My year in angling 2014

Every year i like having a look through my match results to see what i have done well but more importantly the things that i have done wrong or need to improve on , i know a lot of anglers don’t keep a diary of their results so do not have an exact record on which to look at but it is something that i do every year and find that it improves my fishing a great deal but each to his own.

First i had a look at my Balmoral AC results ;

April 20th Partridge spey canal , third overall with 26lb and a section win

May 4th Blundells pine canal , third overall with 22lb and a section win

June 1st Sycamore rowans canal , match win with 48lb and a section win

June 15th Widdows fishery , sixth with just 13lb

July Hall lane merlins , second overall with 45lb and a section win

August 3rd Orrcherton , 4th overall with 40lb

August 10th Partridge ribbon , 5th overall with 34lb and a section win

August 24th Lathom pond one , second overall with 94lb and a section win

A reasonable set of results in my last year with the club and 6 out of 8 pick ups , but two missed matches cost me any chance of winning the club so i had to make do with second place missing out by a solitary point . Lost fish and bad decisions cost me in the end but thats fishing for you .

I then had a look at my weekend open results from the smaller matches that i had fished with between 15-30 anglers , i personally don’t call matches with less than 15 anglers a proper match and just a light-hearted knock up .

March 29th Highfield practice for the super cup and my first ever visit to the venue resulted in fourth overall and section win with 16lb

April 3rd Highfield fourth overall and section win with 19lb

April 5th Highfield second in section with just 11lb and team through to next round of the super cup

June 7th Chapel pool new match record for me with 114lb

June 8th Sycamore rowans canal , fourth overall with 23lb and only 2lb from getting second

July 5th Sycamore rowans canal , second on the lake with 56lb

August 31st Sycamore rowans canal , just 17lb and only 30lb needed to frame

September 14th Sycamore rowans canal , , first with 60lb

September 28th Sycamore silver birch , first with 22lb

October 5th Sycamore rowans canal , first with 45lb

October 13th Sycamore rowans canal ,first with 98lb

October 28th Sycamore rowans canal only 14lb

November 2nd Sycamore rowans canal only 13lb

These results make very interesting reading as including my club matches that i have fished , twenty matches in total with between 15-30 anglers attending ;

first 5

second 3

third 2

fourth 4

Just at Sycamore fisheries i fished nine matches 

first 5

second 1

third 0

fourth 1

So does this make me a better angler when contesting these size of matches ? let’s have a look at my Partridge lakes results were there is always over 40 fishing so i can compare them .

Jan 12th won section with 17lb and 22lb won the lake from peg 73 covey 3

Jan 19th dnw from peg 89 covey 4

Feb 2nd won section with just 3lb from peg 63 covey 3

March 2nd second in section with 22lb just one f1 away , peg 62 covey 3

March 9th second in section with 45lb , peg 137 covey 6

March 23rd 22lb for nowhere , peg 27 covey 2

April 13th dnw

May 11th 53lb second in section , peg 57 covey 3

Sept 13th section win with 64lb , peg 23 covey 2

Oct 4th second in section and lake with 64lb , peg 65 covey 3

Oct 11th section win with 44lb , peg 59 covey 3

Nov 1st only had 34lb , peg 81 covey 4

Nov 9th second in section with 38lb , peg 98 covey 4

Nov 11th only 18lb , peg 111 covey 5

Nov 23rd section win , lake second and 7th out of 90 anglers with 42lb , peg 105 covey 5

Out of 15 matches at Partridge lakes i had ,

Five section wins

Five section seconds

Which i don’t think is a to bad open record on these highly competitive matches , my overall open record this year is ten pick ups out of 24 matches and if you add my club record to it then it is 16 out of 32 when i am fishing at the weekend when the better class of anglers turn up . But on my evening and mid-week matches are totally different and i put this down to the fact that you need to get a bigger weight to be in contention i need to improve on this for next year ;

Sycamore 0/5                                                           Partridge 0/4

May 14th rowan 28lb                                                April 15th 43lb peg 56 covey 3

June 4th rowan 36lb                                                  April 17th 76lb peg 87 covey 4

