Cunneries hawk pool

10th September
Today i was back at the cunneries fishery as a guest with the Stockton heath lads and I don’t usually do club matches but as it was on Hawk pool I made an exception because it will be in both of the teams of three league’s I am doing on here , have only fished it once before so needed to try a few things out and like they say practice makes perfect .At the draw I had the last ball in the bag ending up with peg 18 which i was very happy with as it is in a good area to be in and I had a bit of room , so i fancied it for a few fish even though we have had a lot of rain in the past few days and was due a bit more during the day .
I decided to set up ;
2ft rig for margin + across and i used a 4×12 MD pellet float with a spread bulk along my 014 garbo main line starting above my four-inch 010 garbo hook length .
 4ft rig at top kit plus one with maggots and i used a 4×10 MD maggot float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern , with the usual 014 garbo main line and six-inch of 010 garbo hook length .
Bait for the day was ;
2 pints of red+white maggots
1 pint of bagem soaked micros
1 pint of bagem 4mm pellets
1 pint of bagem crushed expander ground-bait
On the all in I started at the bottom of the near slope feeding maggots through my hand and I had a great run of ide all though they was averaging six-ounce a piece , my constant loose feeding had brought them up off the deck and there was a few swirls on top , I was missing a few bites and i didn’t expect to be catching shallow today so I changed to kinder potting the maggots in which brought the fish back to the deck. In the first hour I caught about 18lb of ide plus a few barbel and It was all going really well i even picked up a couple of f1s+carp , but i was using today as a learning exercise plus I was running out of maggots so I decided to change it to pellets to try to get some more f1’s into the swim and i put in half a cupping kit full of micros+crushed expander.
While it settled I went across to the far bank and picked the spot where i had earlier plumbed up then taped in half a dozen micros before lowering my rig in over the top , i caught a couple of quick f1s before things got a bit difficult because for the next two hours i had a nightmare with liners and foul hookers, I tried setting up new swims all along the far bank and i would get a couple of early fish before it went tits up as i just couldn’t get them to settle no matter what depth I went into and I put next to nothing in the net so I went back on my near line while I had a review on what to do next .
I started by taping in some micros then lowered my rig in over the top and i soon started catching some carp+f1s but the bites were very finicky more like winter fishing when using pellets , I had to be really careful with the amount of feed i began putting in because the bottom would fizz up quite badly if I over did it and I decided to change it back to maggots because I was catching ide a lot quicker , i  set up a new swim for pellets I slightly deeper water towards my right at six meters but this time kicked it off with a nugget of crushed expander and some micros .
For the rest of the match I rotated between them both catching a few from my pellet swim and when it began fizzing up i went go onto my maggot swim which was by far the best line but i didn’t have enough bait to do it justice , at the all out I had 54lb which consisted of 22lb of ide+barbel the rest carp + f1’s which was just enough for the match win but more importantly I learned a great deal and maybe i had suffered a bit with having too much room because at times i had a lot of fish in my peg but at least i have more of an idea if i ever draw on the lake again .

Cunneries open match

15th June

Cunneries S canal

With the weather still nice and sunny i decided to use my remaining bait up from yesterday’s fisho qualifier at Partridge lakes , so i set off to contest the mid-week open at Cunneries fishery near Eccleston which had fished extremely well with near two hundred pounds winning the recent matches and my main aim for the day was to break my ton duck on here .When i arrived at the fishery the sun was beaming down with a blustery swirling wind going towards the car park which could make things a bit tough , as there was only a dozen anglers here they decided to put four of us on each bank leaving out the low numbered leg of the s canal so we all had plenty of room and i expected a big winning weight today .

At the draw i managed to pull out peg 38 which was only one away from where i had won the charity match a few months ago so i was quite pleased with that , but with them doing a lot of work on the s canal cutting back vegetation from the mud banks ,the peg towards my left was absolutely covered in floating reeds and lots more of them kept blowing down from the other end because i was expecting a big weight today i decided to keep things really simple regarding tactics ;

Top kit towards my left were i had a cutout between the margin reeds and i decided to use pellets on this swim , as it was only 18 inches deep i used a 0.4 muddie float which i hoped would help keep the rig still when the f1s came into the peg , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was a six-inch length of 012 garbo .

