Bradshaws fishery , winter league round five

November 19th

I have been back to Bradshaw’s fishery today for round five of my winter league and with the first proper frost of winter plus blue skies meant i expected things would be tough going , on arrival to the venue the wind was blowing from right to left it was feeling really chilly and i was glad that i had wrapped up warm before i had set off on my journey to the fishery , even in these conditions there was nearly a dozen anglers already fishing and it looked like we could be tight for space on the match . It soon came round for the draw I pulled out peg 31 which was not too far from where i was last week and they struggled down that end so i wasnt expecting things to be great , although on the plus side it was an end peg for the competition but I had to put up with pleasure angler’s to my left throwing in corn all over the place and I also had every peg in towards my right.

I began setting up and disaster struck as my recently repaired 11m section wouldn’t fit into the number seven one so fishing long was out of the question so I was at a disadvantage straight away , with limited options i decided to set up ;

Four meters towards my left just at the bottom of the near slope and i was going to fish pellets here so i used a 4×14 Md pellet float which had an inch spread bulk starting above my four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Eleven meter directly in front of me which was the furthest that i could safely go and i was going to fish maggots over ground-bait , i used a 4×14 Md silver float which had a bulk plus two dropper shoting pattern and my main line was the usual 014 garbo that had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length attached .

Six meters slightly towards my right where it was the deepest part of my peg and i used a 4×14 Md maggot float with a staggered bulk shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo that had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length attached .

Bait for the day ;

3 pints of ground-bait

2 pints of soaked micros

3 pints of red and white maggots

small tub of 4mm expanders

When the all in sounded I started at 5m with pellets as i felt this was my best bet to catch some f1s+carp i began by clumping in some micros so that they fell in a heap directly to the bottom but i only managed a few small silvers doing this so i tried taping in some feed which i hoped would drag some better stamp fish in to the swim but after an hour had passed i still hadn’t seen any net fish , so i went out to 11m were I had earlier put in 3 balls of ground-bait and i began getting indications straight away but yet again they was just small silvers , i began cattying in some maggots every few minutes to try to draw some bigger fish this just produced more tiny fish and i was at a loss on what to do next but with the anglers all around me struggling it could just be a lack of anything decent in the area .

With half the match gone I was still really struggling so I put in a new swim towards my left kinder potting maggots in just to see if the ground-bait was attracting the small stuff and to an extent it did work because the silvers improved in size , i even managed a lonely f1 and then a perch around the pound mark which was nice catching as they aren’t in many commercials these days but it wasnt long before the tiny bits returned . With an hour of the match remaining and the light beginning to fade the pleasure anglers to my left began to pack up which gave me a bit of room so I put in yet another new swim this time directly in front at 6m , I began feeding small marble sized balls of sloppy ground-bait through a kinder pot before pinging a few maggots over the top and this finally got me some decent skimmers and f1’s but it was too little to late because i was quickly running out of time as the all out sounded to early for my liking .

I was the last to weigh in and when they arrived at my peg I ended up with 12lb which i caught most of it in the final hour it was easily enough for me to win my section , but I’m kicking myself a bit because just 16lb was required to come third overall and i felt that was manageable today if I had fished a bit better , the match was won from peg 25 with just under 40lb than second came from peg 7 with 25lb after that there was a couple of 16lb nets before the weights really dropped of which was no doubt down to the conditions .

I’m back at Old Hough on Sunday for the next round and with the weather going colder a good draw would be needed but hopefully i can keep away from the bad areas and consolidate my place at the top of the league as im on ten points at the moment after five rounds , fingers crossed i can drop at least one of my Bradshaw results then it will be a good winter league for me .


Bradshaw hall fisheries , round five winter league

12th November

I have been to Bradshaw’s fishery today for the 4th round of the winter league and it was due to take place on lake four which is somewhere that I had only fished once before coming third in the inter club match there this January , so I was really looking forward to it even though it was proper cold outside with plenty over night rain going in because you are usually guaranteed a few bites from the silvers and f1s . After my short drive to the fishery which only took about twenty minutes and i really need to make the effort to go more often next year , i met up with the lads contesting the winter league and everyone was looking forward to it as it had fished quite well on the recent club matches , we had most of the lake but with a few pleasure anglers on the early part it was going to be peg two miss one which could make things a bit interesting .It soon came round to draw time and i pulled out peg 27 which was half way along the far straight with your back to lake six , i was a bit unsure what to expect because i fancied a go on the opposite bank but at least i had a lot of open water to target although the wind was gusting from left to right and was forecast to get stronger as the match progressed .

With this in mind I decided to set up ;

Top four line just as the bottom levelled out a bit and as it was nearly six-foot deep here so i used a 4×16 Md maggot float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 010 garbo which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached .

Thirteen meter line it was six-inch deeper than the above swim and i decided to use a lighter 4×14 Md maggot float with a staggered bulk in the bottom third of the rig ,  my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 010 garbo which had a size 18 guru lwg hook attached with a micro bait band .

Two shallow rigs set at four-foot one with a bait band the other a normal maggot rig my float was a 4×12 Md maggot hook with an on the drop shotting pattern ,  my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 010 garbo which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached .

Bait for the day ;

3 pints of maggots

3 pints of soaked 4mm pellets

small tub of mixed 4mm and 6mm pellets

A mixture of ground-bait 50/50 frenzied hemp and f1 dark

When the all in sounded I fed 3 small balls of ground-bait on my four meter swim and began loose feeding a dozen maggots over the top every couple of minutes It wasn’t long before I began catching hand sized skimmers which was a good start to the match , the wind + tow was making presenting my rig really awkward and bites began to tail off after forty minutes so i fed another ball of ground-bait and decided to let it rest for a bit , I had fed pellets with a catty at 13m so i gave that a try I went on it expecting to catch small stockies with the odd better fish mixed in and i had a good run of fish on it including a bonus three-pound carp but yet again the wind was making presentation on the deck difficult , i knew that they had caught shallow on here and although i wasnt sure it would work today in the colder conditions but with my rig set at 4ft  i took the gamble of getting them up in the water this didn’t really work out for me and mid match i really struggled to put anything in the net I also lost two big skimmers when they jumped out of the water when hooked .

With just two hours remaining I put in a new swim at 11m towards my right were my pole was more manageable in the conditions and i fed a smaller softer ball of ground-bait with a dozen maggots through a cupping kit , my rig kept getting held up by small silvers as it fell so i bulked all my shotting a foot away from my hook length and this solved the problem as i was now catching a hand sized skimmer nearly every put in , when bites began to fade i put in a nugget of ground-bait in with a kinder pot which kept the fish interested and it wasnt long before i noticed the bottom fizzing away this resulted in a run of small f1s , the wind was getting continually stronger making my rig tow through pretty badly so i decided to double bulk my rig laying six-inch of line on the deck this kept my rig stationary and i was now waiting for positive lift bites I stayed here for the rest of the match catching skimmers + f1’s quite frequently.

At the all out I ended up third in the match and section with 34lb and 37lb won the opposite bank fished a lot harder with 20lb winning the section , I’m a bit disappointed with the result because I should have caught those extra few pounds and i did some things wrong but at least i have a better idea on what is required now , plus we are back there next week for round five so i don’t have long to wait to hopefully put things right , fingers crossed i can use this as one of my dropper results as i am on six points now after four matches and going from previous years ten points will be good enough to be the winter league champion .