Partridge lakes , Holbar lake

April 23rd , peg 46


After the recent sunny weather i decided to make the most of it and grab a few hours fishing after work and with Partridge lakes being only ten minutes away i decided to head their but i was unsure on just which lake to fish on as all the waters there are highly stocked with fish , with my first fisho qualifier coming up on Moorlands farm which are mainly big lakes and catching carp in the margin will play an important part to doing well i decided to see how many anglers were on Holbar as this is the only place on the complex which respond to this method .

After parking up my car on the road near covey i went for a look to see just how many people were fishing on it and i was surprised to see nearly every other peg taken in fact it looked like their was a match taking place but i spotted on the opposite bank a gap of four empty places so i hastily drove to Holbars car-park and made my way to the peg after speaking to a few anglers on the way most had said that it had been hard going in the spring sunshine , when i approached the group of pegs i settled on the last one which gave me a bit of space plus there was plenty carp showing in both margins  .


I decided on a nice easy day so concentrated just on both my margin as i could do with the practise because it is something that i don’t do a great deal off these days in fact my last try was in the second round of the Angling times super cup at chapel pool , i plumbed up to find 2ft against both sets of margin reeds which i felt would be a bit too deep but that was as shallow as i could find and i would no doubt suffer with foul hookers if i got my feeding wrong .


My bait today was going to revolve around using particles as ground-bait wasn’t allowed at Moorlands fishery so i had ;

1 pint of corn

2 pints of 4mm pellets

I hoped that this would last me for a few hours , at 3 o’clock i was ready to get started and i put in two cupping kits full of pellets+corn on to my left hand margin within minutes i began getting line bites before my float shot under with a nice 2lb f1 being my first fish of the day not a bad start but better was to follow when my next fish was a double figure carp that only just fitted into my landing net and it is times like this that i wished someone had come along with me because the catch picture does not do it justice .


After landing the carp i stopped getting liners so i decided to feed another two cups of bait then went on my right hand margin there i decided to kinder pot the bait in to see what response this would get me , the reeds on this side were already knocking so i expected an immediate response and that i did as first drop my matrix 14s hollow elastic shot through the water then after a five-minute fight a double figure mirror carp hit the net quickly followed by another of similar size so with thirty minutes gone i had caught nearly forty pounds i just hoped that it would continue .


I started getting little knocks on the float which i thought at first were just liners but i soon found out that they were from some roach at over 8oz nice fish but not what i was looking for on my heavy carp gear , i re-feed again then swapped sides again to my left and this produced a couple of smaller 5lb carp plus the odd big f1 i then hit something that was a lot bigger than i had caught or it was foul hooked because it just took of giving me no chance of stopping it so predictably we soon parted company and a new 014 garbo hook length was required .

Losing this fish disturbed the bottom of my margin peg because i started getting caught up on an underwater obstruction every time i hooked a fish and i also began foul hooking fish in fact i had a spell of five in a row so i decided to rest this side choosing to concentrate on my right hand swim , i didn’t feel that kinder potting was bringing in enough carp so i choose to begin feeding here a bit heavy with a cupping kit this worked really well as i was soon back catching the lumps again with the odd f1 mixed in .


After about ninety minutes the wind picked up a bit and started blowing into my peg , i thought that this would make my margins even stronger but it kind of killed it because i couldn’t even get the silvers which were their in numbers before . I decided to re plumb a bit further along both margins and decided to mix up a bit of ground-bait to see what response this got , i put two cup full in on both my margin swims making as much disturbance as i could to try to draw some fish back into my peg after a while i began getting indications again first from silvers plus the odd big skimmer but it wasn’t long before i got back into the carp again  .


The only trouble with my new swim was that it was a lot nearer the reeds and if i didn’t connect quick enough or struck in the wrong direction they would bury me into them i managed to only lose a couple of carp that way but it wasn’t long before i trashed my rig so i decided to call it a day at 630 , i ended up with six doubles , eight singles plus lots of big f1s+skimmers and a sore shoulder not bad for a few hours fishing after work it also set me up nicely for Saturdays Fisho qualifier at Moorlands fishery .


Partridge lakes

peg 14 Holbar lake , March 19th

Holbar lake

Holbar lake

After having managed to book the day off from work to do some family errands which fortunately for me i got done in record time and their fore i decided to have a few hours fishing in the afternoon .So off i headed to Partridge lakes i had planned on trying my hand at the f1s on covey 5 or 6 but the balief had informed me that they was resting these waters for the time being and only using them for the open matches , he also told me that peg 15+16 was fishing well on Holbar so i decided to try their and maybe get among the plentiful head of big carp and f1s .