Shallow rig at 1.5ft were i was going to feed casters at six meters by hand and i used a 0.1 mini mag float which had a small bulk of size eleven stotz above my four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Shallow rig at 1ft and i used a pea type float which i hoped would prevent tangles , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was four-inch of 012 garbo .

Bait for the day was ;

3 pints of casters

half pint of red maggots

1 pint of micros

1 pint of crushed expander ground-bait

When the all in sounded i began on my top kit in the margin i tapped in a nugget of crushed expander then lowered my rig in over the top of it and i didn’t have to wait long before i started catching but the fish moving into the swim had disturbed a few sunken reeds and i kept getting snagged up , so i needed to plumb up a bit further away from the bank in deeper water which wasnt ideal although it did not really put the fish off because i managed to catch 15 f1s in the first hour before things began to die off .I had fed my shallow line twice by hand since the match started but it was hard work trying to keep the loose feed together and i also had to contend with some ducks attacking my feed , when i began fishing the swim i had to resort too using a catty which was far from ideal but it did help to group the casters better , although i was picking up the odd f1 it wasnt hectic and i missed quite a few indications even after changing depths regularly but it was only when i tried banding two red maggots instead of a caster that i started hitting more bites i think this might have been down to it being a bigger target bait , after a while i thought to myself why am i banding maggots because i was not getting bothered by small silvers and i was wasting too much time so i changed to just hooking them like normal which also increased my catch rate .

My next couple of hours flew by as i kept putting the f1s in my net which made a nice change because im not the greatest shallow angler as i am a bit out of practice in doing it but after a while the fish backed off so i just adding on another section and had another good run including a couple over two pounds , in the back of my mind i thought that i needed to rest the swim as the bites began getting a bit iffy and dropped back on my margin pellet line but all i could catch there was small stockies so not ideal , although when i went back on my six meter swim the rest had worked wonders as i plundered the shoal of f1s up to the final whistle .As i began packing up i couldn’t help but think that i had done a few things wrong by over complicating things on my shallow rig and i should have also gone up in the water on my right hand margin under the tree but you live and learn , as i was the first angler to weigh in my three nets went 108lb so i had managed my target for the day which was my first ton here but i was a long way off framing and probably ended up eighth because 150lb won with two 140lb finishing second+third .


Cunneries fishery pairs

May 1st

Cunneries S canal

I was back at the cunneries fishery today to fish the pairs contest with my team daiwa adlington captain and as this was the third competition on the trot plus lack of sleep you can safely say that i wasnt feeling great when i woke up in the morning , but even though i didn’t really fancy it i had made plans and don’t like letting people down so i had some breakfast then headed off to the fishery . After my short drive to the venue i had perked up a little its surprising what a couple of shots of caffeine can do and after speaking to a couple of the mossella lads while i waited for the captain to show up , everybody wanted to draw down the opposite of the car park as that was where the wind had blown all weekend and some nice weights had come out from that area on the saturday team match , surprisingly i only had twenty minutes to wait before my partner turned up we had a bit of a discussion on which lake we wanted because i wouldn’t have minded another go on hawk lake but he wanted to go on it as well so i backed down and ended up on the s canal .

It soon came round to draw time i joined the queue towards the middle and when it was my turn for a dip in the bag of doom i pulled out peg 15 just your standard end peg unfortunately i was on the wrong end of the canal today but i would give it my best shot because my captain was on a decent peg on kestrel lake with the wind blowing his way and i didn’t want to let him down , when i arrived at my home for the next few hours i had an empty peg either side of me and a reed lined margin+far bank so apart from it being flat calm in front of me it looked really promising , i decided to keep things really simple today and chose to set up ;

3ft rig for my margin and far bank tight to the reeds i used a 4×10 MD maggot float with an on the drop shoting pattern which would enable me to hopefully pick up a few f1s as the rig settled , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 012 garbo which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached .

4ft rig for fishing half way up both far bank + near slope i used a 4×12 MD  maggot float with a bulk plus a dropper shoting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 012 garbo which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached .

1ft shallow rig for fishing in front of both sets of reeds because in the last few matches on here i have suffered a lot with line bites as the fish had come up of the deck , i used a 4×10 MD mini maggie float my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 012 garbo which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached .

I had a bit of a change with the bait today as only had three pints of white maggots on my side tray .

