f1s and carp underwater feeding

I have noticed that recently there has been a couple of videos put up on youtube about how F1s and carp feed so i have decided to put a few words down about it and i hope that you find them as beneficial to your fishing as i did .

Video one 

When you begin feeding your peg either with a catty or through a kinder pot you start to attract the fish which are already in your swim this activity soon grabs the attention of any passing carp , the more feed that you put in makes the carp more competitive and they tend to pick up a mouth full of pellets before leaving the swim to digest them . F1s on the other hand are a lot more delicate turning up right to pick up a solitary pellet and virtually don’t move while they digest the bait , it is noticeable that when the initial feed of bait has been eaten the fish soon disappear looking for their next meal .

Video two 

The fish get attracted into your peg at different times during your feeding cycle , when you first drop in your feed you get the odd inquisitive fish that’s already in your swim feeding before the carp+f1s start competing for the increasing amount of pellets but as soon as these greedy fish have demolished the bait they soon disappear looking for their next meal and this is when the shyer species turn up Tench-Crucians-Skimmers get in on the action ,these pick up any odd pellet that has been left plus any particles of crushed feed .

So if you begin getting bothered by the small species of fish when you have caught f1s+carp then you need to start re-feeding to draw them back into your peg or a better option would be to continue feeding so the bigger fish stay attracted to your swim .

Video three

When you begin loose feeding the F1s will dart about trying to grab the falling feed which is probably why when fishing shallow you can get them competing hard and they tend to hook themselves by pulling the elastic out but when feeding on the deck they move very slowly and precise in picking up the odd pellet while , hardly moving they turn up right to digest the food and this movement would barely register on the float unless you had a shot close to the hook , this could explain why when you move your rig to begin lift-dropping there is a fish already on the end of it .

F1s will usually watch the loose feed pellets fall through the water and either pick them up as they drop or when they have been on the deck for a few seconds , if the bait has been on the bottom for over a minute the F1s will tend to ignore it waiting for the next batch of pellets to fall through the water . This is why little and often feeding works so well for F1s and i also think that a falling bait catches their attention a lot more encouraging them to grab at the dropping pellet .

Video four

Loose feeding maggots is a great way of getting the fish competing shallow , large handfuls of bait draws them into your peg where they often start grubbing around on the bottom before they work up through the layers till they get to the source of the feed . When you have them feeding shallow you can begin to cut the amount of feed going in and this will help increase your catch rate because the fewer loose offerings the greater the chance of a fish picking up your hook bait but there’s a fine line between feeding , too little and the fish will drift out of your peg and too much will push them back to the bottom so you will be waiting longer for bites .

Video five

When using a normal method feeder the fish instantly attack the feeder knocking the ground-bait from the method , the carp then take a mouth full of the lake bed before turning up right to help them distinguish between what is feed and what is lake bed . It’s surprising how many times the fish pick up the hook bait without actually moving the feeder which shows the importance of having a very short hook length when you are fishing the method .

Video six

When you are using a cage feeder particles of ground-bait get washed out of it as it falls through the water ,when it reaches the bottom the fish attack the feeder knocking all the ground-bait out of it . I think that a longer hook length will allow your hook bait to fall naturally through the water among the particles being released from your dropping feeder , this allows you to catch fish on the drop and as the cage feeder doesn’t give you a tight area of feed like the method so a longer hook length wouldn’t be a hinderance to attracting a bite .

Video seven

When cupping in a ball of feed as it falls a few particles come off it which attracts the fish from the upper layers towards the bottom , they then attack the ball as it reaches the deck creating large clouds of bait and therefore creating a bigger area to draw the fish into . As usual on heavy stocked commercials it only takes one carp to start nosing at the ball before it triggers the other fish into competing for the food and when you lower your rig over the top of the feeding fish they are that confident or pre-occupied that they will take the bait as it falls if they see it drop , but strangely even though they are competing hard a static bait fails to attract a bite so working your rig will usually get you an indication instantly so it just goes to show how important movement of your rig is and why maggots , worms with their natural wriggle will often get you more bites .

From watching these short videos it has given me an insight on how Carp-F1s feed and what interests me most is ;

1, by keeping a constant rain of feed going in will first attract the fish before keeping them competing in your swim , but as soon as you’re feeding stops they will disappear looking for their next meal .

2, F1s are really delicate feeders when fishing on the deck they just pick up single pellets and hardly move while they eat it , so your rig needs to be spot on for you to see the bites from them with either a short hook length or shot being close to your hook being beneficial .







Gone fishing Springview

Sept 25th

Day three of my week off work and also my last fishing day for a fortnight , after having had a couple of good days fishing the pole i wanted some were to fish on the tip for a change and to be honest i am not really that good when using one so the practice will do me some good . After speaking to my mate from Balmoral fishing club he suggested going to Gone fishing in Spring view because he had fished it for the last two week ends and had caught a lot of carp both times , the venue isn’t that far from where i live but i haven’t visited it for over two years and i don’t know why but i tend to neglect my local venues for those further a field , its some thing that i will need to think about rectifying next season .