June 13th silverbirch 47lb                                         July 3rd 68lb peg 1 covey 1

July 2nd silver birch 40lb                                           Sept 6th 36lb peg 4 covey 1

July 9th silverbirch 31lb

On my three big 90 plus matches i strangely did ok and a lot better than my previous year ;

Fisho partridge lakes , peg 133 covey 6 i had 57lb for second on the lake and a top ten finish out of 180 attending

Maver partridge lakes , peg 105 covey 5 i had only 35lb and really struggled 130 contested the match

Partridge lakes open match , peg 105 covey 5 i had 42lb for a section win , second on the lake and 7th out of 90 anglers

My best months to fish this year was ;

Sept where i had 4 matches with 2 wins at sycamore and a section at partridge

Oct where i had 5 matches with 2 wins at sycamore and 2 sections at partridge

Overall it has been a really good year with lots of highlights these are just a few of them ;

1, my first attempt at the Angling times super cup with Farnworth tackle managing to get through the first round at Highfield fishery before being knocked out at chapel house by Allied and Leicester who managed to reach the northern final but i did manage my biggest ever match win with 114lb .

2, Best ever result in the fisho qualifier at partridge lakes getting second on my lake and finishing in the top ten out of 180 anglers contesting the match .

3, Winning four consecutive matches at sycamore fishery which not many people have achieved , culminating in my best ever weight on their with 98 lb .

4, Finishing my club career with balmoral AC and finishing a close second even after missing a couple of matches , ending with my biggest club weight with 94lb at lathom fishery .

So that was my 2014 fishing season and i hope my 2015 season can eclipse it because i have big plans with big matches in the pipeline , so keep coming back to see how i get on and have a Happy new year .




Chapel pool , Supercup 2nd round

peg 14 , June 7th


This was a match that all the team was looking forward too after our two practice sessions where we had done extremely well catching over 100lb a man on each of them but the weather was going to make fishing it a bit uncomfortable with heavy constant rain and even thunder-lightning forecast , when i woke on the morning of the match it was a bit grey but dry and fingers crossed it would stay that way at least till we set up and was under the cover of our umbrellas .

After a couple of unscheduled stops we finally made it to the venue and proceeded to have a quick team talk about how we would target the match plus go through the home team rules , it was also nice of a few of the opposing Alliance+Leicester team to say how they enjoyed reading my blog and gave me permission to put this post up of todays match .

You probably know the rules on the Supercup but basically you need to beat your next man so it is eight sections of two anglers and the team with the least points wins , we were facing a very good set of anglers who have a formidable track record in this competition plus they have only ever been beaten once on their home water so we would be up against it today but we figured that if we can get 100lb a man then we might have a decent chance .

Just as we started unpacking the fishing tackle from the car the heavens opened but not your normal rain shower it was actually bouncing off the floor and we was all soaked before we even got to sit on our box it stayed that way for about an hour then we had scattered showers all day , well that’s the weather report for the match lets see how i got on today .


My home for the day was 14 which was an end peg on the narrower part of the lake an area i had never fished before but i was hopeful off a good catch and fully expected my 77 lb personal best match record to go .Our plan was to fish just three swims so we could get a big weight quickly and these where ;

4m , i set up two identical rigs one with a size 18 hook and micro bait band for 6mm hard pellet the other a size 16 hook and mini band for 8 mm hard pellet . My main line was 0.16 garbo and hook length was 0.14 garbo , float was a 0.4 scone doubledeez and elastic was red matrix .

Side of platform ,i used a 0.3 malmams speedy float with 0.16 garbo main line with a 0.14 garbo hook length and a size 16 hook with a mini bait band for 8mm pellets , my elastic was yellow matrix

Margin , i used a 0.3 malmams speedy float with 0.16 garbo main line with a 0.14 garbo hook length and a size 16 guru hook , my elastic was yellow matrix

With a big weight of carp needed we required plenty of bait so we brought lots of it ;

4 tins corn

1 tin hemp

4 pints 6mm pellets

2 pints 8mm pellets

1 pint dead maggots

When the all in sounded i fed a big pot of pellets at 4m and began loose feeding pellets over the top , another of corn-hemp went in on my margin to the left where i had plenty room to draw in fish and this is where i started the match with double corn on the hook . It didn’t take long before i was into a steady precision of carp around the 2lb mark , i refed after every four carp or when the bites tailed off and in the first ninety minutes i had 50lb in the net which is well on track for my target weight but when i lost a big barbel at the net it disrupted my peg and the fish didn’t want to settle on this line again .