When the all in sounded i began on my four-foot rig because although we had bright blue skies it was still relatively cold and bearing this in mind i took it easy with the feed just tapping in a few maggots every couple of minutes , it took me about twenty minutes before i had my first fish which was a nice stamp f1 and another quickly followed then it all went a bit quiet so i set up another swim towards my left then started again this produced a couple more f1s but it just didn’t feel like i was fishing in the right depth , after looking around the lake everybody was in the same boat as me struggling to put more than two fish together from any swim but the anglers that were catching were fishing tight across to the reeds and i decided to follow suit , i was still being negative with the feed but thinking about it now that might have been the reason the f1s didnt settle anyway going back to today’s match my across lines produced the odd fish but nothing in any numbers and with half the match gone i was going nowhere fast as i only had a dozen f1s in the net .

I had fed my left hand top three margin by hand since the match started i hoped that yet again it would get me out of trouble and thankfully i was into fish straight away as i managed half a dozen in a twenty-minute spell but It soon died on me i kept on feeding it and went back onto my across swims to give it a rest but these only produced the odd indication , i needed to find a line which i could keep putting something in the net so a plumbed up at eleven meters right into my left hand corner and on this area i kinder potted in maggots , this kicked off straight away and for the rest of the match i rotated between my two margin swims catching four from each before switching so i wouldn’t empty each area of fish , i did lose a few fish on my far line as i played the fish round in front of me it was a bit frustrating because i would get them onto the top kit and began to apply a bit of pressure then the hook would pull i think this might be down to the fine wire of the guru maggot hooks these are fine for winter but a change will be needed now that i have upped my elastic for summer bagging .

When the all in sounded i had managed to have a really good last couple of hours and i had 47 f1s on the clicker i was the last angler to weigh in on my section of the s canal and i put 61lb on the scales , the lad to my right had caught less than me but weighed a couple of pounds more so it seems that the stamp of fish are a bit smaller when using maggots which is something to bear in mind before my next visit , my net of fish was good enough for me to win the section so i had done my bit and i just needed a good result from the captain if we had any chance of finishing in the money , surprisingly there was only one pair of anglers who had a maximum two points and then a couple of lads on three points but unfortunately we ended up with four points which was only good enough for a top six finish .

Hopefully i have enough time in the week to sort out my rigs and get the rest of my stuff together before next weekends double-header were i am back at cunneries for the team of three and then at widows flash for the angling times supercup against crown tackle which is a bit of a local derby match .

Cunneries fishery teams of three

April 1st

Cunneries S canal

A change of venue for me today which was more than needed after spending the last three months at Partridge lakes doing the various winter leagues and i was attending the teams of three match at the Cunneries fishery in Eccleston , it was also my first proper contest with the Daiwa Adlington squad and even at this early stage of my team fishing experience i expected to put up a good showing even though we had our team captain missing due to other commitments , apart from the charity match for the Golborne miners i had not fished here for 18 months so it might be difficult competing against the venue regulars but we was all really looking forward to it plus i had done a good deal of homework on the fishery which i hoped would point me in the right direction .

The weather during the week had been really nice almost spring like but as per usual come the weekend we had a drop in temperature , little in the way of a breeze and constant drizzle which wasnt ideal for catching a nice net full of f1s , I was the first of our team to arrive but i knew a few of the lads fishing today so i had a chat while i waited and after a bit the rest of the squad turned up , we had a little team talk before it was time for the captains to do the draw and after joining the queue around half way because there was a bit of a scrum at the door to the cabin i didn’t have to wait long for a dip in the bag of doom we ended up with ;

Old canal peg 4

S canal legs 3+4 peg 43

S canal legs 1+2 peg 13

The latter of them was my home for the day just your typical wind ward end peg nothing new there i suppose and i hoped that i could do it justice after my short walk to my peg i had plenty of options.


Reed lined far bank

Corner of the island where there was a bit of a mud bank

Reed bed to my left although it was only a top kit away

Reed lined right hand margin which had a couple of cut outs so i could get in some shallower water .


Only nine meters wide

Bit of a hill behind which will make shipping back a bit awkward

Left hand reed bed a bit closer than i would like

Bait for the day

A bit different from what i’m used too because it was getting warm enough for a worm approach to work and it something that i need to get my head around , especially getting the mix right and today i used an equal four parts of ;

chopped worm


ringers green


I also had the usual f1 baits ;


4+2mm expanders

2 pint maggots

My rigs for the day was;

Pellet rig in front of the far bank reeds were it was a touch over three-foot deep and i used a 4×12 roob float with an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size 18 guru pellet hook attached .

