Mosella north west summer league , Hall lane bessies pool

July 22nd

Hall lane Bessies

Today i was back at Hall lane fishery for the sixth round of the Mosella north-west summer league and i was really looking forward to it because if you draw in the right areas there is plenty of fish to be caught with two hundred pounds winning the last couple of matches , although i had not been there since the last round and hoped it was going to fish the same but i heard that my old fishing club was on it the previous week with only 55lb winning so i was in two minds on how i was going to approach it . The couple of days leading up to the contest had been a bit iffy with a drop in temps and heavy over night rain which i expected would have an impact on the catches today , some of you might know that i have not been too well for the last couple of weeks and when i woke up on the morning i still wasnt feeling great but i decided to go as i usually feel better as the day progresses . On arrival to the venue the wind was blowing up towards the car park which was a bit unusual but at least it was only a light breeze plus it was still warm , i had a chat with a couple of the mosella lads while we waited for the draw to take place and after a bit of a delay due to some no shows , i joined the queue towards the front and when it came for my turn to have a dip in the bag of doom i pulled out peg 19 which was about as far away from the ripple as you could get and i wasnt even near the end peg so it looks like my golden arm had disappeared for the time being .

After my long walk to the other end of Bessie’s pool i arrived at my home for the next few hours and i had about a meter of bare mud bank in between some over hanging reeds , i also had some more reeds along both my margins which had been cut back at around a top kit distance and it was a more comfortable 14m as well plus there was quite a few carp knocking about in the margins so it all looked promising , with all the info gained from earlier rounds i decided to set up ;

Margin rig in 18 inch which was a bit further down the slope than usual as i felt the cold rain might have an impact and i could go tighter to the bank if i foul hooked any fish , i used a 0.4 MD margin hunter float with a bulk of number eight stotz above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Paste rig in front of the near bank reeds and i haven’t set this up before preferring to use hard pellets but i had heard that a few people had caught well on it here , after plumbing up i found a flat area around three-foot deep so i used a 0.4 MD paste float with an inch spread bulk starting above the six-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Across rig in 18 inch depth which was found about a foot away from the far bank and i used an 0.4 MD shallow diamond float which would help keep the rig stable , all my shot was above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length

Across rig tight to the mud bank in 12 inch and i used a 4×10 MD mini mag float with 014 garbo direct to a size 18 guru lwg hook .

Bait for the day ;

3 pints of Adlingtons finest white maggots

2 pints of soaked 4mm pellets

4 pints of ground-bait

1 pint of green swim stim paste

When the all in sounded i noticed that there was still a few carp milling about near the margin even after the nets going in so i took the opportunity to see if i could mug one and i altered my rig so that all the weights was under the float so that the hook bait would fall slowly through the water , i layed in my rig at the side of margin reeds and no sooner had it settled than my elastic shot out of the pole which resulted in a 6lb carp in the net before anyone had finished feeding there across lines , i tried my luck again and after a few liners i had a smaller carp but then i caught a skimmer so it was time to change swims . The last time i drew in this area i had caught well from in front of the near side reeds and today i decided to give paste a whirl instead of hard pellets , i kinder potted in some 4mm plus a nugget of paste and it took me a few minutes to get my rig set up correct but it all went to feeding the swim , i then had a little run of five carp although i was missing more bites than i hit which is probably down to the fact i don’t do a great deal of fishing this way and it probably wasnt a good idea using it in a match , after a while the indications became a little iffy so i decided to put in a cup of bait before switching to my across lines .


I began on my deeper of the two rigs at the side of the over hanging reeds and i kinder potted in some maggots before holding my rig still over the top of it , i didn’t have to wait too long before i had a carp in the net and in the first ninety minutes i managed to catch a dozen of them , it looked like i could be on for a decent weight but the constant maggots raining in had drawn too many fish into the swim and the far bank was an eruption of swirls which made presenting a bait almost impossible , a switch to my shallower far bank swim produced a few more but they was mainly ide which i wasnt really expecting but at over ten ounce a piece they was worth catching for the time being while a figured out how to get the carp back in the swim . I reduced the amount of maggots i was putting in and started targeting one carp at a time and after the mayhem had settled down a little i began attracting my target species , for the next ninety minutes i had a steady run of carp it was by no means hectic but i was fairly happy as nobody in my section seemed to be running away with it , with two hours of the match remaining the slight ripple in front of me disappeared plus it got a lot brighter and this had a big bearing on my swim as the fish certainly drifted out of my peg .

