Cunneries fishery , teams of three league

October 7th

Today i was back at the Cunneries fishery for the penultimate round of the Autumn teams of three and as the Daiwa adlington team was languishing in mid table we could do with a good performance to move us up the league although in all honesty it would be very hard to make up ground on the top four , during the week leading up to the contest we had some torrential down pours and it was forecast to be continuous rain today as well , this i felt would have an impact on the weights and i thought that just 60lb could be enough for good section points that was probably only thirty-five stamp f1s which should be achievable on most of the pegs on the S canal , the Old canal was also in the match today after it had been closed for over a month and on Thursdays match it had thrown up some really good weights but that was a rover when just four anglers decided to go on it today every other peg would be which would make things a bit tougher .

After my short drive to the fishery i grabbed a buttie before having a chat with a few of the other anglers in attendance and so far the rain had held off but there was quite a brisk wind blowing towards the car park , as i had decided to stand down from the Daiwa Adlington squad after the league had finished i decided to let the other team members do a bit of the work so i relegated myself from doing the drawing duties , but it didn’t really make much difference as the captain still brought back our usual end peg this time it was in the shape of 15 S canal with the wind blowing into it and it looked really good , the only trouble was i wasnt going to be sitting on it as my home for the day was 40 S canal only a couple away from the last round where i struggled to catch a great deal so i expected more of the same this time .

When i arrived to my peg which was half way along the fourth leg i had the usual reed lined margin + far bank plus a nice mud bank and an empty platform either side of me , so at least i had a bit of room and i decided to set up ;

Top kit plus one at an angle towards my left at the bottom of the near slope and i used a 4×12 Md maggie float with a staggered bulk shotting pattern spread along the bottom third of my rig starting above my six-inch 012 garbo hook length which had a size 18 guru LWG hook attached with a micro bait band .

Three foot rig for in front of the far bank reeds and five meters along my left hand margin at the far side of the weed bed , i used a 4×12 Md pellet float with an inch spread bulk shotting pattern starting above my four-inch 012 garbo hook length which had a size 18 Guru pellet hook attached to it .

Channel rig six meters towards my right + left this would allow me to try a couple of different feeding patterns and i used a 4×12 Md maggie float which had a  staggered bulk shotting pattern spread along the bottom third of my rig starting above my six-inch 012 garbo hook length which had a size 18 guru LWG hook attached .

Bait for the day was ;

3 pints of red+white maggots

2 pints of micros

2 pints of 4mm pellets

small tub of 4mm expanders

I began the match on my top three and tapped in a few 4mm pellets before flicking my rig out so that it fell up the near slope even though i kept throwing in some pellets and laying my float among it , it took an age for me to get an indication and i only managed four f1s in the first which wasnt the best of starts maybe hard pellets are on their way out now that the water has started to go a bit cooler . I switched to my across swim it took a couple of feeds of micros through a kinder pot  before i got a response and for the next hour i had a good run of fish the only trouble was they were just stockies+skimmers not what i wanted to be catching if i required some good points , despite trying all sorts of different feeding patterns and moving swims i just couldn’t get through the small stuff .

I decided to give my channel swim a try which was my best area on the last round and i fed one with a small pot of maggots the other with a kinder pot of micros , by rotating between the two i managed to pick up the odd stamp f1 but never really managed a run of fish from either it just seemed there wasnt many in the area and to be honest if i had spent the rest of the match here i would have ended up with better section points but i felt that i wasnt catching quick enough so i had a look down my long left hand margin , i clumped in some micros through a large kinder pot and lowered my rig in over the top of it and i managed three big f1s straight  away i hoped that i could put a run together but it never really got going . A switch back to my channel swim got me a few more fish and i spent the remainder of the match alternating between them both picking up f1s from each , soft pellets was by far the best bait for me today which was strange because others that i had talked to did better on maggots .

When the all out sounded i ended up with 17 f1s plus a few skimmers+stockies and this went a disappointing 35lb which although beat the anglers either side of me was only good enough for 7th in my ten peg section although if i had managed another 5lb which was possible i would have had a lot better points , on meeting up with the other lads in the team they had struggled just like me so we was all a bit down with the result and as it turned out we ended up joint fifth on the day which is a lot better than we thought because i feared we might have even been last .

Theres a few weeks break before the next round so hopefully the weather might have settled down a bit and the fishing has improved , before that im off to Partridge lakes for the first time in ages and then back to Heronbrook fishery for the second round of the winter league so a busy but enjoyable weekend ahead .

MD floats


Weston pools fishery

September 16th

I decided to have a change of venue today and headed off to Weston Pools Fishery for a bit of practice before next week’s natural bait festival which i am contesting for the third year running and i seem to be improving on every one of them so fingers crossed it will continue for me , with the recent drop in temperature and cold rain going in the lakes I expected the fishing to be quite tough as you are targeting mainly carp+barbel but I always enjoy fishing this venue and to be honest it is my favorite match water because it’s totally different from anywhere in the north-west i just wish it was a few miles closer .