Maggot rig at the side of left hand reed bed where it was nearly three-foot and i used a 4×10 maggot float which had four number eleven stotz spread down the 014 garbo main line , my hook length was six-inch of 010 garbo which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached.

Worm rig for fishing various parts of my peg in 2ft but i was going to start  in the corner of my right hand margin and i used a matrix series one float which was a bodied pattern with a thick bristle plus a glass stem , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and i stepped up the hook length to 012 garbo with a size 16 guru lwg hook .

I was ready well before the all in for a change and i didn’t want to start walking round with my peg being so narrow as i felt that it would disturb the fish so i just had to sit it out ,when the hooter finally sounded i began my match by fishing across with pellets in front of the reed bed and i needed to tap in a couple of feeds of micros before i had any sort of indication , strangely i was missing quite a few bites on this line so i decided to change to a 2mm expander and this sorted things out but it was only 4oz stockies that had settled on this swim which isn’t really what i wanted to be catching , when i trashed my rig as a fish came off on the way in i took the opportunity to drop onto my left hand maggot rig at the side of the reed bed where i had thrown in a dozen mags every five minutes since the match started and i hoped that a few f1s had settled there , i did manage to pick up a couple but it didn’t seem right because there was a lot of small silvers present and in the back of my mind i just knew that i was using the wrong bait .

A switch to my worm mix on my right hand margin had me catching f1s almost straight away and i finally managed a run of fish but after a while the bites tailed off maybe i had over fed the swim or just not given them enough time to settle ? I plumbed up another line to my right at six meters were there was a little cut out in between the reeds and after i plumbed up to find it was only a few inch deeper which was good as i could use the same rig , yet again i had fish almost instantly after i fed and i went on another good run but just like before things began to tail off , so before i took the last fish out of the swim i rested it and went back on my original worm swim for the next hour i rotated between the two putting the odd fish in the net including an f1 over three pounds .

But it was only when i went on to my left hand margin swim on my top kit that i really started bagging and went on a good run for over an hour , yet again the bites began to tail off and it must be down to not having enough feed content to keep the f1s interested  ? Which is something that i need to work on before the next round i also need to be a bit more patient before rotating swims as most anglers stayed on just one line all day and for the rest of the match i rotated my worm swims picking up the odd f1 from each but i couldn’t really get them to settle today .

When the all out sounded it called time on a rather frustrating match which was only to be expected after my lack of venue knowledge and a new bait to use today , i had managed to put 45 f1s in my net so i still managed to catch a few and i figured that i had around sixty pounds , as i was the first to weigh in i didn’t have long to wait to find out and my two nets went 70lb which is more than i thought this was good enough for 5th although i was only 8lb from finishing third on my two legs of the snake canal which was my target at the start of the match , strangely the middle of all the legs on the S canal had fished really well but this might be down to the quality of angler on those pegs .

The other lads had endured a similar match to me as they both finished fifth on their lakes and  we ended up with 15 points which was also good enough for 5th on the day so not too bad a start to the teams of three, hopefully when things settle down a bit with a steady team and we get to know the venue a bit better we should hopefully be able to push on from here , i am looking forward to the next round already especially after the weights which have come out from there in the matches during the week and hopefully i will get my first ton of the year before too long .

Cunneries fishery charity match

Today i was contesting the Memorial Charity Fishing Match held at The Cunneries Fishery in Eccleston with all proceeds going towards the Golborne Colliery ex Miners in memory of 10 young miners who were taken from us as a result of an explosion at Golborne Colliery on the 18th March 1979 and although the weather was forecast to be pretty awful with a strong easterly wind plus constant rain which might have put a few people off but it was all for a good cause , so even in those conditions i was quite looking forward to it especially as it was going to be spread all over the complex which would give us a bit of room and to be honest i needed the practice on here before the teams of three starts in April which is my first proper venture with the Team Daiwa Adlington angling squad and as i hadn’t fished the Cunneries fishery in well over a year i could do with the heads up , although i had done plenty f1 fishing at Partridge lakes during the last few months so i didn’t expect things to be that different today .

