Review of Malmans floats

As you are all probably aware floats these days are all pretty much the same and therefore its all down to personal preference , these days i have began using Malmans after getting recommended them by other good anglers .

Winter wires

As you can probably guess by the title i use these floats in the depths of winter for delicate biting f1s with both pellet and maggot , they have a 1mm nylon bristle which magnifies those shy indication . It has an elongated rugby ball-shaped body and a wire stem this helps counter balance the skimming wind you some times get in winter , overall i find them an extremely good float too use in cold conditions .

winter wire float

winter wire float


The above floats are really good in the depths of winter but i was on the look out for some thing with a more substantial bristle that i could easily spot at 16m or in the low autumn sun shine , these floats are ideal for doing just that and they have the same wire stem , elongated rugby ball-shaped body but the bristle is twice as thick as the winter wire .




My margin floats are these because they have a diamond-shaped body for extra stability and a thick buoyant tip this enables you to use big hook baits which you normally use when fishing close to the side when fishing for carp , it also helps you distinguish between line bites if you leave plenty bristle showing .



All the floats in the range come with a whipped on side eye for extra strength and are also in various sizes , if you are looking at changing to a new set of floats then i would recommend looking at these and i have used these for over a year with no breakages or more importantly no cuts in the body from were the line cuts into it .

These are my views only and i am in no way affiliated with the manufactures of these products .

Sycamore fisheries

Sept 14th , peg 31

Rowans canal

Rowans canal

After yesterdays good result at Partridge lakes where i had managed to win my section , i was looking forward to contesting todays match at Sycamore fisheries but with it taking place on just Rowans canal because their was a club match taking place on Silver birch which was the other match canal and therefore i expected the fishing to be quite hard although it would be the same for everyone which might make it a bit fairer .

As i was waiting for the draw i had a quick look at the results from the earlier days and it seemed that on Weds match the place to be was the low thirty numbered pegs were the wind had blown into , when it came round for my turn out i pulled corner peg 31 and it was in the right area but i do have a dislike to corner pegs on here because you can get bogged down with too many options . When i got to my peg i had the benefit of whatever little breeze there was blowing my way but it did cause a bit of a hinderance as the match progressed with scum gathering in the corner , i decided to not confuse myself and concentrate on both margins , top three and shallow which i only set up as an after thought because their was a few fish topping between the point of the island and the bank but with all the bank side pressure they soon disappeared as i began setting up.



Margin 2ft deep , malmams 0.3 float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 lwg guru hook and elastic was red matrix .

Shallow 1ft+2ft , matrix 0.3 series three float with 0.12 garbo direct to a gamma pellet hook size twenty and elastic was orange matrix .

Top three rig , malmams 0.3 winter wire  with 0.12 garbo main line which had a 0.10 garbo hook length , a size 20 gamma pellet hook and elastic was red matrix .

I had a lot of mixed maggots left from Saturdays match and my mate also gave me a few pints which he had left so i decided to concentrate on just using them today , my side tray looked rather bare compared to my usual wide choice of bait that i usually take to a match . When the all in sounded i began flicking maggots onto both margins where i had earlier plumbed up to find two foot and then started fishing on my top three directly in front of me , i started by trickling in the maggots through a large kinder pot as i expected a mid thirty pound weight to be good enough to frame today .


My first drop produced a little dink which resulted in f1 number one coming to the net and on my next put in i hadn’t even had time to empty my kinder poy before fish number two put in an appearance , if it stayed like this i could be on for a nice weight but after a couple more it began to fade and you know that your feeding isn’t correct when the tench-crucians start muscling in on the action . When this happens it is usually a sign to set up a swim elsewhere but as we was only twenty minutes into the match and the fact that i was still putting fish in the net i decided to try some different feeding patterns , it seemed to work for me as the stockies made an appearance and in the first hour i had a dozen fish over a pound plus a couple of smaller samples which was more than i caught in five hours the last time i fished a match on here .


