Partridge lakes

Saturday 11th October , peg 59 Covey three


After last weekends good results fishing wise i was understandably really looking forward to getting back on to the bank and my first matchup was a return to Partridge lakes to contest the open which would be taking place on coveys 1-5 .The weather in the week leading up to the match was best described as pretty awful with heavy rain and a serious drop in temperature and on the drive to the complex the dashboard showed a mighty four degrees although it was forecast to be dry and sunny today , when i arrived there plenty of people were knocking about which just goes to show how well contested these matches are and in fact we had sixty anglers attending it .


My home for the day was yet again Covey three but this time i was to be found on one of the few pegs i hadn’t been on before number 59 but with the amount of times i had been on it ( 19 in 38 visits ) i should know how best to fish it by now , all the pegs on here are very much the same with the far bank being 12 meters away and today i had an overhanging tree to my right margin with some reeds to the left margin plus the point of an island at 13 meters , all this had a bearing on how i would target the match and my main lines were going to be ;

Far bank slope at 3ft and this is where i decided to start the match using pellets as i felt that the conditions were right for this bait but as you will find out later i was way off the mark , my rig was a 4×12 malmans benny float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 guru lwg hook and elastic was red matrix .

Near bank slope at 4ft this is usually my most prolific line on my last couple of matches here and i fed it for an hour before going on to it but unusually this produced only a solitary foul hooked fish , my rig was a 4×14 malmans benny float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 guru lwg hook and elastic was red matrix .

Margin at 2ft side of the tree and yet again this was my best line with 24lb coming in the last ninety minutes on corn over ground-bait the rig was a 4×14 malmans speedy float with 0.16 garbo main line to a 0.14 garbo hook length and hook was a size 14 lwg , my elastic was yellow matrix .

I decided to use a heavier float this week on my margin and alter my feeding in this area to big kinder potting corn plus ground-bait after every fish or missed bite instead of using a cupping kit , i did this to try to cut out the foul hookers and i found that it worked really well in doing just that but my rig might have been to heavy for the f1s as i had too much bristle showing ( something for me to think about )

As i mentioned earlier i felt that it was pellet time so my bait revolved around this but i also took my old faithful that has done me well on here ;

3 pints red-white maggots

1 pint micro dusted with ground-bait

1 pint margin mix ground-bait

1/2 pint of sweet corn

small tub mixed expanders

When the all in sounded i shipped out to ten meters tapped in a small kinder pot full of micros then lowered my expander in among it and re fed every five minutes but not a great deal was happening , i did get enough indications to keep me interested and before i knew it forty minutes had passed with no fish in the net . Thinking back i spent too long their and the bites where probably from gudgeon but at least i hadn’t fallen too far behind as only one angler in my eyesight had caught more than a couple of fish .

I had fed my near bank slope with maggots every five minutes since the match started so i hoped that a few fish had settled their but fifteen minutes past without a sign , a change of shotting pattern to a staggered bulk and then a strung out pattern for if the f1s were of the deck although only a few ide was showing so it didn’t look promising but by doing this only resulted in a foul hooked fish not the start i wanted and the fish certainly seemed to be going in to winter mode .

Before the match started i felt that i needed twenty pounds of f1s before i went on to my margin swim to be in with a chance of getting the section win i wanted so i needed to get my finger out and find some much-needed fish , i set up another line further towards the point of the island at 3ft but this time with maggots and finally i managed a run of eight f1s was it the change of swim or bait that caught me them ?


With two hours remaining i began feeding my right hand margin with ground-bait and a few grains of corn , while i waited for this to settle i re tried my near shelf line this produced another f1 and an ide so with some hard work i had managed my twenty pound but i needed the margin to produce like i hoped it would .

First drop at the side of the tree and carp number one was in the net at around five-pound it was a much welcome addition to my weight , a few more followed mixed in with the odd f1 it wasn’t exactly hectic there and i don’t know if this was down to my feeding or the fact that the fish were not in this area but at least i didn’t foul hook any but i did notice that the lad to my right had caught a few f1s at 1ft deep really tight to the bank which i didn’t expect to work in the cold conditions where as i was fishing at 2ft ?


As the all out sounded i was unsure how i had got on i knew that i had beaten those anglers within eye shot although their was one guy on the fifty numbered pegs which i couldn’t see and when i went to see the lad on the next peg whom i knew informed me that he had packed up after just two hours so it looked like i had won my section and this was confirmed when the scales arrived with me putting 44lb on to them .