Cunneries S canal

On arrival to the complex i was quite surprised on how things had changed since my last visit the new lakes had come along well and the parking situation had improved a lot too , so after parking up i made my way round to the cabin and booked on to the match even a couple of hours before the start there was a lot of people milling around , for a change there wasnt many anglers that i knew although it was only to be expected as i had not been on here that much but i didn’t have to wait long before i saw a friendly face and we had a walk around the lakes to try to find the sheltered areas because the wind was increasing every minute . As it was quickly approaching draw time and with over seventy anglers due to be contesting the match i decided that i could do with an early pick before all the draw bags picked the flyers , while we was queuing up they started the raffle which took an age but it was all adding to the proceeds for the charity and when we finally got round to starting the draw i did not have to wait too long before it was my turn in the bag of doom , it looked like things had returned to normal as i picked out peg 37 which at first did not mean a great deal but i soon found out that i was on an end peg near the car-park with the wind blowing into it so no pressure then .

I didn’t have to far too walk before i found my home for the next few hours and on settling in i saw that i had a nice reed lined margin along the side of the s-canal which was a bit closer than i would have liked as it began a meter to my left , i also had the point of the island to target plus an empty peg too my right so to be honest everything looked perfect and i just hoped that i didn’t mess it up because a few of my mates said that i had a chance of winning the match from here . I wasnt going to over complicate things today regarding rigs so that i could concentrate more on getting my feeding correct which is something that i had struggled with since it turned to pellet fishing and i choose to set up ;

Four foot pellet rig which was the shallowest water that i could find and to be honest it didn’t plumb up that great towards the point of the island but i finally managed to find a flat spot just to the left of some over hanging reeds , i also found two areas along the left hand margin at 4m+6m where it was the same depth and i used a slightly heavier 4×14 malman roob float which had an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 010 garbo hook length .

Four foot maggot rig which was fishing in the same area if they did not want pellets today and i used a lighter 4×10 rw maggie float as this would allow me to hopefully pick up a few fish on the drop , i had just four number 11 stotz spread along the 014 garbo main line and my hook length was six-inch of 010 garbo which had a size twenty guru hook attached to it .

Maggot channel rig i was a bit disappointed to only find five foot when plumbing up and it did go slightly deeper towards my right so i went out to a manageable six meters in that direction where the bottom flattened out a little , i used a 4×12 rw maggie float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern spread along the 014 garbo main line by hook length was six-inch of 010 garbo .

Bait for the day was the usual f1 stuff for the time of year ;

2 pints of red and white maggots .

1 pint of micros .

1 pint of crushed expander ground-bait .

small tub of mixed expanders .

When the all in sounded so did the rain and it stayed that way for majority of the match the wind was also blowing quite strong from right to left but i noticed that i had a little calm area towards the point of the island due to some over hanging reeds where i was able to present my rig properly , after a couple of feeds of micros through a small kinder pot i began getting the occasional  indication and not long after i had my first f1 but even though i was putting the odd fish in the net the swim just didn’t seem to be getting any stronger , i was also having a few line bites and i felt that i needed to adjust my feeding to get them back on to the deck so i removed the lid on my kinder pot which enabled me to begin dumping the micros in , this worked for a forty minute spell but i must have over fed the swim because the fish deserted me .

I had been loose feeding a dozen maggots into the corner of my left hand margin where the scum was settling so i decided to rest my far bank swim and give that a try , i had a big f1 almost straight away but i then got bited out with silvers which was a bit frustrating because if i did get my rig to the deck i would get an f1 and even after i altered the shotting on my float so it was all above my hook length it didn’t really improve things , i also tried increasing the amount which i was feeding but that just didn’t seem right in the conditions the f1s just did not want to settle this might have been down to the fact that all the rain had caused a little river running in under my platform which was muddying all the water in my margin and with two hours of the match gone i only had 15 f1s in the net this seemed to be more than those anglers within eye shot but i was certain that somewhere on the complex somebody would be bagging a few fish .

My next idea was to go further along my left hand margin but this time i was going to use pellets and this worked extremely well as i went on a run of six in six drops before things slowed down so i went back across to the point of the island and picked up a couple more , by rotating between the two swims i kept putting f1s in the net but it was only when i changed to a different type of expander did things really kick off , i wasnt bagging by any means but my catch rate increased dramatically but i did not want to empty either swim so i dropped onto my channel swim which i had fed with half a cupping kit of maggots every thirty minutes since the all in , yet again i had a big f1 straight away before i had a run of little ghost f1s which was nice to catch but not what i needed if i was going to do a weight today so i came of this swim but continued to feed it incase i needed it later in the match .

