Sycamore fishery

Silver birch peg 5 , 22nd April

silver birch

silver birch

After having had a busy day at work the last thing i really wanted to do was go fishing but after promising my mate that we would go because he wanted to try a few different things before the weekends match . On arrival at the venue there was a few anglers on both of the canals but were situated on the more prolific corner pegs and seemed to be catching well , which was good as i was unsure how well it was fishing recently as i hadn’t been for a few months and the match results over Easter wasn’t put up yet .

peg 5

peg 5

The weather today was overcast with scattered showers but for a change on here there wasn’t a breath of wind , we decided to fish on Silver birch canal and i settled on peg five in the past i have had some awful matches on this peg so we would hopefully see how i have improved since the last time i fished it , because we was helping John practice for a match we decided to try a few different things and my rigs was ;

Far bank , matrix series 3 float set 2 ft deep and my line was 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 f1 hook that had a micro bait band attached .

Shallow , matrix series 3 float set 2ft deep and then altered to 1 ft deep , my line was garbo direct to a size 18 f1 hook that had a micro bait band attached .

Margin , 4×10 preston chianti float set 3 ft deep and it had a spread bulk of number 11 stotz , my main line was 0.12 garbo and i had a short 6 inch hook length of 0.10 with a size 20 gamma pellet hook attached .

Bait as we was only fishing for three and a half hours i only needed ;

1 pint red maggots

1 pint 4 mm pellet

small tub 6 mm pellets

At 330 we was ready to go so i shipped out to 13 meters which was 1 ft away from the far bank and tapped in some 4 mm pellets , i then lowered my hook bait in among it and i then began lift-dropping my rig to try to entice a bite , it wasn’t long before i was into the first of many f1-stockies . My float was set for fishing with soft pellets so only a couple of mm showing this meant that the slightest of touches would take the float under and i think this was the reason behind me bumping fish off on the way in because they was taking the banded pellet and not the hook , i solved this problem by taking a shot of my rig which showed more bristle allowing the fish more time to take the bait .

stockie mirror carp

stockie mirror carp

In the first hour i managed to catch ten fish but John was starting to catch well shallow using maggot so i decided to follow suit but with banded pellet on the hook so we could compare catch rates , i was surprised that i didn’t need to prepare this line and began getting f1s almost instantly it was also noticeable that i was catching a bigger stamp of fish and more stockies too . Slapping-tapping worked better than constant feeding and i was also missing plenty bites so i went even shallower which helped with the fish hooking themselves against the pole tip .


We was approaching the last hour and i had fed my margin all the time so i decided to give it a try their , i flicked half a dozen maggots over my float and laid my rig in over the top , it never even settled with the first of many f1s making its way to the net . After a while i started getting line bites because even at this close range the continuous loose feeding had brought the fish up of the deck and became harder to catch , i tried heavier but less frequent feeding and this solved the problem for a while the only trouble was that the bites had become very dodgy and i could under stand how people struggle to hit them on here .


At 7 pm it was time to call a halt to the session with a nice mixed bag of fish coming to the net , in the end i had 55 fish for around 60 lb and a really enjoyable few hours fishing i would recommend going to anyone who was looking forward to catching a few fish . The evening matches start on here in May on a weds and i will hopefully be attending a few , their will be no fishing for me this weekend with my wife working away but i am sure i will get back on the bank soon .

Orrcherton house fishery

peg 12 . August 4th

Well here we go again and another club match was upon me , but this was probably the last one i wanted to fish out of the eleven matches because i never seem to get to grips with these big open water venues and last year on here i only managed 12lb . As per usual i couldn’t find much information on Orrcherton house so i went down on the Wednesday to watch the weigh in of the open match and their seemed to be some good catches spread all over the lake ,  the point pegs dominated with the pellet waggler but lots were doing well using the straight lead and fishing the margins especially the pegs with the wind blowing into it . I had a plan in mind and needed the all important good peg .

Arrived at the venue at 815 after getting held up by the Wigan Iron man competition and with the help of a club member who attends the open matches on here did the pegging so hopefully no moaning this week fingers crossed , began the draw at nine but with one angler still making his way here i decided to let him have the last peg in the bag . When it came to my turn for the pick flyer peg one on the point was still their but this week for once my drawing arm let me down and i ended up with peg 12 , but to be fair i did end up in the easiest section with the wind blowing into my face .