I had only fished Holbar twice since they had changed it from two lakes too one and done some re modelling on it by putting some new islands in it , both times i fished it i chose peg 36 once in the Maver match this qualifier last year and this peg was towards the wider area of the lake , so today i was in a new part of the lake to try which was over the bridge and facing the road to covey 6 .When i arrived at the complex the weather was warmish with blue skies but the wind looked like it could be problematic later in the day and with this in mind i decided not to fish the form pegs and settled on peg 14 which offered me more protection from the wind .

peg 14 Holbar

peg 14 Holbar

I had decided on three areas to target ;

Pellet feeder . towards the far bank which was a good 30 meter chuck , i used a 10 foot Maver reactorlite tip rod with 6 lb Maver genisis main line and a 30 gram pellet feeder which had a short 4 inch hook length with a size 18 guru Mwg hook and micro bait band .

11 meter pole line , Where after plumbing up i found 6 ft and because of the depth plus wind i decided to use a 0.6 scone float with 0.14 garbo main line and 0.12 garbo hook length with a size 18 guru Lwg hook attached was a micro bait band , my shotting pattern was a bulk and two droppers .

Paste 4 meter line . Where it was 4 ft deep and i used a 0.4 scone paste float , my main line was garbo 0.14 straight through to a size 14 Turbetini 808 .

My bait for the day was ;

2 pints of hard 4 mm tiger nut flavor pellets

1 pint soaked micros with tiger nut flavoring

Tiger nut paste

small tub 6 mm hard pellets for the hook

small tub multi coloured pop up boilies

small tub semi bouyant tiger nut bandums

At 12 o’clock i was ready to get going and started on the pellet feeder which was clipped up a meter away from the far bank because i wasn’t sure that with all the cold over night rain they would be in the margins and i chose a suitable far bank marker , i decided to re-cast every five minutes to build up the swim . After thirty minutes i still haven’t had a sign of a bite but i continued with the regular casting ,it took another ten minutes before i started getting liners and finally a drop back bite resulted in a small barbel not the species i was after but it was a start .

Small barbel on tip rod

Small barbel on tip rod

My next cast resulted in me attached to a large f1 but i hadn’t even seen the bite!!! Things wasn’t going that well with the pellet feeder , so i decided to change to a method feeder which was a lighter 15 gram and would their fore make less of a splash when hitting the water . This seemed to work a lot better with five f1s and two barbel coming to the net but it was noticeable to me that the bites where becoming less frequent , maybe i was putting too much pellets in and a change to a smaller method feeder would have been better ?

average stamp f1

average stamp f1

So i decided to rest it and go on to my 11 meter pole line where i had initially cupped in three medium pots full off 4 mm pellets at the start and then topped it up every thirty minutes with a single cup full . I began getting the odd sign and f1 but they didn’t seem to want to settle on this line , i had topped up with half a medium pot after every fourth fish and thinking about it now maybe i had over done it at the start but i was expecting to catch a bigger than average stamp of fish , also with it being a big lake i felt that they would need a large amount to enable them to find it .

Golden f1

Golden f1

I worked out that if i topped up after every fourth fish it would take thirty minutes for them to settle so in this quiet spell i would have a few chucks on the method feeder , keeping this far bank area re-fed and picking up the odd fish in the process . I decided to give my paste line a go but it just didn’t work with the wind constantly pulling the float out of the paste and it just didn’t feel right with the fish seemingly being in the deeper water so i scrapped this idea and concentrated on making the most of the two lines that was producing fish .

Mirror carp

Mirror carp

The wind was getting stronger as the session progressed and i had to make the most of the spells when i could fish the pole , on one of these spells i managed to catch my biggest fish of the day a nice 6 lb mirror carp but un-fortunately it was on its own . I did have a run of big skimmers when i went back on the tip rod but it was strange that when i had run out of my tiger nut flavoured micros and used my mates green swim stim ones i didn’t catch another f1 on this line only skimmers .

2lb skimmer

2lb skimmer

For the last thirty minutes i concentrated on my pole line and had a run of small 8oz barbel , but because i had run out of 4mm pellets i couldn’t feed them off so i decided to call it a day . I ended up with twenty f1s around the 2lb mark-six barbel – four nice sized skimmers and the solitary carp of around six pound , so not a bad days fishing but it was a shame that the wind was so strong because it prevented me from fishing the pole longer which i am sure would have helped the fish settle better but at least it gave me chance to have a few hours on the tip rod which i don’t do enough off and i was happy with my accuracy in casting today but need more practise on feathering the feeder when it hits the water .


Off to Partridge lakes on Sunday to contest the open match , so lets hope for some better weather and i have heard a rumour that they could be linking up with Preston innovations .


Partridge lakes

Maver Match This Qualifier 20th July 2013

my peg on holbar

my peg on holbar

Today was my last chance to qualify for a major fishing competition and to be honest i am a bit out of my depth fishing against this caliber of angler but you have to fish against the best to improve and next year i will hopefully be more up for the challenge .