We was fast approaching the last hour so i decided to concentrate on the two swims which had produced for me earlier in the match and i was back putting f1s in the net , with twenty minutes remaining i had a run of tench from my margin line which wasnt a good sign as the f1s must have gone and i also noticed that the daiwa team captain plus my team sponsor was watching so the pressure was on for a good finish , my margin swim had died a death so i had to resort to going back on my far bank line and this worked a treat as i managed three f1s including one right on the whistle which was needed as you will find out later .

When the all out sounded i had forty f1s on my clicker and i reckoned i had around fifty pounds because they was a small stamp for on here , but when my mates came over they reckoned that i had a chance of winning but i wasnt so sure because i never felt comfortable today and don’t feel like i had done the peg justice , after what seemed like an age they finally turned up because i was last on the complex to weigh in and i needed to beat 53lb i reckoned that it could be close as it turned out for a change i had luck on my side because my two nets went a touch over 54lb so i had somehow managed to win the match this was biggest individual result so far and it still hasn’t sunk in yet .

I would like to thank all those involved in running the match and to those that took part in awful conditions because we raised nearly a grand for the charity , I’m back out again tomorrow for a get together with the squad and some lads from the Adlington angling club at Widdows fishery where we are having a little team match .



Cunneries old canal

February 23rd , peg three old canal

I managed to finish work early i decided to spend a couple of hours after dinner fishing and as i had not done a great deal of f1 fishing in the past four months i wanted to refresh my memory on the latest methods used in catching them at this time of year before i returned to the big open matches at partridge lakes and i think you are either really confident in your angling ability or very naïve if you think a bit of practice does not do some good every so oftern, so i decided to head to Cunneries fishery which is stuffed with fish i also hadn’t been to it in over a year so it would be good to try somewhere different every once in a while and after the short twenty-minute trip i arrived at the venue where i was faced with an empty car park this meant i had my choice of where to sit but because we had clear skies with a low sun i thought that this might be a problem with the video camera so i settled on peg three which offered a bit of shade it was also only a short walk from the van , it was on the edge of the ripple giving the fish some cover from the bright conditions , it should give me a bit of room to draw fish from as well , so it had a lot of positives going for it although i had not been on this part of the old canal before .

As i was only going to be here for three hours i decided to target just two areas of my peg , these where ;

Farbank in front of the dead reed bed which was a comfortable 11m away it would give the f1s a bit of cover from the winter sun and after plumbing up i found a nice flat spot at 3ft just to the left of the mud bank , as i had only a gentle breeze to contend with today i could use a light 4×10 rw maggie float and i had a bit of a play about with the shotting pattern after watching the Jamie Hughes Pole fishing plus video my main line was the usual 014 .garbo which had a six-inch length of 009 garbo that had a size twenty matrix silver fish-hook attached .

Channel rig at six meters were it was a touch over four-foot deep so i used a 4×12 rw maggie float which had an on the drop shotting pattern my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch length of 009 garbo that had a size twenty matrix silver fish-hook attached , i would feed this swim with half a cupping kit of maggots every thirty minutes before going on it in the last hour of my session .

Bait for the day couldn’t have been any simpler as all i had with me was ;

One pint of red maggots

One pint of white maggots

At one o’clock i was ready to get started and i filled my small kinder pot full of maggots before shipping out to my marker i taped in three mags then pushed my rig up the shelf this would keep the line between hook+pole tip tight helping show up any of the finicky f1 bites , it took around ten minutes before i had my first indication and a further five more passed until i had my first fish which was an f1 around the 2lb mark not a bad start to the session , seven more followed in the next forty minutes and all the bites came just as my hook bait touched bottom i was also being really careful not to overfeed the swim which is one of my many downfalls when f1 fishing at this time of year , a couple of chub got in on the act that was spewing up maggots this was a sure sign that the f1s had backed off so out came the plummet and i found the same depth a couple of feet further to my left , yet again it took a couple of feeds before i was back into the f1s and i was surprised at just how big they were with the average size being well over the pound mark with some nudging three pounds .

After a while the fish backed off again and it was turning into an enjoyable cat+mouse session something that i hadn’t done for quite some time , i had about six different swims along the far bank going as far as 13m both right and left catching at least five fish from each of them , i was approaching the final forty minutes of my session and i had fed my channel swim since i had arrived so i was eager to give it a try before i left , my float had only just settled before it dipped under and i fed a large kinder pot after every fish by doing this i managed eight more in the remaining time before i left although their average size was slightly less than those along the far bank .