I decided to begin feeding my left hand margin with ground-bait and i hoped this would work as well as on my previous matches here , while it settled i had another look on my paste swim and as i had thrown a nugget of bait every five minutes i expected some carp to be settled there but strangely i couldn’t manage even a liner , i had not seen any signs on my margin but dropped on it anyway although all it produced was a couple of gudgeon not exactly what i had hoped for . I had no other option but to go back across and just hope that they turned up in the edge later , my long pole line had died a death as well so i made the decision to begin potting ground-bait tight to the mud bank this brought a few carp into the swim and you would often see them tail up in the peg before taking the bait , unfortunately my margin never kicked off as i failed to get an indication everytime i dropped on to it and i spent the rest of the match just picking off the odd fish .

When the all out sounded i had managed 34 carp plus half a dozen ide which seemed to be more than those anglers too my right but the end peg towards my left looked to have caught a few fish , luckily the scales started in my section and when they arrived at my peg i had 84lb to beat , my three nets went a couple of ounces shy of a ton and this gave me the all important section win i was pleased with from that draw this leaves me in 16th place in the league so hopefully a couple more good results might see me scrape into the top ten which i would be over the moon with against the calibre of angler taking part , as i expected the weights got even better down the windward end of the lake and there was lots of tons plus the top four all had over 180lb with 230lb winning the match so it was definitely fishing well at the moment .


Wrightington fishery , rivi view

August 2nd , peg 48 rivi view


After a hectic weekend i managed to book a few days from work so i decided to spend a couple of hours on Wrightington fishery to help recharge the batteries , it is a venue that i don’t get to visit that often because it is usually clubbed out at the weekends and even though the weather was forecast to be pretty miserable with strong winds plus heavy down pours i was really looking forward to getting among the resident carp , on arriving at the fishery i wasnt surprised to see quite a few cars knocking about because it is a very popular place and after parking up i had a quick look to check on which pegs were free , as i expected all the better pegs facing the islands had been taken but with the wind blowing towards the car park i chose to sit on 48 which gave me a bit of open water .

After setting up my gear i decided to start on the pellet feeder but with the lad opposite throwing a straight lead well past half way i could only chuck about 25m so i decided to aim for the aerator towards my left and as i had not even picked a rod up for over a year it was probably a good thing that i had a bit of space for my wayward casting , rivi view has a lot of hand sized skimmers which can become a nuisance when you are feeding ground-bait of micros so i planned on using 4mm pellets in the feeder and an 8mm on the hook , i began by casting every few minutes to get a bit of bait into the swim this also helped get rid of the rustiness and after about twenty minutes i started getting a few liners , not long after i had my first fish which was a mirror carp about 5lb then a couple of skimmers got in on the act but by casting every five minutes plus ringing the changes with the hard pellet on the band i began catching mainly carp , although it was noticeable that you would get a couple of fish quite quickly before a bit of a wait but as long as i kept the bait going in regularly they did return and i was doing a lot better than those anglers within eye shot .


After nearly two hours the lure of going on the pole was too much and i had earlier plumbed up a line at four meters which i had fed with a small cupping kit of 4mm pellets every twenty minutes and first drop on this line my float had only just settled when it shot under after a spirited fight up popped a carp which wasnt far away from being double figures , another of similar size followed before i began missing the odd bite but by changing pellet size+colour i soon had them lined up again it wasnt hectic by any means but the carp were all of a decent size so well worth waiting for .


On my last club match here i caught really well using paste in the margins this is something that i don’t do a great deal of and as i had a bag of tiger fish in my carryall i decided to give it a whirl because it was a day for enjoying myself trying a few different things out , in the cold weather conditions which more resembled autumn than summer i didn’t plumb up tight to the reeds but in the slightly deeper water at the bottom of the first shelf , it took a couple of goes to get my rig set correctly but it all went towards feeding my paste line and it took nearly twenty minutes before i had any signs on the float , i was just about to give up on it when my elastic was pulled out of my pole with another near double figure carp hitting the net and it took me awhile to start hitting the correct type of indication.


For the next couple of hours i rotated between my two pole swims picking a couple of carp from each and by doing this it prolonged the life of both of them it also stopped the skimmers getting in on the action as well , before i knew it was time to go and with the black clouds starting to roll in i decided to have one more fish on my paste line which turned out to be an immaculate near double figure common carp , i ended up catching twenty-five carp between 4+10lb plus a few skimmers and a really enjoyable days fishing trying out a few tactics that i don’t tend to fish that often .

Wrightington rivi view

17th September , peg twenty


After booking a few days off work which included my birthday i chose to spend it fishing for a few hours and with me needing to pick the kids up from school i couldn’t travel too far away so decided so settled on Wrightington mainly because it was closest in resemblance to Weston fisheries were i would be contesting the natural bait festival next weekend , the weather leading up to today was a bit iffy with a drop in temperature plus some pretty consistent rain but luckily it was forecast to be a lot dryer although it was still cold . On arrival at the venue i was surprised to see only a few other anglers as it can be a popular place for pleasure anglers and i just hoped that it was the inclement weather that put them off rather than the fact it had fished hard , with all the high numbered pegs being free i decided to fish an area i hadn’t tried before and settled on peg twenty which was towards the end of the island on the rear bay this gave me two nice reed lined margin although I’m  not too sure it would come into play during today’s session .