On my arrival to Weston pools I booked on to the match then had a quick walk around belvedere and i noticed that the fishery staff had done a lot of work removing overhanging branches + general tidying up the banks in readiness for the upcoming festival , this was the only water that I wanted to be on as the other two lakes in the rover wasn’t going to be in next weekend and to be honest i have always struggled on this lake for some reason so i could do with the practice even if it did mean i had little chance of framing today , after taking note of a few pegs that i fancied i made my way back to the cabin stopping off on the way to talk too a few friendly faces who i hadn’t seen for quite some time and when i finally got there it was nearly draw time , I managed to pull out ball eight which meant i was mid way in the queue for a pick and one by one all the best pegs went.

When it came to my turn I decided to settle on peg 22 belvedere which although wasnt a fancied peg it did give me a bit of room and to be honest there isn’t much point sitting on a flyer because you don’t learn a great deal plus i would be very unlikely to sit on one in the festival with so many draw bags in attendance , I set up a few rigs to cover my options ;

Top kit line between your nets which is usually a banker method on here for the barbel , even though it was only a touch over three-foot deep i used a 4×16 joof float with all the bulk above my 4 inch hook length to get the bait to the deck really quickly .

Bottom of the near slope at three meters were it was around five foot deep and i used a 4×14 joof float with a staggered bulk starting above my four-inch 014 garbo hook length .

Margin rig top three towards my left in 18 inches of water at the side of some reeds which was the shallowest water i could find and i used a 0.4 MD margin munter float , my main line was 0.17 garbo and hook length 0.16 garbo which had a size 14 guru lwg hook .

Six meter rig for fishing on the deck under my shallow line and my float was a 4×12 joof float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern .

Two shallow rigs set at two foot + one foot , my floats were a 4×10 MD mini mag with a small bulk above a four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day was;

3 pints of casters

2 pints of corn and hemp

2 pints of corn

When the all in sounded I fed my top three-line with half a cupping kit full of corn+hemp mix and while it settled I had a quick look on my top kit for hopefully a quick couple of barbel but this just produced a small silver with no more bites or liners that was a waste of time but i would keep dropping on it now + again during the match , I then went on to my top three swim and had a bite almost straight away which I pulled out of, then I hooked something a bit bigger which after a spirited fight snapped my 6lb hook length after spending the last few months just catching f1’s i needed to get my head around this style of fishing were they pulled back a bit ! !

After an hour I had next to nothing in the net so I went on my shallow six meter swim which I had primed from the start feeding a dozen casters every few minutes but all this just produced was hand sized silvers so you can safely say so far it wasn’t going to well  , i did try my deck rig underneath my shallow swim but this just produced line bites and maybe i should have set up a new rig for fishing at half depth .

Two hours of the match had already passed and i had about ten pounds in the net so I re-plumbed a new swim at top four towards my right at the bottom of the slope , after feeding some corn+hemp through a large kinder pot i began getting the odd bite from decent fish and topping up every time i caught one worked remarkably well as I had a good run of carp+barbel right up to the all out , but I lost a lot of fish today and i even did a bit of squirreling lol no doubt this was due to the fact that i wasnt used to playing fish of this size which pulled back a bit .

When the all out sounded I ended up with just short of 60lb this was good enough for third on the lake + fifth overall but with just 74lb coming third in the match it was a missed opportunity for me today and i really need to start taking these chances when they present themselves , I had probably fished my worst match in a long time today but at least I had got it out-of-the-way and I learned quite a bit which is my main reason for going.

I’m looking forward to spending most of the week re doing hook lengths and making new rigs in preparation of the natural bait festival next weekend which is always my highlight of the fishing season before it turns to scratching for bites on the multiple winter leagues i am doing this year .