At 4 o’clock i decided to call time on my session because i didn’t want to get stuck in the rush hour traffic i had caught 35 f1s plus a few chub for around 50-60lb which wasnt bad in just three hours and although it wasnt in match conditions i still feel that i have blown away the cob webs regarding f1 fishing and as consequence I’m a bit unsure on were to go at the weekend as i have an option of going to Bradshaw’s to fish pond three or go to partridge were it will be on coveys 1-4 , decisions , decisions ! ! !

Cunneries open match S canal

21st February , peg 28


After my last visit to Cunneries fishery two weeks ago where i managed to get forth missing out on framing by one fish, i was understandably eager to get back their and after booking on during the week it soon came round to the day of the match . The weather forecast had said it would be a nice day and as i set off it looked like they was correct with a bit of blue sky plus light winds although this meant it was rather cold the dash-board showing a mighty minus one degree but this was all going to change during my twenty-minute travel to the venue , as i hit Wigan it starting sleeting ok i can deal with that but just five minutes further down the road it was an inch thick with snow and it showed no signs of stopping . I was on the verge of turning round and going home when i spotted some blue sky in the distance this gave me the encouragement i needed to keep going and see how bad the fishery was when i got their .

As i arrived i was glad that i hadn’t made the decision to turn round because their wasn’t a sign of any snow but no doubt the cold rain would have a bearing on how it would fish , when i went to pay on their was 36 anglers down to contest the match which was a great turn out in the conditions and with them paying four sections plus top three it would be a good pay out for someone . When it came round to draw time i was halfway down the list and i managed to get on peg 28 which meant nothing to me as i hadn’t fished the Cunneries S canal a great deal , it took me awhile to find my peg because most of them wasn’t numbered when i finally found it wasn’t far from the end peg on leg three with the wind blowing out of it and another half decent draw on here , it had a nice looking weed bed to my left with a reed lined far-bank which had a mud bank cut out .


I decided to use three rigs today 3ft-4ft-channel and i also went for simplicity on the bait front too taking just a pint of red+white maggots but i did have some pellets in my bag if required but this isn’t a bait which works for me on here . When the all in sounded i shipped out to 11m with a single red maggot and half a dozen samples in the pot , my hook bait hadn’t even touched bottom when i had my first f1 of the day and two more quickly followed if it stayed like this i could be on for a red-letter day .The first hour was pretty straight forward with ten big f1s hitting the net but predictably the second hour slowed down and i think i had over fished the swim plus the wind had got stronger blowing towards the car-park , i wasn’t quick enough in changing for a heavier rig to cope with the conditions i did put another six fish in the net but when i began getting bothered by small skimmers it was time for another swim . By moving just a foot too my left and using my heavier rig i was back catching the f1s again and these were now proper bites some even dragging the pole tip under the water (think they were bolting against the weight of the shot ) i wasn’t complaining though as i was still catching well .


In the third hour i completely lost the fish i had fed a dozen maggots at the side of the margin weed bed and was expecting an instant response and that is exactly what i got but not from f1s but gudgeon after gudgeon , i went back across on to my original line with my heavier rig and this coincided with a really heavy snow storm but with a drop in the wind so a quick change of rigs resulted in another six fish before it died on me again . I was still just about in front on my two legs of the S canal but in the last ninety minutes the lad on the last peg started with a run of f1s that lasted the rest of the match , where i had to set up another swim 13m to my left to start catching again and i bumped a few off by dragging them round in front of me so that i could ship them back in .

As the all out sounded i had 33 f1s on the clicker plus a few skimmers and when the scales came round to me i put 41lb on the scales to take the lead although it didn’t last long with the next to end peg on leg two putting 48lb on the scales which was no doubt within my grasp but the end peg on leg four had the overall win with 62lb catching most of his f1s by fishing towards the bridge in the calmer water , so in the two weeks i have fished the opens on the cunneries S canal i have won leg one and got 4th overall and today won leg three and got third overall but i have had a couple of decent draws but that’s the normal thing for me because i have always been lucky at the draw bag .


Off to Partridge lakes tomorrow to fish the open on covey 1-4 somewhere i haven’t fished for a few months so lets hope for a good draw and a few fish .