It was another confusing match for me and the fish were not giving themselves away easily but all over the coveys people were struggling to get over thirty pounds apart from on covey five which fished reasonably well with three of the top six weights coming from there , over all my weight was second best on the lake that’s two weeks running now and i hope that i can keep it going as i am back at Sycamore fisheries tomorrow looking for a four timer which i don’t think has been done on their before but it will be hard because its on both canals and that usually brings the better anglers out for some strange reason .



Partridge lakes Spey canal

11 th April , peg 15


I decided to take advantage of the Easter quiet spell at work and have an afternoon fishing at Partridge lakes Spey canal , i chose here because we have a club match on it next Sunday and it is one of the few lakes on here that i have never fished .When i got to the complex i headed round to the far car-park and had a short walk to the water , i was really surprised at just how many anglers where fishing it today and it looked like a club match which would give me a good idea on how it will fish in a fortnight . I settled in between two anglers on peg 15 because it looked just as good as any on here although the hill behind me could make shipping back further than 11 meters a problem , after speaking to a few people before fishing i settled on two rigs ;


11 meter  – matrix 0.3 series three float , with 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 18 lwg guru hook .

Top 3 – Malmams 4×12 speedy float , with 0.12 garbo main line and a 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 18 lwg guru hook .


My bait today was the cheap option of pellets ;

2 pint micro

2 pint 4mm

1 pint crushed expander

4 mm expanders


At 1pm i was ready to get going so i shipped out to 11 meters where after plumbing up i had found a flat spot 2 foot deep , i fed a big kinder pot full of micro plus 4mm and after taping it in i lowered in my expander , after a few lift-drops i was soon attached to my first of many big old f1s of around the 2 lb mark which put up a spirited fight on my Matrix orange elastic . I think that may be i had been a bit heavy-handed with the feed because i would get 3 or 4 fish then no indications for twenty minutes , on my second run of fish i managed a 6 lb common carp which tested my side pulla kit skills and pulling power .


The first two hours was pretty much the same with 15 big f1s coming to the net some approaching the 3 lb mark but it wasn’t as good as on Hall lane Bessie’s where i had been a bit spoiled , i was catching a lot better than the two anglers either side of me but i think that was due to my better presentation and having my float really dotted down and not my feeding which i am sure i got wrong on the day .


An angler further down to my right was catching really well so when he packed up and came for a chat after recognising my Matthews580 on the hoodie , i took the opportunity to find out how he was doing so well and he told me a few little tricks that he used when fishing on here about maggots and ground-bait . After he went i put these tips to good use and they helped to increase my catch rate , in the first three hours i think that i had about 40 lb and decided to try my top three-line where i had fed a dozen 4 mm pellets every five minutes , i was expecting a good response but only a couple of f1s turned up and it was only when another angler who recognised my name on the hoodie came over for a chat and told me that i was fishing too far down the slope .


So a change of rig for the one i used when fishing across and a bit of heavier feeding of 4 mm pellets resulted in six carp over 5 lb and eight big f1s in forty minutes , in fact their was so many fish down their that at times my float was getting knocked all over the place and it was i think another case of over feeding .After four hours of fishing i had about 70-80 lb of fish and if i had done what i planned on doing i would have caught less than half that weight , so by asking other anglers and watching what they was doing turned an average day into a good days fishing .


Hopefully the club match on here on April 20th should throw up some nice weights of fish but before that i will be fishing the Hall lane open on Bessie’s pool and hope to replicate Weds practice on their Two Nets At The Ready .

Partridge lakes

peg 14 Holbar lake , March 19th

Holbar lake

Holbar lake

After having managed to book the day off from work to do some family errands which fortunately for me i got done in record time and their fore i decided to have a few hours fishing in the afternoon .So off i headed to Partridge lakes i had planned on trying my hand at the f1s on covey 5 or 6 but the balief had informed me that they was resting these waters for the time being and only using them for the open matches , he also told me that peg 15+16 was fishing well on Holbar so i decided to try their and maybe get among the plentiful head of big carp and f1s .

