Wrightington fisheries , Rivi view

May 22nd , peg 27


After booking a day’s holiday off work i planned to spend it fishing and fancied going some where a bit different , i hadn’t been to Wrightington fisheries for nearly two years when i needed to get my section to win my old Balmoral AC which i managed and with it being mainly carp in it i decided to head they’re hoping that the fish would be in a feeding mood packing on weight before they start spawning . At about nine o’clock i headed off on the thirty minute journey to the venue the traffic was pretty kind considering it was rush hour and i had to travel through Wigan town center , on arrival i was really surprised at how many cars were knocking about and at first i thought that their might have been a match on but luckily there wasn’t although with over a dozen anglers already fishing all the best pegs had been taken so i had to settle on peg 27 which gave me plenty of open water to target plus i had a nice reed lined margin which had the wind blowing into it the lake looked pretty much the same as on my last visit although all the trees on the island had been chopped right back .


I set up three rigs to cover my options ;

Margin . after plumbing up at the side of the reeds i found it to be over 2ft deep and i had originally planned on using ground-bait but at this depth i felt particles would be the better option , i used a series three 0.3 matrix float with 014 garbo line and a size 14 LWG hook .

Shallow , this is normally a banker option on here especially when there has been a bit of sun on the water , i used a size 02 Drennon crystal dibber float set 2ft deep which would allow me to go shallower if required my main line was 014 garbo with a n 012 garbo hook length attached was a size 16 hook which had a bait band attached .

13m deck, i plumbed up to find nearly a top kit depth so i used a 04 series three matrix float , i started with a spread bulk shotting pattern to allow for a slower fall but later changed to a bulk and two droppers .My main line was 014 garbo which had an 012 garbo hook length and a size 16 hook with a bait band .

My bait for the day was ;

2 pints 4mm pellets

2 pints 6mm pellets

1 pint of corn


At ten o’clock i was ready to go so shipped out to 13m and deposited a cupping kit full of 4mm pellets before going over the top of it with an 8mm banded pellet , i had planned on flicking half a dozen pellets every couple of minutes to try to get them up in the water which is a method that i like doing and works well on here it didn’t take long before i had my first indication with carp number one hitting the net at around 5lb i hoped that they are all this size . By continuously pinging pellets at my float i kept the bites ticking over mainly from carp but with the odd big skimmer mixed in between and even in the cold blustery conditions there was still the odd fish topping i had also began getting some liners so i took the opportunity to pick up my shallow rig , i had a quick mirror carp then nothing apart from the odd greedy roach that took a liking to my 8mm pellet which i thought was strange because it’s normally a good method on here i put this down to the changeable weather recently so i decided to start feeding a bit heavier to keep them on the deck instead of scattering the pellets in from a height to try to get the carp up in the water i was now pouring them in trying not to make too much disturbance i hoped this would help keep them on the bottom as well .



With the wind increasing all the time blowing directly into my right hand margin i decided to put in two cups of pellets+corn on this top three-line and would top it up every twenty minutes , while i let it to settle i went back long on the deck i had altered my shotting pattern from a more on the drop staggered bulk to a more direct bulk and two droppers this got me back catching carp again but after a while the peg started fizzing as a shoal of skimmers had settled over the feed and this meant i was beginning to miss more bites than i hit so i gave the swim rest . I went on to my margin line and on my first drop with double corn on the hook my float kept on going thinking that i was too far down the near side shelf with the weight of the hook bait dragging the float under but as i dragged it up closer to the reeds my Matrix 14 yellow elastic shot out , after a spirited fight a near double figure carp hit the net which was the biggest of the day so far another slightly smaller mirror carp followed before a barbel got in on the action these had almost doubled in size since my last visit here .