Gone fishing is a thirty peg natural ish water in an oblong shape with three floating islands , the main species seem to be carp which go up to 20lb and this of course makes it a prime target for the bivvy boys with their annoying bite alarms !!! Their is also a good head of f1s , bream and silvers , at the back of the complex is a round 12 peg water which was used as a training pond by the previous owners .

When i arrived at the lake i proceeded to have a walk round to see what pegs were free because their was quite a few cars parked up , ten anglers were already scattered all over the place but their was one island in the middle that no body was targeting so this is where i set up my stall and i didn’t really fancy sitting with the train tracks behind me so i choose the other bank although this meant a 30 meter chuck to it .

Because i was concentrating on just fishing the feeder today that’s all i brought with me , leaving the temptation of going on to the pole at home and my tackle for the day was ;

Maver reactorlite 9 ft feeder rod , maver genisis 6lb main line , 8lb hook length with a size 18 qm1 hook and a micro bait band attached , i was using a 25 gram pellet feeder to help get me the required distance .

Bait for the day was to be ;

2 pints soaked micros flavored with tiger nut

1 pint hard 6mm tiger nut pellets

small tub of tiger nut 6mm buoyant band ums

At 9 am i was ready to go and after a couple of exploratory casts to set the line clip and we was on our way , i had decided to start a couple of meters away from the island because i didn’t want to go in to the shallower water straight away and where i was casting it was only 3 ft deep.

I began re casting every five minutes and for a change my feeder was landing in the same 1 meter square every chuck , i was also pinging four 6 mm pellets every couple of minutes but after forty minutes i was still bite less and more worryingly i had only a few line bites too . But no body else was catching much either and i was just on the verge of wishing i had brought my pole , when my rod was nearly pulled in because it took me completely by surprise and the result was a pristine looking 2 lb f1 . Not long after another of similar size followed but as soon as they had arrived they were gone , i continued with the same feeding regime and after forty minutes i got another two quick f1s .

At this point a carp angler arrived and decided to fish to the same point of the island as i was fishing , he also began to fill it in with bait going every were and this of course killed my peg as well as his , the best thing was he only stayed forty minutes before he want on to the more easier beginners pond .

Nothing much was happening all over the lake so i decided to change from a pellet feeder to a lighter 15 gram method feeder , this reached the same distance but didn’t make as much disturbance on entering the water . I don’t know whether it was the change of feeder or the fact that the carp angler had stopped filling it in but after twenty minutes the rod was nearly dragged in again and this time a carp of 6 lb graced the landing net .

Since i had changed the feeder i had managed to catch 3 f1s and 2 carp including a 5 lb pristine looking ghostie which put up a nice fight , in an hour but some how it must have damaged the feeder on the way in because the method feeder was now missing its weight ! !

Un fortunately i didn’t have another one of the same weight so i had to go back on to a 25 gram method feeder this coincided with another slow final hour with only a couple of skimmers and a solitary f1 coming my way .

I had to call an end to my fishing at 2 pm and it was an enjoyable if rather confusing day with 10 f1s over 2 lb and 2 carp over 5 lb , plus half a dozen skimmers for about 40 lb which on a new venue and with other anglers struggling i was pleased with how it had gone , i also learned a lot which is beneficial to me for later days fishing on the method or pellet feeder .

Rosemary wood , island pool

25th August , peg 5

A new venue for our club today and the furthest we have had to travel this year , so hopefully we will catch well other wise i might be getting some ear ache as per usual . After returning from pegging out and finding all fifteen anglers was here early so three sections of five today , i had been expecting to get a phone call from someone saying they had got lost !!!! So with all present we did the draw a bit early and i ended up with the last peg in the bag which was number five , not a bad area to be in all accounts with an island to chuck too and plenty bank side vegetation to target latter in the match .

The target species are carp around the 3lb mark although they do go to double figures in here , skimmers and some clonking big ide and with this in mind i decided on a worm and caster attack close in at six meters and hard pellet shallow and on the deck at 14 meters like i had seen on the latest winning pegs seven dvd .

My rigs where ;

6m , when i plumbed up it was noticeable that the water was a bit lower than usual and when i found the crease of the near shelf it was about three foot deep and i set up this swim to my right out of any disturbance from my other swims . I used a 0.4 scone float with a thick bristle because i was using worm sections and as i was expecting to catch carp every thing was a bit heavier than usual , with 0.14 garbo line straight through to a size 14 hook and preston 13 hollo elastic .

14m deck , it was 4ft deep here and because i was using pellets i went for a 0.4 float with a thin bristle to show up any little dinks , i set this up a few inch over depth because it was a bit windy today . i used 0.14 garbo line to a size 0.12 garbo hook length and a size 18 hook with a micro band attached with 13 preston hollo elastic.