I decided to give my top three-line a rest and tried my left hand margin where i had thrown in a dozen maggots every five minutes , i began picking up a few fish but there seemed to be a lot of fish down there because i was getting lots of line bites with them hitting my spread bulk . I changed to an on the drop shotting pattern but this was even worse as now my rig was falling right on top of the fish and i began foul hooking them , i tried fishing at half depth but strangely couldn’t get a proper indication so i presumed that the stockies where head down in the silt with their tails hitting the line and maybe i had set my margin swim in too deep water .

By the two-hour mark the scum towards my right hand was really bad and i had to bulk my shot right on top of the hook length to get it down to the deck but this didn’t stop the fish feeding though with a couple of nice carp making their way to the bank . the trouble was that some of my maggots had started to caster and was getting stuck in the surface debris this brought some big fish mouthing at them which made fishing on the deck a bit problematic , i did try to mug one with a caster but they knew what they was doing and just ignored it .


With two hours remaining and nearly thirty f1-stockies in the net i decided to have a spell fishing shallow because the fish were back topping just of the island , i started on my two foot shallow rig which had a longish leader on it because i have found that to be the best tactic when slapping for the stockies and as i was unsure what they were yet i didn’t want them to back off before i had them competing confidently . It wasn’t long before i had them lined up though with f1 after f1 coming to the net , a change of rig to one set one foot deep with only a six-inch lash between float – pole tip increased my bite conversion rate significantly and so did getting into a routine of feeding before i shipped out before slapping-tapping when my rig was in the water .

This resulted in a further twenty fish in a ninety minute spell before they just disappeared with thirty minutes of the match remaining and i should have  gone back to my margin as their it is usually prolific in the last hour , but i stayed on my shallow swim and i could only get a bite by putting my rig in two meters away from where i had fed , right on the whistle i lost a big stamp carp which i knew was foul hooked because i had slapped my rig right on top of it and i just hopped that it wouldn’t cost me a chance of framing because these things usually do on open matches .


When they came to me for the weigh in i had a low fifty pound weight to beat which was a bit of a surprise as like i said at the start i expected a mid thirty pound to be enough to frame , my first net weighed 47lb and i felt it could be close as i only had a dozen fish in the other one which fortunately was enough to take the lead with sixty pound but their was still another nine pegs to weigh in but luckily for me that side did not fish well with thirty pound being the best weighed.


So three matches in to my proper open match trail and a section win at Partridge lakes plus an open match win at Sycamore fisheries so lets hope i can continue my run of form , i have a two-week break before i am back on the bank but at least it will give me a chance to spend my winnings because i also picked the bonus ball up today which meant that 350 came my way over the weekend and that will pay my match fees for the next few months .

Partridge lakes

2nd Feb covey 3 , peg 63

covey 3

covey 3

After having an en-forced lay off from fishing due to the weather i was finally back at Partridge lakes again to contest the popular open match , with the Leigh tackle winter league also taking place today the venue was yet again buzzing with people and over 160 anglers present the open match was also fully booked with 64 contesting it .

As i was waiting in line for the draw my mate was telling me about how bad it had fished Thursday especially on my favourite lake covey three where he said that it was gin clear and lots of people blanked around the 60 numbered pegs . So when i pulled out 63 i wasn’t best impressed although i had won my section from here on the last two times i fished it and i hopped to make it three in a row but wasn’t that confident .


When i arrived at my home for the day the wind had got up and was blowing from left to right which would make fishing to the far bank a bit awkward , but i had fished this peg in similar conditions last year and caught well fishing the top five too my right at 4 ft on the near side slope . I couldn’t fish to the left hand pallet how i won my section the last time i drew it because with so many fishing they had decided to peg 2 and miss 1 and some one was sat on it .With my empty peg being too my right it was an area for me to target but i wasn’t too sure if it would produce today with two anglers fishing towards it .

With me not fishing for a few weeks i had taken the opportunity to tinker with my rigs and decide on a different feeding pattern but today wasn’t the ideal day for me to try it .