After all the commotion on my margin swim it had died a little so a refeed was in order another two big pots went in and while it settled i went back on to my long line thankfully the fizzing had subsided , i decided to feed by catapult putting in three big pouches in rather than by big potting the bait in because this would spread the bait over a wider area , by working my rig in the two meter feed area i began catching the carp again although they wasn’t the same size as i had got on this line earlier they were now the smaller 3lb old carp which looked like the original stock because their mouths were ruined and i don’t know if this was down to how i was putting the feed in but it is something to think about .


My wife had turned up nearly three hours into my session to bring me some dinner so i had a ten minute break and while she was here i took the opportunity for some catch shots which i don’t get chance to when fishing on my own , with my margin swim producing the bigger fish i had a try there within five minutes my float shot under and another decent carp made its bid for freedom which made for some nice pictures even though i took my time playing it for the camera all the disturbance hadn’t put the carp off with another of similar size soon following it .


I worked out that i could get two big carp from the margin before i needed to put some more feed in then it would take at least twenty minutes before they came back so instead of just sitting there waiting i went back long to pick up a few smaller carp or skimmers , after five hours my alarm went off as even when pleasure fishing i try to fish the match hours i had managed to catch 25 carp between 3lb + 15lb but with still a bit of bait left on my side tray i decided to stay for a while longer to use it up , i decided to concentrate on my margin swim to see if i could get any more lumps and it looked like i had made the right decision as i added a further five carp including a couple of donkeys which fought like mad .


In the end i had probably caught 100lb of carp plus 20lb of skimmers+barbel and i had really enjoyed my day’s fishing even if the weather wasn’t the best , it certainly made a change from catching the usual f1s+stockies and im off to Old Hough fisheries to contest a little match on Big Max on Sunday which is another venue i haven’t fished before i wonder what that has in store for me ?

Hewlitt pit


Thurs 9th April , peg 14

With the recent weather taking a turn for the better at long last as we had some sunshine + blue skies so i felt that i should make the most of it and get some shallow fishing done , i had originally planned on going to Gorses farm in Aspull but my mate fished it the day before and hadn’t done great ( i will reblog it later ) so i decided to go to water that i probably visit only once a year even though it is only five minutes from my house although it has a healthy head of F1s + big carp and responds really well to shallow work .


I managed to get to the fishery at around 2pm and after having had a brief chat with a regular on their in the car park who said it was black with fish on top but he struggled to catch fishing on the deck ! ! ! after my short walk to the water i saw four people fishing two on each side so i settled on peg 14 which was a good area to be in with an empty space either side of me , i decided to set up just two rigs ;

Jigga set 3ft deep with 012 garbo main line with a 010 hook length which had a size 18 f1 hook and a micro bait band

slapper set 1ft deep  with 012 garbo main line with a 010 hook length which had a size 18 f1 hook and a micro bait band

My bait was just two pints of soaked 4mm pellets and a small tub of oiled 4+6mm hard pellets .

I was set up in record time and managed to start fishing at 3pm as their was only me going shallow i didn’t need to go that far out so only went out to six meters , i fired in two pouches of 12 pellets then shipped out i expected it to be slow at first until i could get them competing but surprisingly it went straight away with an F1 about a pound making its way to the net and it pretty much stayed that way for the first hour i got into a nice routine of ;

Feed then ship out

Hook a fish get it on the top kit then feed again

It was all so simple really and i managed thirty F1s plus the odd chub in sixty minutes but in the second hour i even improved on this with forty coming to the net although i did suffer some quiet spells as a few people had a walk around the pond un settling the fish , with me catching so well i decided to have my first attempt at fishing the jigga rig and it took me awhile to get used to using it but i did manage a few although it didn’t feel right not watching the float going under although at least i have tried it before making my mind up about it .