14m shallow , i set this at 2ft which was half depth and could go shallower if required , i used 0.14 garbo line straight through to a size 16 hook with a bait band and 13 preston hollo elastic because i only expected to catch carp on this today

My bait was ;

One pint of casters

One kilo of worms

One pint of 4mm hard tiger fish pellets

Small tub of 6mm hard tiger fish pellets for the hook

As the all in sounded i proceeded to put in two medium cupping kits of pellets at 14 meters and i intended to re feed this line every thirty minutes un till i go on it later in the match . I also feed my six meter line with a medium cupping kit of worm , caster and micro , then went over the top with a section of worm . Nothing really happened for the first twenty minutes apart from the odd small perch , so i began re feeding with a kinder pot every five minutes or after every fish which ever came first . This brought an instant response with some nice ide coming to the net mixed with the odd skimmer or roach , after forty minutes of catching well and still no carp so after bumping a nice ide at the net i decided to change my 13h to a lighter orange matrix because i didn’t want to suffer any more hook pulls from the ide .

After ninety minutes my six meter swim began to slow down , where as the guy to my right began getting the odd carp further out . So i proceeded to put another two medium pots of worm , caster and micros in and went out to try my 14 meter swim with a banded pellet on the hook . After having feed it every thirty minutes and with some bubbles coming up i expected an instant response , i did have some indications but nothing positive so i began loose feeding four mm pellets over the top with a view to drawing a few carp into my area and maybe try shallow if i saw any swirls . No more bites where forth coming so i tried shallow , but after trying all the usual tricks in a thirty minute spell i didn’t have any bites .

I went back on to my six meter line hopping that the big ide would have moved back onto it or maybe a few carp , but after making the mistake of not keeping feeding it for an hour while i was fishing long and now not even the perch was present in the swim . We was fast approaching the third hour and still i hadn’t had a carp in my net , so i decided to have a look on my pellet feeder to the island rushes and after constant re casting every five minutes i began getting a few liners before i picked up a one pound skimmer not exactly what i was looking for but a fish none the less , but un fortunately after that fish no more indications came my way in a further forty minutes .

The lad to my right was still picking up the odd carp but was now having to cast forty yards with both pellet waggler or method feeder in between the two islands to get bites , so it looked like they had followed the wind down to the far side of the lake . We was now fast approaching the last ninety minutes and i needed to put a run off fish together so i had no option but to try and re build up my six meter line for hopefully a good final hour . Slowly but surely i began getting bites first from perch and then the odd big ide returned , by altering the shotting pattern for a slower fall of the bait and lowering it down among the kinder pot of feed i managed to keep the fish coming.

It went quiet on me at one point and i thought i had maybe over done it with the amount of bait going in , but i found the reason why when i first hooked and landed a really nice looking and very hard fighting three pound ghost carp , quickly followed by a bigger mirror carp and i then pulled out of another which took the worm on the drop so may have been foul hooked but it didn’t fight like one . Un fortunately no more carp came my way but i did land a flying skimmer and a few more big ide before the all out .

Upon starting the weigh in on peg one i had totally forgot about the lad on the end peg who was also in my section and i couldn’t see what he had caught because of the tree , i was surprised when he put 32lb of carp on the scales caught on the method feeder because i heard that he wasn’t doing that well .I had become engrossed with a next peg battle against the guy to my right for the section but i could never get level with him and when he caught a carp on the whistle that was that , i weighed 31lb of mainly ide and the next peg weighed 35lb so no points for me again this week although it was another close run thing and losing the odd fish cost me again this week .

Section A , peg 4 35lb

Section B , peg 6 46lb

Section C ,  peg 12 39lb

My match went like this today ;

1st hour 5lb

2nd hour 10lb

3rd hour 1lb

4th hour 5lb

5th hour 10lb

A good start and finish but my middle part of the match when i fished pellet didn’t work , not sure why banded pellet isn’t working for me on the deck this season and in hind sight i should have fished paste in that part of the match because it worked well on their last year .

My main challenger for the title who i beat in last seasons winter league and no doubt wants to get me back , picked up two points today so my lead is now cut to the solitary point , but on the plus side the lowest i can finish is second which is good but i will still be trying my best for the win because chances like this don’t come around to often .

All in all it turned out to be one of our better matches this season but they are fully booked up already for next year , so i will have to see if they would like to fish it again in two years time , that’s if im still in charge by then because you never know i might decide to go some were new ,who knows whats around the corner .

What did i learn today

My strongest swim was worm and caster at six meter , heavy feeding was in order today .

For some reason hard pellet at 14m both on the deck and shallow didn’t work .

Pellet feeder to the island didn’t work either but the reeds around it wasn’t knocking a sure sign of no carp being present .

Should have tried caster shallow on my six meter line for the ide because i had a couple take the worm as it was falling .

Never leave feeding fish because its hard to get them back .

The lad who won Section A , had to keep chopping and changing to pick up the odd carp , fishing pellet waggler and method feeder in between the islands at distance and the silver fish he caught with maggot on the pole made the difference between me and him in the end .

Paste seemed to be the best bait today and the lad who won Section B ,  feed heavy in the last hour using a pint of micros at 13 meter and was on a carp a chuck in that time .

The lad who won Section C , had a carp on every five minutes but lost over twenty pound of carp under the lily pads and was un lucky not to have won today .

So off to Wrightington Rivi view on Sunday for the last club match of the year not my favorite venue and its all down to the last match which makes it intresting for those at the top . Keep reading to see if i can get the points needed to win the club .