4ft 4×14 malmams speedy float because it has a thicker more visible tip which i can see better along the far bank , i also changed the shotting pattern to a bulk and two droppers with a 6 inch garbo 0.10 hook length and a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

5ft 4×16 malmams winter wire float also with a changed shotting pattern of bulk and two droppers  , with 0.12 garbo main line and 0.10 garbo 6 inch hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

2ft Malmams speedy with a thicker bristle and left a bit more showing to allow for line bites , 0.12 garbo line with a 6 inch hook length and size 20 gamma pellet hook



1/2 pint mixed maggots

1/4 pint micros

1/4 pint crushed expanders

small tub of expanders . normal and white

As the all in sounded i went on to my 4 ft rig but this time on my near side shelf at 5 meters to my right , i began flicking in four maggots every five minutes around my float and was also laying in my rig different ways to try to get a bite . Thirty minutes in without a sign of a fish , but no one else had caught any thing either . My thinking behind fishing my near slope first was i wanted to create a safe area for the f1s to congregate on my far bank away from the angling pressure and i could hopefully bag up later in the session plus i had done well on my near slope the last few times that i had fished this peg .

With this line not working i had a quick look at the spare platform with dead maggots on the hook , i choose dead maggots thinking that it would be more acceptable for the wary f1s and carp .But another bite less twenty minutes meant i had to go on my banker line earlier than i planned but before i did , i fed a medium cupping kit with dead maggots in towards my spare platform and on my channel swim 7 meters to my right where their was more room for the fish to settle .I would feed these every thirty minutes before trying it in the last ninety minutes of the match .

So one hour into the match and already on to plan c although it was usually the best area to fish but with no one else around me even having had a bite yet i hadn’t done too much damage , i shipped across with a white expander on the hook and dropped in only six micros with it fishing extremely hard today i began lift-dropping to try to get a bite but another twenty minutes past with out an indication Things wasn’t going well !!!


I was just on the verge of setting up a new line along the far bank when out of the blue my float dipped and i was attached to one of the bigger f1s in the lake , i managed to get it in the net without much fuss and had a few envious glances from the anglers around me . With renewed confidence i shipped back out but choose not to re-feed but no further indications followed so i tapped in a small nugget of crushed expander but still nothing Looks like it was going to be a very long day .

I set up a new line a meter to my right but this time using maggots because that’s what the regulars use on here and it was also a bait that would hopefully give me a chance of a few silvers which could be important in this hard section , this kind of worked with an ide almost instantly but no more bites followed which was a worry .



I put in yet another new line at the bottom of the slope at 5 ft and dripped in a few maggots but this didn’t produce either , another rotation of my swims didn’t either and the wind had got even stronger so fishing across was getting awkward too present a bait .Their was nothing left for me to do other than concentrate on my near slope until the wind dropped , so just like i started the match i began flicking in four maggots every five minutes after about twenty minutes my float dipped Had the f1s arrived at last ?

No was the answer with another ide making its way to the net and at this point of the match with an hour left no one else in my section had caught so i was still in front but the f1s could turn up at any time because the last hour is usually the best on here , the wind had dropped long enough for me to fish across again but after rotating my far banks 4 ft lines without success . I saw a fish swirl in the shallower water nearer the island so a change of rig to 2 ft produced another ide but with just 15 minutes remaining the guy to my left landed an f1 and i was beginning to get worried but he couldn’t manage any more before the all out sounded .


When it came to the weigh in only one other anger weighed in on my section and four anglers either side of us didn’t even have a bite , fortunately for me my four fish weighed 3 lb which was enough for the section and that was my 4 th in the last six visits all on covey three . So you could say looking at my blog that covey 3 is fishing hard at the moment but the results show different with two 50 lb weights from the pegs in the 50s which meant the f1s had balled up and it seemed to be the same on the other coveys as well apart from 5+6 .

Going to be back on their next Sunday so lets hope to draw on a few fish , but before that i will be fishing Widdows fishery on Tuesday for hopefully a bit of silver action .