I had only fished Holbar twice since they had changed it from two lakes too one and done some re modelling on it by putting some new islands in it , both times i fished it i chose peg 36 once in the Maver match this qualifier last year and this peg was towards the wider area of the lake , so today i was in a new part of the lake to try which was over the bridge and facing the road to covey 6 .When i arrived at the complex the weather was warmish with blue skies but the wind looked like it could be problematic later in the day and with this in mind i decided not to fish the form pegs and settled on peg 14 which offered me more protection from the wind .

peg 14 Holbar

peg 14 Holbar

I had decided on three areas to target ;

Pellet feeder . towards the far bank which was a good 30 meter chuck , i used a 10 foot Maver reactorlite tip rod with 6 lb Maver genisis main line and a 30 gram pellet feeder which had a short 4 inch hook length with a size 18 guru Mwg hook and micro bait band .

11 meter pole line , Where after plumbing up i found 6 ft and because of the depth plus wind i decided to use a 0.6 scone float with 0.14 garbo main line and 0.12 garbo hook length with a size 18 guru Lwg hook attached was a micro bait band , my shotting pattern was a bulk and two droppers .

Paste 4 meter line . Where it was 4 ft deep and i used a 0.4 scone paste float , my main line was garbo 0.14 straight through to a size 14 Turbetini 808 .

My bait for the day was ;

2 pints of hard 4 mm tiger nut flavor pellets

1 pint soaked micros with tiger nut flavoring

Tiger nut paste

small tub 6 mm hard pellets for the hook

small tub multi coloured pop up boilies

small tub semi bouyant tiger nut bandums

At 12 o’clock i was ready to get going and started on the pellet feeder which was clipped up a meter away from the far bank because i wasn’t sure that with all the cold over night rain they would be in the margins and i chose a suitable far bank marker , i decided to re-cast every five minutes to build up the swim . After thirty minutes i still haven’t had a sign of a bite but i continued with the regular casting ,it took another ten minutes before i started getting liners and finally a drop back bite resulted in a small barbel not the species i was after but it was a start .

Small barbel on tip rod

Small barbel on tip rod

My next cast resulted in me attached to a large f1 but i hadn’t even seen the bite!!! Things wasn’t going that well with the pellet feeder , so i decided to change to a method feeder which was a lighter 15 gram and would their fore make less of a splash when hitting the water . This seemed to work a lot better with five f1s and two barbel coming to the net but it was noticeable to me that the bites where becoming less frequent , maybe i was putting too much pellets in and a change to a smaller method feeder would have been better ?

average stamp f1

average stamp f1

So i decided to rest it and go on to my 11 meter pole line where i had initially cupped in three medium pots full off 4 mm pellets at the start and then topped it up every thirty minutes with a single cup full . I began getting the odd sign and f1 but they didn’t seem to want to settle on this line , i had topped up with half a medium pot after every fourth fish and thinking about it now maybe i had over done it at the start but i was expecting to catch a bigger than average stamp of fish , also with it being a big lake i felt that they would need a large amount to enable them to find it .

Golden f1

Golden f1

I worked out that if i topped up after every fourth fish it would take thirty minutes for them to settle so in this quiet spell i would have a few chucks on the method feeder , keeping this far bank area re-fed and picking up the odd fish in the process . I decided to give my paste line a go but it just didn’t work with the wind constantly pulling the float out of the paste and it just didn’t feel right with the fish seemingly being in the deeper water so i scrapped this idea and concentrated on making the most of the two lines that was producing fish .

Mirror carp

Mirror carp

The wind was getting stronger as the session progressed and i had to make the most of the spells when i could fish the pole , on one of these spells i managed to catch my biggest fish of the day a nice 6 lb mirror carp but un-fortunately it was on its own . I did have a run of big skimmers when i went back on the tip rod but it was strange that when i had run out of my tiger nut flavoured micros and used my mates green swim stim ones i didn’t catch another f1 on this line only skimmers .

2lb skimmer

2lb skimmer

For the last thirty minutes i concentrated on my pole line and had a run of small 8oz barbel , but because i had run out of 4mm pellets i couldn’t feed them off so i decided to call it a day . I ended up with twenty f1s around the 2lb mark-six barbel – four nice sized skimmers and the solitary carp of around six pound , so not a bad days fishing but it was a shame that the wind was so strong because it prevented me from fishing the pole longer which i am sure would have helped the fish settle better but at least it gave me chance to have a few hours on the tip rod which i don’t do enough off and i was happy with my accuracy in casting today but need more practise on feathering the feeder when it hits the water .


Off to Partridge lakes on Sunday to contest the open match , so lets hope for some better weather and i have heard a rumour that they could be linking up with Preston innovations .