I had dripped in pellets right at the side of my platform which is where we had been told to fish and done well-doing so in practice , this only produced the odd skimmer or stockie carp and my 4 meter line which we caught a lot of fish the first time we visited here but it never did today although i didn’t give it much time because my neighbour started getting in front of me .

I could see some big carp feeding really tight to the bank behind me and remembering that i had been told on the internet forums that they came in really close to feed , so i shortened my margin rig to just a foot deep and cupped in some dead maggots i put four on the hook then lowered it among the feeding carp , you could almost see the carp hovering up the loose offerings before bolting off with your elastic tearing out of your pole tip and these weren’t the small stockies but big weight builders over the 5 lb mark .


I was soon building up a nice weight again but with ninety minutes remaining the carp understandably became wary on this line , i also began getting bothered by silvers although they were around the 1 lb mark not really what i needed to catch . I worked out that i had two chances to get a fish from the margin before they drifted away for 15 minutes , in the time they wasn’t there i would refeed and try to get a couple of stockies from the side of the platform .

Their was some big units lurking under my platform one was about a meter long but every time it came towards my hook bait it either felt the line and bolted off or got beat to it by a silver , the only time i thought that i had hooked it resulted in a five-minute fight which resulted in a 7 lb barbel rolling over the net .All too soon it was time for the all out and i felt that i had a good weight in the net , it would be close between me and my neighbour .


When i went to speak to the other team members five of us felt that it could be close but a couple knew they had been beat , so we would have to wait for the scalesman to find out our fate . Anyway not going into too much detail but we got beat 15-9 and only won one section my little match was 114lb to 124lb which i was surprised at because i thought that i had nearly 140lb , not bad for an f1 angler who was well out of his comfort zone today .

On the ones that we felt would be close we got beat by less than 20lb which sounds a lot but the size of the fish in their it would only be about three carp and thinking about it after the match it was only the difference in silver fish nets which cost us because we didn’t get any skimmers today , we found out after the match that they had feed just 6mm pellets plus meat and fished soft pellet over the top , this helped them get a variety of species where we mainly targeted the carp and probably over fed too .

Well done to Allied+Leicester on winning , i hope that you do really well in the Northern final and we would like to be given another chance to fish against you next year because i am sure the result will be a lot closer between us next time .


Chapel pool


May 29th , peg 3

After managing to get a few days off work, to get ready for some important impending matches which are Fish’O qualifier, Super Cup second round and Balmoral Club Match. I took the opportunity to go to Chapel Pool with the rest of the Farnworth Super Cup Team for a practice on the Alliance & Leicester private pool and, as you can imagine there wasn’t much information about the place on the internet and wasn’t even any pictures. So we was all going to the venue not knowing what to expect, but the limited knowledge we had gained was that it’s a bagging Carp water with big 100lb+ weights coming from every peg, I’m sure everyone has heard tales of such waters but do they really exist in the North West?!?

Surprisingly for me my old Sat Nav got me there quite easily and in fact it was just around the corner from Bannisters Fisheries, but for a change I was the last to arrive and when I got there I was informed that we only had half of the lake to fish and wouldn’t be permitted to use our nets. So we were unsure if we could get a true representation of how it would fish in match conditions, but on a plus point they hadn’t charged us any peg fees.

My home for the day

My home for the day

The pool itself looked remarkably like Wrightington fisheries Rivy View but on a slightly smaller scale, it still had thirty pegs and they were positioned over the water which helped with shipping back because the water was surrounded by trees which hampered it in certain pegs. As I’d mentioned earlier we had limited knowledge on the venue, so we felt it best if all eight of us tried different things and I won’t go into too much detail about what my other teammates decided what to do, but my approach was:


4 meter , i used a 0.3 scone double deez float with 7lb main line direct to a size 14 turbertini 808 hook and i big potted in some 4mm pellets and mainly dead maggots every thirty minutes .

