocking so i expected an immediate response and that i did as first drop my matrix 14s hollow elastic shot through the water then after a five-minute fight a double figure mirror carp hit the net quickly followed by another of similar size so with thirty minutes gone i had caught nearly forty pounds i just hoped that it would continue .


I started getting little knocks on the float which i thought at first were just liners but i soon found out that they were from some roach at over 8oz nice fish but not what i was looking for on my heavy carp gear , i re-feed again then swapped sides again to my left and this produced a couple of smaller 5lb carp plus the odd big f1 i then hit something that was a lot bigger than i had caught or it was foul hooked because it just took of giving me no chance of stopping it so predictably we soon parted company and a new 014 garbo hook length was required .

Losing this fish disturbed the bottom of my margin peg because i started getting caught up on an underwater obstruction every time i hooked a fish and i also began foul hooking fish in fact i had a spell of five in a row so i decided to rest this side choosing to concentrate on my right hand swim , i didn’t feel that kinder potting was bringing in enough carp so i choose to begin feeding here a bit heavy with a cupping kit this worked really well as i was soon back catching the lumps again with the odd f1 mixed in .


After about ninety minutes the wind picked up a bit and started blowing into my peg , i thought that this would make my margins even stronger but it kind of killed it because i couldn’t even get the silvers which were their in numbers before . I decided to re plumb a bit further along both margins and decided to mix up a bit of ground-bait to see what response this got , i put two cup full in on both my margin swims making as much disturbance as i could to try to draw some fish back into my peg after a while i began getting indications again first from silvers plus the odd big skimmer but it wasn’t long before i got back into the carp again  .


The only trouble with my new swim was that it was a lot nearer the reeds and if i didn’t connect quick enough or struck in the wrong direction they would bury me into them i managed to only lose a couple of carp that way but it wasn’t long before i trashed my rig so i decided to call it a day at 630 , i ended up with six doubles , eight singles plus lots of big f1s+skimmers and a sore shoulder not bad for a few hours fishing after work it also set me up nicely for Saturdays Fisho qualifier at Moorlands fishery .


Highfield fishery Super cup round one

April 5th , Oaks pool peg 36


Well today was my first attempt at competitive team fishing and their was no easier match for me than the first round of the Supercup Talk About Thrown In At The Deep End . So after my 40 mile trip to Highfield fishery it was time to meet up with the team and have a chat about how things where going to pan out today , after having fished a few of the recent opens on here and doing well as a team i personally managed two 4ths so we was quite confident of a good showing .

Taff who was Farnworth tackles team captain who i would be fishing with today went to pick the bag which held our peg numbers and managed to get us the one which held all the end pegs but at least two of our pegs would be up against it today , We was fishing against ;

Splinter ac

St Anthony ac

So there would be eight sections of three anglers and the result would be decided by the team with the least section points , when it came to my turn to draw i ended up on the same peg as Thursday open match so i knew exactly how to target it but was up against it for the section with the two islands pegs in it one of which won the match on Thursday .


We was going to fish from 11 till 4 which gave me plenty of time to set up the required rigs and hopefully with the match finishing late it would get the carp feeding in the margins because on earlier matches here they was very important for good section points .


margin , 0.4 matrix series 3 float with 0.14 garbo main line straight through to a size 16 guru lwg hook

4 meter , 0.3 scone float with an on the drop shotting pattern , my line was 0.10 garbo straight through to a size 20 drennon silver fish hook

tip rod  , which i didn’t use on the day so not much point going through it .

My bait for the day was ;

2 pint red and white maggot

1 pint ground-bait

1 pint meat 4mm

1 pint 4mm pellets

4mm expanders white and normal

4 mm hard pellets

I didn’t normally take ground-bait or meat with me on here but thought that it might work better than the micros in the margin but as you will find out later it didn’t and it was another case of over thinking things and not sticking to what worked well for me in practice .

As the all in sounded i went on to my 4 meter line and began loose feeding maggots every thirty seconds and it wasn’t long before i was into the usual 2 oz silvers which where coming in quick succession , my plan was to bag up on these for two hours before checking my margins for a bonus carp because that worked really well in the open matches i found on here .


I found that if i got the bait to the bottom i would get a bigger 4oz skimmer so i changed the shotting pattern to a bulk + dropper and i started putting in little nuggets of ground-bait after every fifth fish , this resulted in me getting a 3 lb bream which did its best dolphin impression before finding the back of the net Early Bonus Fish .

The first two hours flew by and i was holding my own in the section , it was now time for me to check the margins and i had four areas i planned to target these where both 4 meters and 11 meters away at the side of the empty platforms . I had a quick look before feeding in case their was any fish already present but after spending ten minutes in each area no bites came my way not even from the silvers which i thought was strange , so i fed with a small cupping kit full of ground-bait + maggots to both areas on my left and ground-bait + meat on my right hand side .

All the time i had continued feeding maggots on my 4 meter line and was back into the silvers straight away , i decided the best option was to catch 15 fish for about 2 lb before spending five minutes in each margin swim and then going for another 15 silvers which took about thirty minutes to catch .

With one hour remaining the guy on the fancied island peg caught two small carp which put him ahead in the section so although i had a lot of small silvers -2 bream – f1 , i thought that i needed to get a bonus carp for good points but in forty minutes off rotating my margin swims no bites came my way not even from the usual bigger stamp silvers .

As the all out sounded i was unsure how i had got on , my net of silvers went 11 lb for second in the section only 1 lb away from winning it because the guy with two carp weighed in just over 12 lb and if i had spent the last hour fishing for silvers i would have managed the extra weight required but then again i was sure that i needed a carp .

So now we had an agonising wait to see if we had managed enough points to get through to the next round and luckily we did it by the narrowest of margins just a solitary point ;

2 section wins – 2 points

5 section seconds – 10 points

1 section third – 3 points

total 15 points

Well done to the team and all those involved in the competion especially Highfield fishery who ran a very good match , we now have an agonising three-week wait to find out who we get drawn against and it will hopefully be on a more suitable venue for us .So it can now get back to some sort of normality with club and open matches taking place , starting back at partridge lakes next week , maybe Hall lane Bessies pool in mid-week work and weather permitting .