Sycamore fishery

Silver birch canal , peg 4 . 21st Jan


After managing to finish work at dinner time and with the weather forecast to be pretty reasonable for the time of year , i decided to have a trip to Sycamore fishery for a bit of f1 fishing and practice the far slope line which has worked well at Partridge lakes also my mate wanted to fish the open their on Sunday so it would give him some idea on how it was fishing now .

I arrived at the venue at 12 pm and was surprised to see three anglers on Rowans canal because after looking on the internet i saw that on recent form it wasn’t fishing that great so i decided to settle on peg 4 at Silver birch and as i had remembered from my previous visits here that you were targeting small 8 oz f1s and slightly bigger stockies , the bait that was doing the damage recently seemed to be pellet .


It was nearly 14 meter across but i had planned on finding that all important 4 ft depth and on plumbing up i found this at both 11 meter and 4 meter so with the limited time that i had available i decided to use just one rig which would cover multiple swims .

winter wire

winter wire


As i was only fishing at 4 ft i choice to use a 4×14 malman winter wires with a spread bulk an inch apart starting 6 inch from the hook  and my main line was 0.12 garbo attached to a size 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma maggot hook .


I still had a bit of bait left over from the week ends match so it was going to be a pretty cheap day .

1/4 pint red and white maggots

1/4 pint fluro pinkies

1/4 pint soaked micros

1/4 pint crushed expander

small tub 4 mm expanders both normal and white

My first line of attack was 11 meters which was 2 ft away from the island towards the left hand of my swim and here i started off with pellet , i put a 4 mm normal expander on the hook and kinder potted in some micros dusted with some crushed expander . I began lift-dropping to try to entice my first bite of the day , but after ten minutes i was still waiting so i decided to try a change of hook bait to my favourite white 4 mm expander and on my very next drop the float buried and i was attached to a small 8 oz f1 , coincidence or had the fish just turned up and found the feed or was it the hook bait ?


I then started a run of fish and they seemed bigger than i remembered from my last visit about 4 months ago and wasn’t far away from the stamp of Rowans , after catching 8 in the first hour the bites began getting iffy so i decided to rest the swim for a while . I set up a new line 2 ft to my left but choose to use maggots here which would give me a contrast of the two baits and i found that maggot gave me a quicker more positive indication , another ten fish followed in the next hour including a surprise mirror of around 3 lb which i managed to hit with the landing net and break my hook length .

It wasn’t long before the wind got up which made presenting a nice hook bait difficult and it can be a problem on here with it being so open , for my last hour a decided to fish my top 3 line to my left which was half way up the near slope . I had fed this area for two hours so expected an immediate response and i wasn’t disappointed with a fish on my first drop .


My peg was getting stronger and stronger , i couldn’t get in quick enough they was all putting up a spirited fight on the light orange size ten matrix elastic and i even began to forget about the cold but with some dark clouds fast approaching it looked like the fore cast rain would soon be here so i reluctantly decided to pack up with my final total being 35 f1s + stockies in just over three hours .

Not bad for the time of year and although i was on my own on the Silver birch canal today it did give me some idea of how well it was fishing at present but will be a lot harder on a match and when i got back to the car the heavens opened which was good timing !!!

Back to Partridge Sunday weather permitting of course , lets see if i can get the extra few fish i need to get my section . So keep coming back to see how i get on .

Partridge lakes

peg 89 Covey 4 , 19th Jan

After last weeks section win on Partridge lakes i was eager on a return and today was my chance to get back , i woke up to find light drizzle after two days of heavy showers but the forecast for the rest of the day was going to be very nice with a light breeze and warmish for the time of year .

These conditions brought the anglers out in force with the open match being full with 65 attending and they where also turning anglers away because they hadn’t booked on which was a surprise because it had been fishing hard on their at present and four of the top six weights on Saturdays match had come from covey 5 which wasn’t in the open match today . The Leigh tackle winter league was also taking place and in mid January it resembled a fisho qualifier with 145 people knocking about .