4 meter long margin to my right where i used a 0.2 scone double deez float with 7lb main line direct to a size 14 turbertini 808 hook and i big potted a few pellets and mostly sweet corn every thirty minutes .



4 pints 4mm hard pellets

1 pint dead red maggots

2 tins sweet corn

small tub 6mm hard pellets



At 11Am we was ready to get going and I went onto my long line all 4 meters of it!!! I fed two big pots to kickstart my swim and went over it with 4 dead maggots, it didn’t take long for my float to shoot under and my first fish of the day came to the net! Which was a nice 2lb Barbel. It’s always a good confidence boost when you can catch a decent fish on your first visit to a new venue. I then began getting into some decent stamp skimmers and I was soon putting a few fish in the net, but after my second top up of bait I started suffering with missed bites, in fact my float was moving all over the place and it was obvious that I had attracted too many fish into the swim.



With my 4 meter line behaving a bit dodgy I decided t leave it a while to settle down, and went on to my long margin to my right where I had fed corn since the start. Yet again I was straight into the fish not the hoped for Carp, but some big Chubb and Skimmers. Everyone else seemed to be catching Carp apart from me which was strange but 30lb of Silvers in the first 90 mins wasn’t too bad, and I really needed to get the Carp feeding to build up a decent weight in the match.


Matrix series three 0.3 float with 0.14 main line and 0.12 hook length both was garbo , my hook was size 18 f1x which had a micro bait band attached and i would loose feed 4mm pellets every five minutes .


So a total re-think was in order and I went onto my top kit towards the left of my peg where I had started loose feeding a dozen 4ml pellets every few minutes, first drop on this line my elastic shot off and Carp number one had hit the net! Then another AND another! It’s surprising what a change of bait can do even on a bagging Carp water like this. After a while my loose feeding pellets had got the Carp up off the deck and I could see them slurping among the reeds I was also missing lots of bites presumably liners, so I tried using a shallower rig.


Matrix series 3 0.3 float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 18 f1x hook with a micro bait band .


This got me back among the Carp of which most were around 3lb, but I did have a few touching 10lb and they were putting a spirited fight up even on my 14’s elastic! When it went  bit quiet I went back onto the deck and stared getting the big skimmers again. Half way through the match I began getting snapped on my 0.12-4lb hook lengths, I never had this problem before but think it was due to the stronger elastic putting more pressure on it, and those were the strongest I had made up in my box because 90% of my tackle revolves around F1 fishing. So I had to make up a new rig with 0.14-5lb straight through, this prevented me from getting broke for the rest of the match and I could concentrate on just getting the Carp in the net , in fact my last fish was a near 10lb carp .


As the all out sounded I had 141lb on my clicker and hadn’t counted any fish that was under 1lb, I think I had at least 50lb of silvers and the rest were all Carp, not bad for someone who is more used to F1 fishing and hadn’t brought the correct setup for big fish bagging. It’s very rare to get a venue around here that can produce these sorts of weights because all of us had over 100lb, topped by a near 300lb weight! When it comes to the  Super Cup match we will be all spread over the lake giving us plenty room and I wouldn’t like to guess what weights will be coming out then but it’s a 75lb net limit so I hope they give us plenty nets! All of the fish were in pristine condition even after spawning, the venue is well looked after which can only be expected from a private water.



So as you can imagine the team is really looking forward to the match next weekend and some are even going for another practice next Thursday, but I don’t think they will learn much more and it’s just a really good excuse for another bagging session! Well that’s one match down two more to go, starting with the Fish’O at Partridge lakes on Saturday, and you can safely say my fishing head is back on…. At last!

Chappel pool

Went to chapel pool near southport today for a practice of the up and coming super cup on that venue , i was highly impressed with the fishing and fish condition .

Our practice match was won with nearly 200lb of carp + skimmers , i managed 140lb for my best weight to date and i would hope to get somewhere near the double ton next weekend.

I hope to put up the blog over the next few days , but have got my fisho at Partridge on sat then club match at Sycamore on sunday so i busy few days ahead .