With thirty minutes remaining i decided to try upping the feed just to see what would happen and to be honest it slowed my catch rate down with a few bubbles coming up off the deck so obviously there was plenty pellets getting to the bottom dragging the fish down , after three hours i called time on my session with 85 fish for about 120lb mostly F1s plus the odd chub making its way to the bank and i also had a few silvers which i didn’t count so all in all not a bad few hours shallow fishing and it made a change getting among the fish for the first time this year ( on a side note one of my Balmoral AC members broke the match record on their catching 81lb shallow )



Sycamore fisheries open match Silver birch


IMG-20140705-00249April 6th , peg 16

After Saturdays disappointment i really fancied having a nice easy match catching a few fish basically just trying to enjoy myself ( but things didn’t work out that way ) I decided to stay local so i went to Sycamore fishery and as it was a bank holiday i expected a good turn out , with it being a late draw i managed an extra hour in bed and even had time for a Mcds . On arrival at the complex there was a fair few people knocking about even a few from my old angling club Balmoral , it soon came round to draw time and yet again i pulled out what i thought was a good area to be in with peg 16 sticking to my hand . This was the fourth match on here over the long weekend so i wasn’t expecting the fishing to be great especially with it being warm , sunny , with light winds blowing towards Davids pool ( has summer finally arrived ) 


After settling in at my peg i decided to fish ;

3ft on both slopes

1ft tight across and margin

My bait was ;

2 pints maggots for fishing shallow or big potting tight across

1 pint 4mm pellets and 4mm expanders plus a bit of ground-bait


When the all in sounded i shipped out to 11m where i had earlier plumbed up to find a flat spot and tapped in a few micros with a nugget of ground-bait i obviously took it easy until i knew how the fish were going to respond to it going in , i lowered my expander in among it and proceeded to work the rig trying to entice a bite . Surprisingly it took less than five minutes before my float dipped with F1 number one hitting the net (not a bad start ) i was now in a bit of a quandary should i feed or not , i decided on the later and shipped back out again after a ten minute spell of working my rig i managed to fool another F1 into taking the pellet hook bait and after this one i decided to re feed but i think this some how scared them away as in the next hour i could only manage a couple of tench+skimmers which is not a good sign on here , i set up a couple more swims across at the same 3ft depth but this only produced a solitary stockie carp .


I had flicked six maggots onto my right hand near slope line since the match started but before i went on it i put two big pots of maggots tight across and while it settled i tried to catch on my top three-line i changed my rig for an on the drop shotting pattern , i began laying it through the falling maggots but twenty minutes without an indication wasn’t what i expected as i thought the barbel would be on the feed by now and i was on the verge of going across to where i potted the bait in earlier when my float dipped slightly with another F1 hitting the net but on my next drop i managed to foul hook a stockie which killed this part of my peg .


I had no other option other than to go across to the mud line at 14m this failed to produce anything apart from a carp which snapped my hook length because for some reason my elastic failed to come out (looked like it was going to be one of them days ) while i was fishing across i noticed a few groups of carp swimming just under the surface which wasn’t surprising in the calm sunny conditions they were no doubt thinking about other things , with this in mind i began loose feeding maggots at six meters and gave it a good go but failed to get a bite i found out after the match that others did catch shallow using pellet so maybe they just didn’t want maggots today .

Ninety minutes without an indication and with time seeming to stand still i was unsure what to do next i tried my 3ft line again where i caught at the start of the match but no indications were to be had , with no other option i went back across this time using pellets i tapped in a few micros at the side of some reeds then lowered my 4mm expander amongst it surprisingly my float buried instantly and a nice 3lb mirror hit the net soon followed by another of similar size but they definitely didn’t want to settle on the bait today , i spent the last hour picking up the odd stockie from various spots along the far-bank fishing six -inch of the deck a bit like summer dobbing .