When it got round to my turn for the draw i really fancied a return to covey 3 were i always seem to do well but i pulled out peg 89 on covey four , not my favourite lake and also a new area to contend with . As i arrived at my peg i noticed that i was probably on the worst one in the section but im not using that as an excuse for a bad days fishing .

I felt that after last week that i was beginning to finally get my head around the venue and had worked on a plan to get the best from most pegs on the complex , this was to target the 4 ft line for most of the match because that is the area i had most success with and i also had a channel swim as a back up plan .

malmams winter wire

malmams winter wire


4 ft rig for pellets was 0.10 garbo line straight through to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , my shotting pattern was a strung bulk a cm apart and starting 6 inch from the hook .

4 ft rig for maggots was 0.1o garbo line straight through to a size 20 gamma black hook , my shotting pattern was a strung bulk an inch apart starting 6 inch from the hook .

6 ft channel rig was 0.12 garbo main line to a 0.10 6 inch hook length of 0.10 garbo with a size 20 gamma pellet hook attached , it had a strung bulk starting just above the short hook length .

all rigs were used with size 10 orange matrix which i have found to be perfect for the f1s and carp on here , using a preston pulla bung .



1/4 pint fluro pinkies

1/4 pint red and white maggots

1/4 pint soaked micros

1/4 pint crushed expander

small tub 4 mm expanders normal and white

As the all in sounded i went across to the left hand part of my peg about 2 ft away from the far bank with a white 4 mm expander on the hook and a dozen micros in the cad pot , i was hopping to get an early carp like last time i was on this lake . After lifting-dropping for five minutes before a little dip saw me attached to a carp that bottomed out my orange matrix elastic out and just kept on going , not the start i was looking for worse was to follow when on my next put in saw me loose a big f1 at the net .

Thirty minutes in and i finally managed to start putting a few f1s in the net , they seemed to be a lot bigger stamp on covey four than in the other coveys and all the bites where just tiny dips on the float but my malmam winter wires was working extremely well , by slowly pushing my rig up the slope i managed to get my expander registering on the float which showed all the finicky f1 bites .

I had been extremely careful not to over feed so it was a surprise when my swim died on me but that seems to be the norm for on here , i wasn’t that entirely bothered though because i had what i felt was my best bait to use now and i made another line 2 ft to my right still at 4 ft depth though . I shipped out with a single maggot on the hook and six maggots in the kinder pot , but un-fortunately this only resulted in small rudd and i noticed other anglers being plagued by silvers using this bait so i made the bold decision to forget maggots which had won me my previous sections and concentrate on just pellets .

I went back out with a pellet on the hook with a bit of crushed expander in the pot and this resulted in another run of big f1s , so they must have been their all the time but couldn’t get to the bait before the greedy rudd which doesn’t happen on the other coveys . Suddenly my swim died and i didn’t get any sort of indication i was just going to set up another swim when my float buried and i was attached to a carp and this time i managed to get it in with out too much bother , but on my next put in i lost an f1 at the net which un-settled my 4 ft line so i decided to try else were in my peg .

My next two hours was a complete disaster , first i tried my channel swim at 11 meter to my right with out a bite in thirty minutes , then i tried my 4 foot rig along the near slope for thirty minutes with out a bite and finally i work my far bank lines again without success . This mid match quiet spell happens to me every time that i fish on here and i need to sort it out because today it definitely cost me a chance for my section .

In the last hour i finally found some fish at six meters mid channel to my right , i had upped my feed to a full medium kinder pot of micros and crushed expander to try and make some thing happen which it fortunately did and i began a run of f1s with another carp mixed in but i knew that i was at least six fish behind so i began rushing to get them in quicker and this resulted in me pulling the hook out of a couple .

When the all out sounded i knew that i hadn’t done enough to compete in my section this week with my 14 f1s and 2 carp not being enough against the 21 and 24 f1s caught either side of me , if i had found the fish in the channel quicker or found a couple in the quiet spell it could have been all so different and so for the first time in an age i decided not to weigh in but i think i have learned a lot again today and really need to start putting it all together in a match .