My plan for the day was quite simple with three lines to target ;

6m line , where it was 5ft deep my line was 0.16 garbo line attached to a 0.14 hook length  , float was a 0.4 scone float with a bulk and dropper shotting pattern , hook was a size 16 . elastic is preston 13 hollo set soft  and i intended to fish this for the first hour .

25m line ,3/4 oz straight lead with a 6lb hook length attached to a size 14 hook and bait band . going to use this with a pva bag full of 6mm hard pellets this was ment to be my main line of attack for the most of the match .

top kit , where it was 2ft deep my line was 0.16 garbo line direct to a size 16 hook the float was 0.4 middy with a bulk set mid depth and the elastic was preston 13 hollo set pingy . I planned to fish this in the last hour for some big lumps .

My bait was a bit more confusing ;

Worm half kilo

casters one pint

thirty pva bags of 6mm hard pellets

two pints 6mm hard pellets

tub pop up boilies

tub semi bouant band ums

8mm hard pellets various flavors

As the all in sounded i went to my 6m line with a big cupping kit full of worm , caster and 6mm pellets because apparently this is a venue which responds well to plenty of bait going in , i also decided that because of the depth kinder potting was out of the question as it would only bring the fish off the deck . I went over the top with half a worm and it wasn’t long before i began getting indications , in the first hour it went well with the odd big bream and barbel coming to the net and every time i began getting middered by small silvers i re feed another big pot . All the time i had been feeding 6mm pellets on my straight lead line , the wind had got a bit stronger which meant trying to reach that distance with my normal catty was out of the question but luckily i had my really strong catty in my bag .

I was confident that my straight lead line would work really well especially with the added twist of the pva bag and semi buoyant band um pellet , i began getting liners but my only positive indication came after twenty minutes un fortunately this came off on the way in because some how my hook had got trapped under the bait band . No matter what i put on the hook or where about i cast it around my peg no more bites was forth coming in the next hour .

I had been topping up my 6m line every half hour with a big pot of worm, caster and pellets while i was on the tip and went back on this line while i pondered on why my straight lead hadn’t worked , it wasn’t as prolific as my first hour but i did catch a 4lb bream which made a dolphin like bid for freedom and some small f1s . Another try on the straight lead didn’t produce anything and my match was starting to drift away from me , with only ninety minutes left my only other option was the margin so i began feeding on my top kit to my right hand side tight to the rushes with 6mm pellets , went over the top with a tiger fish soft pellet and began catching silvers and small f1s  first .

Changed hook bait for a full worm ,it went quiet and i was a bit unsure why but i soon found out when i hooked and landed a carp around 4lb not a bad start and another one soon followed before the small fish returned , putting in another big pot produced a couple of big skimmers before i hooked something big which bottomed out my elastic and i couldn’t attach my other pole sections before the hook pulled . I knew that it would cost me the section especially when the lad to my left landed a carp of around 8lb near the end and i pulled out of another 4lb bream on the whistle which lay on the surface tantalizingly out of reach of the landing net.

It looked like the weathermen had got it right for a change because when i started the weigh in the heavens opened ;

Section A , was won from peg one with 76lb including a 15lb carp on the all out .

Section B , was won from peg nine with 37lb consisting off nearly 300 silvers ,34lb got second and  i had 31lb for third in the section and as i thought lost fish cost me any chance of picking up any points today .

Section C , was won from peg 26 with 61lb and it was a close run thing with 57lb coming off the next peg .

Overall it turned out to be a good match with some nice weights coming out and another different winner that’s 8 out of 8 so far this season , he has also caught the biggest  weight , my match was another if only with lost fish costing me the section but you cant fish the perfect match all the time and im still puzzled at why my banker straight lead didn’t work today a good start and finish but bad middle of the match . My next club match is at Blundells ash pool some where i tend to do very well on with the plentifully head of big ide and carp .

Still top of the league by five points but their snapping at my heels because i haven’t picked up any points from the last two matches , hope i can turn it around before the next club match .

Partridge lakes

Maver Match This Qualifier 20th July 2013

my peg on holbar

my peg on holbar

Today was my last chance to qualify for a major fishing competition and to be honest i am a bit out of my depth fishing against this caliber of angler but you have to fish against the best to improve and next year i will hopefully be more up for the challenge .

