Jamie hughes at boldings fishery


Cunneries old canal

February 23rd , peg three old canal

I managed to finish work early i decided to spend a couple of hours after dinner fishing and as i had not done a great deal of f1 fishing in the past four months i wanted to refresh my memory on the latest methods used in catching them at this time of year before i returned to the big open matches at partridge lakes and i think you are either really confident in your angling ability or very naïve if you think a bit of practice does not do some good every so oftern, so i decided to head to Cunneries fishery which is stuffed with fish i also hadn’t been to it in over a year so it would be good to try somewhere different every once in a while and after the short twenty-minute trip i arrived at the venue where i was faced with an empty car park this meant i had my choice of where to sit but because we had clear skies with a low sun i thought that this might be a problem with the video camera so i settled on peg three which offered a bit of shade it was also only a short walk from the van , it was on the edge of the ripple giving the fish some cover from the bright conditions , it should give me a bit of room to draw fish from as well , so it had a lot of positives going for it although i had not been on this part of the old canal before .

As i was only going to be here for three hours i decided to target just two areas of my peg , these where ;

Farbank in front of the dead reed bed which was a comfortable 11m away it would give the f1s a bit of cover from the winter sun and after plumbing up i found a nice flat spot at 3ft just to the left of the mud bank , as i had only a gentle breeze to contend with today i could use a light 4×10 rw maggie float and i had a bit of a play about with the shotting pattern after watching the Jamie Hughes Pole fishing plus video my main line was the usual 014 .garbo which had a six-inch length of 009 garbo that had a size twenty matrix silver fish-hook attached .

Channel rig at six meters were it was a touch over four-foot deep so i used a 4×12 rw maggie float which had an on the drop shotting pattern my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch length of 009 garbo that had a size twenty matrix silver fish-hook attached , i would feed this swim with half a cupping kit of maggots every thirty minutes before going on it in the last hour of my session .

Bait for the day couldn’t have been any simpler as all i had with me was ;

One pint of red maggots

One pint of white maggots

At one o’clock i was ready to get started and i filled my small kinder pot full of maggots before shipping out to my marker i taped in three mags then pushed my rig up the shelf this would keep the line between hook+pole tip tight helping show up any of the finicky f1 bites , it took around ten minutes before i had my first indication and a further five more passed until i had my first fish which was an f1 around the 2lb mark not a bad start to the session , seven more followed in the next forty minutes and all the bites came just as my hook bait touched bottom i was also being really careful not to overfeed the swim which is one of my many downfalls when f1 fishing at this time of year , a couple of chub got in on the act that was spewing up maggots this was a sure sign that the f1s had backed off so out came the plummet and i found the same depth a couple of feet further to my left , yet again it took a couple of feeds before i was back into the f1s and i was surprised at just how big they were with the average size being well over the pound mark with some nudging three pounds .

After a while the fish backed off again and it was turning into an enjoyable cat+mouse session something that i hadn’t done for quite some time , i had about six different swims along the far bank going as far as 13m both right and left catching at least five fish from each of them , i was approaching the final forty minutes of my session and i had fed my channel swim since i had arrived so i was eager to give it a try before i left , my float had only just settled before it dipped under and i fed a large kinder pot after every fish by doing this i managed eight more in the remaining time before i left although their average size was slightly less than those along the far bank .

At 4 o’clock i decided to call time on my session because i didn’t want to get stuck in the rush hour traffic i had caught 35 f1s plus a few chub for around 50-60lb which wasnt bad in just three hours and although it wasnt in match conditions i still feel that i have blown away the cob webs regarding f1 fishing and as consequence I’m a bit unsure on were to go at the weekend as i have an option of going to Bradshaw’s to fish pond three or go to partridge were it will be on coveys 1-4 , decisions , decisions ! ! !