With ten minutes to go i began to pack up and ended up tipping back 7 stockies , 5 F1s and a few tench+skimmers for about 20lb , all those towards the bottom end of Silver birch struggled today and you really needed to be where the ripple was as there seemed to be hundreds of fish up that end of the canal probably due to the water being more oxygenated their , so it came as no surprise to find out that pegs 1+20 finished in the top two places today both catching over 40lb .

fishing plans

After getting my notifications the other day on which fisho tickets that i was successful in getting at Moorlands and Partridge lakes  it looks like i will be spending my summer on the later with a fisho qualifier and two maver match this on their this year , but before that I’m really looking forward to my first visit to Tunnel Barn Farm on the three-day festival and it will be nice fishing somewhere that i have read an awful lot about as nearly every F1 article in the fishing magazines has taken place on there .

I have also decided to enter a team in the Angling times supercup for the first time this year after my exploits with Farnworth tackle in 2014 and our home venue is at Sycamore fisheries where we have all done well so lets hope we get a home draw and make it past the first couple of rounds , i also intend on contesting a few different open matches with venues like Herronbrook , Old hough and Lindholme being on my radar so after leaving my Balmoral AC it looks like i will be keeping myself rather busy .

This weekend I’m off to the Cunneries on Saturday to contest the open match which is taking place on the old canal were I haven’t been for nearly two years  then on the Sunday im off to Heskin hall for a bit of silver bashing and a catch up with my mate The Big Dipper , so lets hope for a good couple of days with plenty bites .

German lane doughnut lake

February 1st


After managing to get a few hours on the bank today and with me planning to have a try at the Cunneries fisheries open match next weekend that is where i decided to go but before i set off i checked there website to make sure it was free from matches and apparently it would be . As i packed the car there was blue skies with only a light breeze perfect fishing weather if still a bit cold because it showed a mighty one degree on the dash-board , i quickly nipped to the local tackle shop for some maggots+pinkies before i headed off on to my twenty-minute journey to the fishery and on arrival i was unfortunately greeted to not only a match on both legs of the S canal but also one on the old canal as well it looks like someone had not updated their website .

I was in a bit of a quandary on where to go next there was a few fisheries within a five-minute drive but i really fancied some f1 fishing and the nearest venue that offered this was German lane which is somewhere that i hadn’t fished since 2013 when i won the Balmoral AC club match with 40lb of chub and f1s , so i hoped that it would fish okay today , after my short drive i arrived at the venue there was a couple of anglers on the big lake but i had the doughnut lake to myself so i settled on one of the more fancied pegs which was near the horse field gates and luckily the field was empty because it was nearly 16m across so i would need to put one of my rollers in the field .


I ended up using three lines today ;

3ft, this is where i decided to start because although it was still cold there was still plenty colour in the water and i felt this was the depth which would warm up quickest in the winter sunshine , on plumbing up i luckily found this depth at 14m because the wind was starting to get a bit gusty and could get problematic later in the session when holding the pole at this distance , i decided to leave my 16m section on as it would help me steady the pole in the conditions i used a 4×12 malman roob float which showed up remarkably well in that distance and i had 010 garbo line direct to a size twenty matrix bagger hook.

At 11am i was ready to go i put a 4mm expander on the hook filled the small preston cad pot full of micros with a nugget of groundbait on top before shipping out to my 14m mark where i had accurately plumbed up so the pellet was just touching bottom which would hopefully magnify any shy f1 bites , twenty minutes of working my rig resulted in absolutely nothing so i tried maggot over the top of my pellet feed but still no bites came my way . In the cold weather i have found that it is usual for the f1s to either back away from the feed or not move over it so i set up another swim at the same depth one meter to my left and decided to reduce the amount of feed i was putting in and i began again but even after setting up multiple lines along this 3ft depth i couldn’t attract a bite .


I decided to set up another rig further down the slope at 4ft which was found at 13m and i used a 4×14 malman roob float with 010 garbo direct to a size twenty matrix bagger hook , i planned on starting straight in front of me again but this time just with maggots to see if i could just start getting a few bites from anything so i began dripping in a couple of maggots every five minutes to try to instigate a response from any passing fish .Another twenty minutes past before my float finally dipped and fish number one made its way to the bank although it was only a chub it was a start , straight back out and another chub came my way but all the activity must have attracted a few f1s because i had a run of four big ones but as soon as they had turned up they were gone and i doubt that i had over fed because i barely used twenty maggots . I set up another couple of lines at this depth trying to find another nest of f1s but the wind had begun blowing quite strong which made presenting my rig a real struggle so i decided to set up a rig on my top four line and would only go across if the wind rellented.


