Coppull lodge

February 18th


Today i decided to have a trip to a local deep natural water Coppull lodge for a sneaky practice before our knock up with the rest of the squad next Saturday because we where looking at a few venues to use for the upcoming Angling times supercup and this was a place that isn’t your standard fishing so we hoped that it could give us an advantage over the other teams , i hadn’t been here for about three years so i was expecting to be catching plenty roach+perch shallow like on my previous visits but i had also heard that the skimmers were going to be the target species today so i was quite looking forward to the challenge .

After a bit of a lie in i arrived at Coppull lodge just after nine and i was surprised to find six anglers having a little knock up plus three carp lads with nine rods out so as you can imagine it was a little bit crowded , i didn’t fancy sitting on one of the more fancied car park pegs because i doubt that i would learn a great deal and managed to squeeze in half way down the right hand bank , on getting to my home for the next few hours i decided to set up just the two rigs ;

7m deck rig it was top three deep here so i used a 0.8 perfect Gloucester float with a bulk at two foot plus two dropper shotting pattern my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch length of 010 garbo and my hook was a size 18 guru maggie .

4ft rig for fishing shallow and i used a 4×12 maggie float with a strung out shotting pattern my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch length of 010 garbo and my hook was a size 18 guru maggie .


Bait for the day was

2 pints of red and white maggots

3 pints of ground-bait 70/30 frenzied hemp and ringers green


I began my session by cupping in five balls of ground-bait onto my seven meter line and i expected a bit of a wait before the fish settled on it but surprisingly i had a small skimmer almost straight away although it seemed to be a loner as i had no further indications in the next forty minutes , i was beginning to think that i had made a big mistake feeding so much at the start especially as i hadn’t seen anybody put anything in the net so far , then out of the blue my float slid under with a 10oz skimmer hitting the bank and a six more similar sized fish followed in a twenty-minute spell it looked like they had finally settled on the ground-bait . when bites began to tail of a bit i began loose feeding maggots to try to draw some roach into the peg so that i could catch shallow and therefore let the skimmers re group on the deck , after a while i began getting the odd liner so i put in a couple more balls in and picked up my shallow rig but after twenty minutes all i had to show for it was a tiny roach plus a missed bite not really what i had expected because on my last visit you could catch 10lb up in the water from every peg .


It was time to drop back on the deck but i continued the loose feeding and the skimmers were lined up again as i had another good spell  all the fish were like peas in a pod and in a couple of years time it will be a really good skimmer water , i did notice that i was getting stupid indications on the float and felt that the constant fall of maggots had brought them off the deck but only by a couple of feet so i decided to knock that on the head for the time being , i then had a quiet spell for twenty minutes and i was beginning to doubt my decision but i found out what had unsettled the skimmers as yards of elastic came shooting out of my pole tip when i finally got it to the net i saw a huge perch then the hook pulled so after a few swear words i went back out again .

The skimmers were still a bit iffy again so i choose to start kinder potting in a ball of ground-bait every five minutes or after a fish this seemed to settle them down  and i went on another little run of fish , strangely when the sun poked its head from behind the clouds the bites stopped and even in this deep water the bright conditions had a bearing on how the fish reacted after a while it dulled a bit and the fish were back on the feed again , at three o’clock the knock up finished and i wanted to see how they had got on which would give me a bit more of an insight on how it fished on the other pegs so i packed up at the same time , the match was won with just six pounds and they kindly weighed my catch it went a shade over twelve pounds not too bad for my first visit in a few years i also learned a great deal which was my main reason for going in the first place .


I’m back at Partridge lakes for the penultimate round of the individual winter league which i am really looking forward to i just hope that i can draw a good peg and catch a few fish .