Partridge lakes

Jan 12th , peg 73 covey three

covey three

covey three

After having had a few successful weekends silver fishing , i thought it was about time for my first match of the year and my destination of choice was to be Partridge lakes where on my last few visits had done well picking up the odd section and getting a couple of fifths , i just hope i can get back in to the f1 groove .

As i was travelling on my own to the match today i decided on a later start than usual because last time i went i was stood about for ages waiting for my friends to arrive , when i woke on Sunday i was faced with a frozen car which took me a lot longer than i planned on getting ready to go and as a result meant i only got their just on time to pay .

The frost on the ground wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be but as it was the first proper one of the year this meant it would fish hard today but no doubt some one would be sat on a ball of f1s and be in for a good days fishing Hope its me . We had forty people who decided to brave the elements so as their was no winter league this weekend they decided to use all six coveys and spread the anglers about , not to sure if this would be a good idea because it would allow the f1s too back off into the quieter areas of the lakes .

As i was waiting towards the back of the draw queue i was thinking about where i didn’t fancy drawing and coveys 2 + 5 was high on the list as was being in the split because i cant get my head round fishing them and it was also prone to getting a lot of wind and with my pole being quite old it gets blown around a lot .


When it got round for my turn to pick i pulled out peg 73 on covey 3 which to be honest was my preferred destination and its funny how i always tend to end up on covey 3 all the time , good job i like it on their .The peg number seemed very familiar and its only when i got their that i remembered it was the same peg that i fished on the fisho qualifier the previous year and it wasn’t far from where i had won my section a few weeks ago .The only down side was the fact it was on the split but i had only one other angler to contend with on their and i was also on the windward side which was another positive because as you all know the f1s prefer a ripple above their heads on here .

My peg was only 10 meters wide so i would have to make use of all the extra space i had to my left if i was going to do any good today , i decided on 4 rigs today but expected to catch the best at four-foot because that’s what has worked well for me recently .

winter wire

winter wire


3 ft deep rig , 4×12 malmams winter wire with spread bulk starting above the 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook .

4ft deep rig , 4×14 malmams winter wire with a 1 cm spread bulk starting above the 0.09 supplex hook length with a size 20 gamma pellet hook and this rig was for pellets .

4 ft deep rig , 4×14 malmams winter wire with a 1 inch spread bulk starting above the 0.09 supplex hook length with a size 20 gamma black hook and this was for maggots .

channel rig , 4×16 malmams winter wire with a 1 inch spread bulk starting above the 0.10 garbo hook length with a size 18 gamma pellet hook .



1/2 pint red maggots

1/2 pint fluro pinkies

1/2 pint micros dusted in crushed expanders

small tub 4mm expanders normal and white

Because i had expected the fishing to be hard i decided on taking some fluro pinkies with me today although in my rush to get ready this morning i forgot my bread .

As the all in sounded i went out to my 4 ft rig swim which was 2 ft away from the far bank rushes , with a single red maggot on the hook and deposited six maggots capped of with a few micros dusted with crushed expander because i expected it to fish hard i was using the firenzee micro pole pots today being careful not to over feed . I lowered my rig in with the feed and just as it settled my float slowly slid under , a quick lift resulted into me being attached to some thing heavy and after about five seconds my small hook got dislodged , when i got my rig in it had a scale the size of a ten pence attached to it Not the best of starts .

I shipped straight back out and re feed hopping that the disturbance wouldn’t have scared the f1s away , ten minutes of working my rig resulted in a little dink and i was on my way with my first f1 of the day . Another quickly followed before it went quiet on me and i was now in a quandary on whether to re-feed or not because i couldn’t see many other people catching , i made the decision to risk it but twenty minutes of in activity saw me reaching for my pellet rig and another swim was plumbed up two feet to my right .

In this swim i would only be feeding micros i shipped out with a white expander on the hook and after another quick f1 before it went quiet but this time i decided not to re-feed after it , another twenty minutes past before my float lifted a few mm and i was attached to another fish  , after this one i decided to put some bait in because i hadn’t feed this line for thirty minutes .