Cunneries hawk pool

10th September
Today i was back at the cunneries fishery as a guest with the Stockton heath lads and I don’t usually do club matches but as it was on Hawk pool I made an exception because it will be in both of the teams of three league’s I am doing on here , have only fished it once before so needed to try a few things out and like they say practice makes perfect .At the draw I had the last ball in the bag ending up with peg 18 which i was very happy with as it is in a good area to be in and I had a bit of room , so i fancied it for a few fish even though we have had a lot of rain in the past few days and was due a bit more during the day .
I decided to set up ;
2ft rig for margin + across and i used a 4×12 MD pellet float with a spread bulk along my 014 garbo main line starting above my four-inch 010 garbo hook length .
 4ft rig at top kit plus one with maggots and i used a 4×10 MD maggot float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern , with the usual 014 garbo main line and six-inch of 010 garbo hook length .
Bait for the day was ;
2 pints of red+white maggots
1 pint of bagem soaked micros
1 pint of bagem 4mm pellets
1 pint of bagem crushed expander ground-bait
On the all in I started at the bottom of the near slope feeding maggots through my hand and I had a great run of ide all though they was averaging six-ounce a piece , my constant loose feeding had brought them up off the deck and there was a few swirls on top , I was missing a few bites and i didn’t expect to be catching shallow today so I changed to kinder potting the maggots in which brought the fish back to the deck. In the first hour I caught about 18lb of ide plus a few barbel and It was all going really well i even picked up a couple of f1s+carp , but i was using today as a learning exercise plus I was running out of maggots so I decided to change it to pellets to try to get some more f1’s into the swim and i put in half a cupping kit full of micros+crushed expander.
While it settled I went across to the far bank and picked the spot where i had earlier plumbed up then taped in half a dozen micros before lowering my rig in over the top , i caught a couple of quick f1s before things got a bit difficult because for the next two hours i had a nightmare with liners and foul hookers, I tried setting up new swims all along the far bank and i would get a couple of early fish before it went tits up as i just couldn’t get them to settle no matter what depth I went into and I put next to nothing in the net so I went back on my near line while I had a review on what to do next .
I started by taping in some micros then lowered my rig in over the top and i soon started catching some carp+f1s but the bites were very finicky more like winter fishing when using pellets , I had to be really careful with the amount of feed i began putting in because the bottom would fizz up quite badly if I over did it and I decided to change it back to maggots because I was catching ide a lot quicker , i  set up a new swim for pellets I slightly deeper water towards my right at six meters but this time kicked it off with a nugget of crushed expander and some micros .
For the rest of the match I rotated between them both catching a few from my pellet swim and when it began fizzing up i went go onto my maggot swim which was by far the best line but i didn’t have enough bait to do it justice , at the all out I had 54lb which consisted of 22lb of ide+barbel the rest carp + f1’s which was just enough for the match win but more importantly I learned a great deal and maybe i had suffered a bit with having too much room because at times i had a lot of fish in my peg but at least i have more of an idea if i ever draw on the lake again .

cunneries fishery teams of three , round two

Saturday 9th September
I have been to cunneries fishery today for the second round of the teams of three and with the amount of rain coming down in the days leading up to the contest I expected the fishing to be quite tough especially as we was also forecast some heavy downpours during the match. After having a chat with a few of the lads it was time for the captains to queue up for a dip in the bag of doom and at the draw I pulled out peg 26 for me, peg 7 for John , peg 6 for China and for the second round running my first pick was an end peg although it was the wrong end today with the wind blowing to the car park but there is always some resident big f1s + carp in the area .
I set up three rigs to cover my options because i didn’t want to confuse myself because my peg had plenty areas to target ;
Top kit at 4ft deep towards the bottom of the near slope and i used a 4×16 malman roob float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the 010 garbo four-inch hook length .
Margin rig a top kit both right+left in two foot which was the shallowest water that i could find and i used a 4×12 malman roob  float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the 010 garbo four-inch hook length .
Three foot rig for fishing across to the far bank reeds and also along my left hand reed lined edge at the side of the bridge ,i used a 4×14 malman roob float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the 010 garbo four-inch hook length .
Bait for the day was ;
Bagem 4mm pellets soaked in bagem pellet oil .
Bagem soaked 2mm pellets
Bagem crushed expander ground-bait
Small tub of bagem 4mm expanders
Small tub of mixed hard pellets .
 As usual I started on my top kit with hard pellets and i had a good first hour managing to catch 8 fish before it faded, so a switch to my margin behind me in the cut out where it was 3ft deep and i used soft pellet on the hook feeding micros through a small kinder pot which got me a couple more f1s but there did not seem to be a great deal in the area .I went across to the far bank reed’s and had a quick couple of fish before things went quiet and i didn’t have to wait long to find out why as I hooked something a bit better which took me under the bridge snapping my hook length , then all i could manage was tiny silvers it wasnt looking good .
For the next few hours I rotated my swims but struggled to catch anything which was the same as all those angler’s around me apart from the lad opposite who was picking up the odd fish from in front of each empty platform , I decided to put in another swim along my left hand margin at eleven meters where there was a cut out between the reeds and as i had nothing to lose I put in half a pot of pellets , after about thirty minutes of catching the odd silver this finally produced a carp and a big skimmer.
We soon approached the last hour and I went back onto my top kit with hard pellets this produced the odd fish till the all out sounded , signalling the end of another frustrating match as I ended up with 21 fish for 44lb and this was only good enough for 4th in my ten peg section  ,which I’m a bit disappointed with as I’m still struggling to catch mid match and need to get it sorted out .
John did well to get second from an unfancied peg and China finished 7th but I wouldn’t have wanted to be on their today because it was either carp or bust on the lake today, this left us on 13 points and fifth on the day but there was only four points separating us from the winners , lets hope for some better luck on the remaining few rounds .