On arriving at Partridge lakes their didn’t seem to be many knocking about but they had closed the same amount of lakes as for the fisho qualifier so they must be expecting a decent turn out today , i booked on for the match and paid the twenty pounds pools because the match was to be fished 11 till 4 it would give us plenty time to set up and hopefully also have a good last hour in the margin . It was soon my time for the draw so i joined the queue around half way back and when it got to my turn out i pulled Holbar peg 35 probably the last lake i wanted to be on as its all big carp in that lake which isn’t my favorite as i don’t have the patience to sit and wait , also i haven’t been doing much carp fishing in a long time .

After getting to my peg their wasn’t much in the way of margin vegetation as they had re modeled the lake six months ago turning it from two separate lakes into the one specimen lake , their was an island 25m away which would have been a good area to target if i had only brought my tip rod but un fortunately it was still at home in the shed .

I decided to target three areas today and these were ;

13m deep , after plumbing up i found it to be 4ft deep so used a 0.4 scone float with a bulk and dropper shotting pattern, with carp around the 5lb mark being the target today i was using 0.16 garbo line with 0.14 garbo hook length attached to a size 16 hook with a micro bait band and 13 hollo elastic set pingy .

13m shallow , although it was still very sunny and warm the wind was quite strong so i didnt want to go further out because feeding with a catty would be awkward , i used a 0.2 matrix float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 16 hook with a bait band and 13 hollo elastic .

Margin swim , on plumbing up it was very shallow tight to the side so i decided to find a depth of 1ft which i found 1ft away from the bank it was also handily positioned beside the only reeds present on my right hand bank , i used a Middy 0.2 float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 16 hook with black hydro elastic .

With the open matches on here having a six pint limit and because i was set up mainly for fishing on covey or the other canals targeting f1s i was in a bit of a quandary on which bait to take to my peg and i settled on ;

4mm hard tiger fish pellets , 2 pints

6mm hard tiger fish pellets , 2 pints

4mm cubed meat 1 pint

small tub of worms

As the all in sounded i went straight out with a medium cupping kit and deposited a full pot of 4mm tiger fish pellets , then went out with my deep rig and a 6mm hard pellet on the hook . It didn’t take long before i began getting indications and by pinging a few 4mm pellets over the top i got my first fish which was a carp around the 4lb mark and it put up a very spirited fight , because i was still in f1 fishing mode it probably took me a little to long getting it in but it was a good start to the day .

Un fortunately the wind started to get up and was very gusty which made holding the pole awkward , which in turn made getting good presentation very difficult and i had to go a few inch over depth to keep my rig still enough to get a bite . I was still picking up the odd fish which turned out to be barbel and skimmers around the 10oz mark , the gusty wind also meant i could no longer group the pellets near the float which i solved by using to a kinder pot .

After ninety minutes i was going no were fast and the conditions was in fact getting worse so i made the decision to start a new line closer in at a more comfortable 6m to my right the depth was only six inch shallower so i was able to use the same rig as at 13m . I kicked off this new line with a cupping kit full of 6mm hard tiger fish pellets this time as i wanted to target just the carp and i thought that feeding the 4mm pellets might have brought the skimmers and barbel into my 13m peg , it wasn’t long before i had my first carp from this new swim and by loose feeding pellets by hand i kept picking up the odd carp and big f1 , i noticed that i was deep hooking a few so my presentation wasn’t great and it took me a while to rectify this .

Just when i began putting a few fish together i would hook some thing a lot bigger which i just couldn’t stop and the end result would be a broken hook length , its some thing i haven’t had a problem with in the past and have caught some big doubles using this line . This would result in making the fish disappear and i couldn’t get my feeding pattern right to keep them in my swim long enough to put a decent weight together , the match just seemed to run away from me and before i knew it we was fast approaching the last ninety minutes so i began feeding the margin with meat , kept keeping an eye on it for any signs of fish and after twenty minutes i noticed a swirl so a quick rig change and i went over the top with a piece of meat on the hook but all this resulted in was liners .

As the all out sounded i was disappointing with how my match had drifted away from me and lack of preparation for fishing this lake , the weather conditions had played an important part in my low weight of 39lb which consisted of just eight carp and a few silvers . The six lost big carp i had wouldnt have cost me the section because England international Lee Kerry was a few pegs down from me and he won the lake with 94lb .

So that’s the big matches out of the way for another year but i will be back for another go next year were hopefully i will be more prepared to take any chances that come my way , although i didn’t draw any flyers i just think i didn’t make the most of my pegs . Back on the club match scene next week , f1 fishing on Hall lanes new water Bessies just hope i can keep my good club form going for the remaining four matches .

Thanks for reading my blogs Gary.