On arriving at Partridge lakes their didn’t seem to be many knocking about but they had closed the same amount of lakes as for the fisho qualifier so they must be expecting a decent turn out today , i booked on for the match and paid the twenty pounds pools because the match was to be fished 11 till 4 it would give us plenty time to set up and hopefully also have a good last hour in the margin . It was soon my time for the draw so i joined the queue around half way back and when it got to my turn out i pulled Holbar peg 35 probably the last lake i wanted to be on as its all big carp in that lake which isn’t my favorite as i don’t have the patience to sit and wait , also i haven’t been doing much carp fishing in a long time .

After getting to my peg their wasn’t much in the way of margin vegetation as they had re modeled the lake six months ago turning it from two separate lakes into the one specimen lake , their was an island 25m away which would have been a good area to target if i had only brought my tip rod but un fortunately it was still at home in the shed .

I decided to target three areas today and these were ;

13m deep , after plumbing up i found it to be 4ft deep so used a 0.4 scone float with a bulk and dropper shotting pattern, with carp around the 5lb mark being the target today i was using 0.16 garbo line with 0.14 garbo hook length attached to a size 16 hook with a micro bait band and 13 hollo elastic set pingy .

13m shallow , although it was still very sunny and warm the wind was quite strong so i didnt want to go further out because feeding with a catty would be awkward , i used a 0.2 matrix float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 16 hook with a bait band and 13 hollo elastic .

Margin swim , on plumbing up it was very shallow tight to the side so i decided to find a depth of 1ft which i found 1ft away from the bank it was also handily positioned beside the only reeds present on my right hand bank , i used a Middy 0.2 float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 16 hook with black hydro elastic .

With the open matches on here having a six pint limit and because i was set up mainly for fishing on covey or the other canals targeting f1s i was in a bit of a quandary on which bait to take to my peg and i settled on ;

4mm hard tiger fish pellets , 2 pints

6mm hard tiger fish pellets , 2 pints

4mm cubed meat 1 pint

small tub of worms

As the all in sounded i went straight out with a medium cupping kit and deposited a full pot of 4mm tiger fish pellets , then went out with my deep rig and a 6mm hard pellet on the hook . It didn’t take long before i began getting indications and by pinging a few 4mm pellets over the top i got my first fish which was a carp around the 4lb mark and it put up a very spirited fight , because i was still in f1 fishing mode it probably took me a little to long getting it in but it was a good start to the day .

Un fortunately the wind started to get up and was very gusty which made holding the pole awkward , which in turn made getting good presentation very difficult and i had to go a few inch over depth to keep my rig still enough to get a bite . I was still picking up the odd fish which turned out to be barbel and skimmers around the 10oz mark , the gusty wind also meant i could no longer group the pellets near the float which i solved by using to a kinder pot .

After ninety minutes i was going no were fast and the conditions was in fact getting worse so i made the decision to start a new line closer in at a more comfortable 6m to my right the depth was only six inch shallower so i was able to use the same rig as at 13m . I kicked off this new line with a cupping kit full of 6mm hard tiger fish pellets this time as i wanted to target just the carp and i thought that feeding the 4mm pellets might have brought the skimmers and barbel into my 13m peg , it wasn’t long before i had my first carp from this new swim and by loose feeding pellets by hand i kept picking up the odd carp and big f1 , i noticed that i was deep hooking a few so my presentation wasn’t great and it took me a while to rectify this .

Just when i began putting a few fish together i would hook some thing a lot bigger which i just couldn’t stop and the end result would be a broken hook length , its some thing i haven’t had a problem with in the past and have caught some big doubles using this line . This would result in making the fish disappear and i couldn’t get my feeding pattern right to keep them in my swim long enough to put a decent weight together , the match just seemed to run away from me and before i knew it we was fast approaching the last ninety minutes so i began feeding the margin with meat , kept keeping an eye on it for any signs of fish and after twenty minutes i noticed a swirl so a quick rig change and i went over the top with a piece of meat on the hook but all this resulted in was liners .

As the all out sounded i was disappointing with how my match had drifted away from me and lack of preparation for fishing this lake , the weather conditions had played an important part in my low weight of 39lb which consisted of just eight carp and a few silvers . The six lost big carp i had wouldnt have cost me the section because England international Lee Kerry was a few pegs down from me and he won the lake with 94lb .

So that’s the big matches out of the way for another year but i will be back for another go next year were hopefully i will be more prepared to take any chances that come my way , although i didn’t draw any flyers i just think i didn’t make the most of my pegs . Back on the club match scene next week , f1 fishing on Hall lanes new water Bessies just hope i can keep my good club form going for the remaining four matches .

Thanks for reading my blogs Gary.