After the first hour my four f1s had me well on the way to catching the twenty fish i felt would be needed to get the section today but after my decent start this is where i began to struggle with the next two hours seeing me put nothing in the net and i was also going through my rigs to try to find the fish , i had fed my channel swim at 6 m to my left with a dozen maggots every twenty minutes for two hours and this didn’t produce a single bite neither did my 4 ft margin swim in front of the empty platform .

So for the last two hours i decided to concentrate on my only line that produced any fish even though the wind had got up and would make presenting a good rig very difficult . I had read some were that triple fluro pinkie can get you bites from f1s when all else fails because i hadn’t feed this line with any feed for two hours i decided to try feeding and fishing pinkie , this resulted in me getting back among the f1s but it was noticeable that you would get two bites in quick succession before a long quiet spell , so i kept setting up new swims further and further too my left and at 13 meters i was really struggling to see the float and i resorted into taking a shot from my rig and lifting at any thing that resembled a bite .

In the last two hours i put a further ten f1s in the net and only lost a foul hooked carp , but i got a feeling that the fish didn’t want to be at this depth because normally they would pull the elastic left or right when you hooked them but today they was pulling the elastic towards me and really bending the pole tip down . Funny thing was i couldn’t get a bite in the channel on the deck and i cant see them being shallow or could they be ?

At the all out i was un sure how well i had done in the section because the anglers to the right of the bridge had caught similar to me but luckily they wasn’t in my section and in fact the lake was won from the side of the bridge with 22 lb he also had 14 fish too , the guy either side of me had five fish each and the aerator peg didn’t produce today and for the third time in four matches on here i had won my section with 17lb . If i had concentrated more on the 4 ft far bank line i would have caught considerably more but im learning all the time on here and not bad for a noddy who can’t catch on Fleetwood fish market !!!


Un fortunately there is not catch shots today because i couldn’t feel my fingers during the match and didn’t want to drop my phone in the lake and i have to find a way of keeping my hands warm because that’s all that’s preventing me from enjoying my self fishing in the cold conditions .









Sephton lakes

30th December

Sephton lakes

Sephton lakes

Today was my last match of the year which was supposed to have taken place at Hall lane fishery but when i arrived at the venue the forecast 60 mph winds had made it un-fish able so when everyone had turned up we had a decision to make on what to do and a few understandably decided to go back home but the rest choose to fish Sephton lakes which was only a ten minute drive away , where hopefully it would be more fish able due to the fact that it was covered by trees on three sides . When we arrived at the venue we saw that half the lake was flat calm while the other had the wind ripping through , so obviously we choose the better area to fish and if it stayed like this we should be in for a good day and after speaking to the owner he allowed us to use our nets so we could run our match on their .

When we did the draw i pulled out peg two which meant nothing to me because i had only been there once for a look round to see if it was big enough for a club match and i knew that it was mainly a silver fish water with a few big carp in it , the lake was a tear drop shape with two islands at either side and in the middle of them was an aerator. It held about twenty pegs and my home for the day was situated in between the two islands .

Sephton lakes

Sephton lakes

I had lots of open water to attack but in the changeable conditions i choose to fish no further out than 11 meters and after plumbing up i was surprised to find only three-foot depth from the margins to as far as i could reach , i just hoped that this wouldn’t affect the fishing and as i was only set up for f1s then i would have to use one of my Partridge lakes rigs but alter it by putting a lighter hook length on and a bulk with a single dropper shotting pattern .


With the depth being only three-foot i choose a 0.3 winter wire , my main line was 0.12 garbo and a 0.10 garbo hook length attached was a size 20 gamma black hook .