I plumbed up and found 5ft which i was a bit surprised at with it being so close to the bank , my rig was a 4×12 malman roob with an on the drop shotting pattern my line was 010 garbo direct to a size twenty matrix bagger hook and i started my drip feeding maggots here on my first drop the float kept on going and a 4oz roach was swung in , next drop came an 8oz chub and it was all pretty much straight forward with fish after fish coming to the bank but i did have the odd quiet spell i did try fishing various depths on this line but i really needed to loose feed by hand unfortunately the wind was just too strong to do this .

average stamp

average stamp

After three hours i decided to call time on my session even with my bad first hour i still managed four f1s and about twenty roach+chub which i was extremely pleased with in the conditions , especially after hearing all my mates tales of woe on their various matches some of which i would have attended so it looks like i made the right decision today .I am looking forward to next weekends double-header Saturday on Cunneries old canal somewhere else i haven’t been for 18 months then on Sunday I’m torn between Sycamore fisheries or Partridge lakes both of which fished hard this weekend .


Widdows flash

Peg four , 11th January

IMG-20140204-00081With the weather being so problematic recently with lots of rain and some really strong wind with gusts over 40 mph being forecast i was therefore not to keen on contesting a match and in fact i spent a couple of hours looking for a venue that was fisable the previous day otherwise i wouldn’t have made it to the bank at all , luckily i had stumbled across Widdows flash which is only a ten minute drive from my house but it is somewhere i hardly ever visit because it can be quite patchy in certain areas and in fact i haven’t been here since i struggled on a club match over six months ago . But at least it was out of the brunt of the wind and it can be a good venue for silver fish sport with a nice head of big roach plus skimmers turning up on some parts of the lake , after looking at some of my older blogs from this time of year when fishing here i noticed that i had done well on the board pegs which was taking the brunt of the wind so that was out of the question , peg 36 was the lakes flyer which usually holds a nice head of carp even in the depths of winter but some one was already sat on it i decided to set up on peg four and hoped for the best .

I decided on two lines that i wanted to fish ;

Channel swim at ten meters to my left and i planned to fish pellets here for the skimmers , i used a 4×14 Malman Roob float as i found it to be a touch over 5ft when plumbing up  and my shotting pattern was a bulk with a single dropper , i used 012 garbo main line with 010 garbo hook length and a size 20 Matrix bagger hook.

Channel swim ten meters to my right and i decided to fish maggots here for the roach and it was six-inch shallower on this line so i used a 4×12 Preston chianti float with an on the drop shotting pattern , with 010 garbo direct to a size 20 matrix bagger hook .


Bait for the day was ;

1/2 pint red and white maggots

1/2 pint soaked micros

small tub of 4 mm expander pellets

At ten o’clock i was all ready to begin and put half a cupping kit off micros on to my pellet line and i scattered them over a meter square area so as not to keep the shoal of skimmers on top of each other i decided to leave this to settle for half an hour , i then began pinging six maggots on to my roach line to my right and kept laying my rig through the swim it took about twenty minutes before i had an indication not long later my first roach hit the net which looked pristine obviously it hadn’t been caught that often and at 10 oz in weight i would be happy catching these all day .


With my constant loose feeding it brought the fish up off the deck and the bites had become harder to hit , i was also getting plagued by small 2oz skimmers and while these were present in my peg so i decided to give my pellet line a whirl to see if any fish had settled but after ten bite less minutes i was on the verge of refeeding when my float slid under and skimmer number one was making its way to the bank , my next fish on this line was another skimmer but at 2oz it wasn’t really what i was looking for so i decided to put another cup of micros in before going back to my right hand line .


While i was fishing on my pellet swim i had fed my roach line with maggots but this time a dozen samples every five minutes to try to get them back on the deck , this worked a treat as now i was back catching the bigger roach including some approaching the 1 lb mark but after a couple of hours the fish backed off so i decided to rest the swim and go back on to my pellet line i had another quick skimmer before it died on me i felt that it wasn’t going to be a skimmer day . I  spent the last hour concentrating on the roach but the bites were still slow in coming so i decided to stick on another section and go out to 13m just to see if the fish had backed off closer to the island i also found it to be 1ft shallower .


This new line began working well and i soon had them lined up but i was finding it hard to see my Preston chianti float which no doubt cost me a few more fish but to be honest i didn’t expect to be fishing at that distance in todays blustery conditions otherwise i would have started with a more visible float on , for some reason i decided to kinder pot in some micros at 13m and this knocked the roach off the feed but on the plus side i picked up my biggest fish of the day with a skimmer approaching the 3lb mark .  Slowly the roach worked their way back into the peg and i ended my session with two nearly 10 oz a piece , in total i had caught 16 roach over 8oz and a similar amount of 2oz bits plus 3 big skimmers for about 15 lb which was a lot more than i thought i would have caught at the beginning of the session .


It made a pleasant change from the constant F1 fishing i had done since my club season finished in August and i was just glad to get on to the bank with the awfully strong winds , as you can probably tell silver fishing is some thing that i haven’t done a great deal of recently and so cant expect to pick it up straight away so no doubt i did a few things wrong regarding feeding plus it still puzzles me why the pellet swim didn’t really produce and for some reason they aren’t working as well this winter with maggots being the number one bait .I’m having an enforced weekend off from fishing while my wife is away with work so hopefully the weather will have settled down and would have improved a bit also it will be a week closer to Spring when the fish should be feeding again in numbers .

My year in angling 2014

Every year i like having a look through my match results to see what i have done well but more importantly the things that i have done wrong or need to improve on , i know a lot of anglers don’t keep a diary of their results so do not have an exact record on which to look at but it is something that i do every year and find that it improves my fishing a great deal but each to his own.

First i had a look at my Balmoral AC results ;

April 20th Partridge spey canal , third overall with 26lb and a section win

May 4th Blundells pine canal , third overall with 22lb and a section win

June 1st Sycamore rowans canal , match win with 48lb and a section win

June 15th Widdows fishery , sixth with just 13lb

July Hall lane merlins , second overall with 45lb and a section win

August 3rd Orrcherton , 4th overall with 40lb

August 10th Partridge ribbon , 5th overall with 34lb and a section win

August 24th Lathom pond one , second overall with 94lb and a section win

A reasonable set of results in my last year with the club and 6 out of 8 pick ups , but two missed matches cost me any chance of winning the club so i had to make do with second place missing out by a solitary point . Lost fish and bad decisions cost me in the end but thats fishing for you .

I then had a look at my weekend open results from the smaller matches that i had fished with between 15-30 anglers , i personally don’t call matches with less than 15 anglers a proper match and just a light-hearted knock up .

March 29th Highfield practice for the super cup and my first ever visit to the venue resulted in fourth overall and section win with 16lb

April 3rd Highfield fourth overall and section win with 19lb

April 5th Highfield second in section with just 11lb and team through to next round of the super cup

June 7th Chapel pool new match record for me with 114lb

June 8th Sycamore rowans canal , fourth overall with 23lb and only 2lb from getting second