Bait table

Bait table


1/2 pint maggots

1/4 pint soaked micro

1/4 pint green swim stim

We decided as we was running a bit late because we had to change venues that we would fish 10.30 till 4 and as i had my timer with me then i would be the person who shouts all in ( always need to be involved some how with running the match ) As i shouted for the start of the match i went out to my 11 meter swim and deposited a medium kinder pot of micros-swim stim ball and a single maggot on the hook . After ten minutes i was in to my first fish which was a small skimmer about 4 oz but at least i hadn’t blanked , which was always a good sign on a new water when you don’t really know what to expect .

After a slow start i began putting the odd fish in the net and the bites where just little dinks but with me shotting the float right to its tip i was managing to hit more than i missed , then of course the inevitable happened and the strong wind changed direction it began blowing straight into my face . This resulted in me having to take a shot of my rig to show a bit more bristle which of course reduced my catch rate and i even tried pellet which got me a bigger stamp of skimmer but i would have to wait longer for a bite .


Two hours into the match and i was doing better than most of the anglers around me but this is where my match began to fall apart ;

The wind got even stronger making it hard to hold the pole

The rain started coming down heavy

i started shivering in the cold

The bites stopped because i couldn’t present my bait properly

My pellets got blown off my side tray

It was about this time that i noticed the lad to my right was picking up the odd fish on the tip , so after struggling with the wind for forty minutes with only the odd fish coming my way i made the decision to go to the car for my tip rod and maybe warm up a bit with a brew while i was waiting for the tip to pull round .

Feeder rod 

9ft maver feeder rod

4lb maver genisis main line

2ft 0.10 garbo main line

small maggot feeder , set up was a paternoster rig .

After getting everything set up i managed to start hitting the aerator and i was casting every five minutes to put some bait in but the wind was making it really hard to hit the same place , i began getting the odd liner but no proper bites and occasionally i would come back in with a smashed maggot so i was also getting bites but not seeing them !!!

After about thirty minutes of not catching my hands had warmed up enough to fish the pole properly again and the wind had relented enough to aid in presentation, so i went back out on my 11 meter line again with maggot on the hook because by this time all my pellet tubs had blown off the side tray again !!!

I also had to re-build my swim up and i really wanted to fish further out because the guy to my left had been able to fish an extra section past me because the island was giving him a bit of protection from the gusty wind and he was also catching quite well now . Whereas my peg was also set a bit further back and i had the wind right in my face but i would just have to get on with it .

It took about thirty minutes to start getting bites again and i hopped the ninety minutes of in-activity wouldn’t cost me too much  (but of course it did ) when i did start catching again they was coming thick and fast , mainly small roach with the odd better skimmer mixed in with them and i was still feeding six maggots with a ball of micros-swim stim after every fish .

I was getting the odd line bite so a change of shotting pattern brought me a few fish on the drop including a 10 oz roach which was a nice bonus , it seemed i was doing a lot better than those around me again so i decided to increase the feed to get them back on the deck where the skimmers would hopefully be easier to catch and this seemed to work but it also coincided with the wind getting stronger and even more rain .

As i shouted the all out i was glad to call a halt to the match because the conditions made fishing impossible at times and to be honest we was lucky to be on the bank at all , for the record i finished third my 27 fish got me 9lb 12 oz only 8oz from 2nd but nowhere near the winner who had over 15 lb and i was just glad i didn’t embarrass my self in this company because a few where from mossella north-west including Jason Mc clean who runs the team so it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that he won the match today . Nez who runs a few mfs matches got second with 10lb but he is used to fishing in that sort of company with the standard of angler you get fishing on mfs , the others were sponsored by tackle shops and are doing well in the Partridge winter league .

It was a close run match and if i was set up better for silver fish fishing im sure that i would have caught a lot more , but i had to make do with one of my Partridge lake f1 rigs because i expected to be fishing for carp at Hall lane but you live and learn

Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs this year and it’s always nice to get some good feed back from you , don’t forget to keep coming back next year as i will hopefully be doing a few more fisho and match this qualifiers , plus it will be my last season in the balmoral fishing club lets see if i can go out with a bang . I will be concentrating more on the opens at Hall lane and Partridge lakes which will be fun .

So happy new year , hope to see you all in 2014 .