July 5th Sycamore rowans canal , second on the lake with 56lb

August 31st Sycamore rowans canal , just 17lb and only 30lb needed to frame

September 14th Sycamore rowans canal , , first with 60lb

September 28th Sycamore silver birch , first with 22lb

October 5th Sycamore rowans canal , first with 45lb

October 13th Sycamore rowans canal ,first with 98lb

October 28th Sycamore rowans canal only 14lb

November 2nd Sycamore rowans canal only 13lb

These results make very interesting reading as including my club matches that i have fished , twenty matches in total with between 15-30 anglers attending ;

first 5

second 3

third 2

fourth 4

Just at Sycamore fisheries i fished nine matches 

first 5

second 1

third 0

fourth 1

So does this make me a better angler when contesting these size of matches ? let’s have a look at my Partridge lakes results were there is always over 40 fishing so i can compare them .

Jan 12th won section with 17lb and 22lb won the lake from peg 73 covey 3

Jan 19th dnw from peg 89 covey 4

Feb 2nd won section with just 3lb from peg 63 covey 3

March 2nd second in section with 22lb just one f1 away , peg 62 covey 3

March 9th second in section with 45lb , peg 137 covey 6

March 23rd 22lb for nowhere , peg 27 covey 2

April 13th dnw

May 11th 53lb second in section , peg 57 covey 3

Sept 13th section win with 64lb , peg 23 covey 2

Oct 4th second in section and lake with 64lb , peg 65 covey 3

Oct 11th section win with 44lb , peg 59 covey 3

Nov 1st only had 34lb , peg 81 covey 4

Nov 9th second in section with 38lb , peg 98 covey 4

Nov 11th only 18lb , peg 111 covey 5

Nov 23rd section win , lake second and 7th out of 90 anglers with 42lb , peg 105 covey 5

Out of 15 matches at Partridge lakes i had ,

Five section wins

Five section seconds

Which i don’t think is a to bad open record on these highly competitive matches , my overall open record this year is ten pick ups out of 24 matches and if you add my club record to it then it is 16 out of 32 when i am fishing at the weekend when the better class of anglers turn up . But on my evening and mid-week matches are totally different and i put this down to the fact that you need to get a bigger weight to be in contention i need to improve on this for next year ;

Sycamore 0/5                                                           Partridge 0/4

May 14th rowan 28lb                                                April 15th 43lb peg 56 covey 3

June 4th rowan 36lb                                                  April 17th 76lb peg 87 covey 4

June 13th silverbirch 47lb                                         July 3rd 68lb peg 1 covey 1

July 2nd silver birch 40lb                                           Sept 6th 36lb peg 4 covey 1

July 9th silverbirch 31lb

On my three big 90 plus matches i strangely did ok and a lot better than my previous year ;

Fisho partridge lakes , peg 133 covey 6 i had 57lb for second on the lake and a top ten finish out of 180 attending

Maver partridge lakes , peg 105 covey 5 i had only 35lb and really struggled 130 contested the match

Partridge lakes open match , peg 105 covey 5 i had 42lb for a section win , second on the lake and 7th out of 90 anglers

My best months to fish this year was ;

Sept where i had 4 matches with 2 wins at sycamore and a section at partridge

Oct where i had 5 matches with 2 wins at sycamore and 2 sections at partridge

Overall it has been a really good year with lots of highlights these are just a few of them ;

1, my first attempt at the Angling times super cup with Farnworth tackle managing to get through the first round at Highfield fishery before being knocked out at chapel house by Allied and Leicester who managed to reach the northern final but i did manage my biggest ever match win with 114lb .

2, Best ever result in the fisho qualifier at partridge lakes getting second on my lake and finishing in the top ten out of 180 anglers contesting the match .

3, Winning four consecutive matches at sycamore fishery which not many people have achieved , culminating in my best ever weight on their with 98 lb .

4, Finishing my club career with balmoral AC and finishing a close second even after missing a couple of matches , ending with my biggest club weight with 94lb at lathom fishery .

So that was my 2014 fishing season and i hope my 2015 season can eclipse it because i have big plans with big matches in the pipeline , so keep coming back to see how i get on and have a Happy new year .