On getting to my peg i choose to fish just two lines ;

Bottom near slope where it was 4ft deep and here i was going to use paste so i used a sconezone jadz float with 014 garbo direct to a size 14 tubertini 808 hook and the new Nick Gilbert size 10-12 red elastic .

Eleven meter line where it was 5ft deep and here i was going to fish corn+pellet rather negatively so i used a 03 joof float with 012 garbo main line and the same line for the hook length which had a size 16 matrix bagger hook , elastic was the same Nick Gilbert size 10-12 red .

My bait for the fishing session was ;

Two pints of green swim stim paste

Two tins of corn

Two pints or 4mm soaked pellets


At ten o’clock i was ready to get started and deposited i small cupping kit which was half full of corn+pellets and rather than pour the bait in i choose to scatter it over a one meter square area i hoped this might help with the peg fizzing as it can be a problem on here as like most venues that are quite old they usual have a heavy buildup of silt , i carefully lowered in my rig with a piece of corn on the hook and after about five minutes my float dipped a sharp lift resulted in yards of red elastic streaming from the pole tip after a spirited fight i struggled to fit a low double figure carp into my landing net which was a good start to the session . After going back out i had a ten minute wait before i had my next carp which was a more manageable 5lb but it wasn’t long before the solitary bubbles changed and i began suffering with the dreaded fizzing , this also coincided with lots of missed bites as i had expected so i choose to change my shotting pattern to a bulk+dropper plus i squeezed the middle out of the corn so it could slowly flutter through the water layers i hopped that this would allow me to grab the attention of any passing fish before it got to the deck where it would be harder to find among the muddy bottom and by doing this i caught a couple more carp but i began getting plagued with small 4oz mirror carp this was a good sign for the fishery because they haven’t been stocked  but are a proper pain in the neck at the moment .


After an hour my long line did not show any signs of getting any better so i went on to the near slope paste rig i had dropped a few conker sized balls of paste on this line every ten minutes to allow a few fish to settle , it took a few attempts to get my rig to settle correctly and after having had no indications on my float for fifteen minutes i began to think it wasn’t going to be a paste day then bang my float buried i didn’t even have time to strike before the elastic ripped out this resulted in another double gracing the bank this time a mirror carp . Another long wait before i had my next fish this turned out to be a nice sized skimmer before a couple more carp got in on the action but unfortunately i began getting all sorts of strange indications on the float and it took me a little while to figure out what was causing them i hopped that they might be from finicky skimmers but no the tiny carp had returned so that was the end of the paste swim for the time being .


So back i went onto my long rig still with corn on the hook and another couple of quick carp before the attack of the dreaded tiny carp which began doing my head in , it was at this point that i had a light bulb moment it must be the pellets drawing the small fish as it was only when they began breaking down did they move in with this in mind i set up a new swim more towards my right here i just fed a couple of grains of corn and after a few feeds i began getting the odd bite but at least they was from a better stamp of fish mainly carp with the odd big skimmer mixed in . I felt that giving this line a rest would be beneficial but i did not want to go back on my paste line so i jumped off my box and set up a margin swim i wasn’t to sure it would work although with it being nearly three-foot deep i might just get away with it , i put in half a cup full of corn as i didn’t want to over do it until i knew what if any fish would be present and after picking a couple more carp from my long line i was eager to try my margin swim because secretly it was a method that i am beginning to enjoy , it didn’t take too long before my first bite which resulted in the jag jag of a barbel next exactly what i wanted but at nearly two pounds it was a nice fish pristine condition as well and a few carp got into the action too .



I was spending longer and longer on my margin swim before i knew it i was beginning to run out of corn as i was feeding a large kinder pot after every fish , i had no option other than to start mixing pellets in with the corn i just hoped it wouldn’t be a mistake to do so as i was catching quite well and didn’t want the small carp to make an appearance and strangely or luckily my peg got stronger and stronger with more carp making their way to the bank , with just an hour of my session remaining i just concentrated on my margin and i even tried the tactic of dumping all your bait in like you was packing up this produced some more near doubles i had to keep a couple of sections close to hand because when hooked they shot off like a scalded cat but by following the fish out on their initial run it meant i suffered minimal breakages or hook pulls .


After about four hours it was time to pack up so i could get home in time to pick my little lad up from school and it called time on another enjoyable session on Wrightington fishery with plenty carp and a couple of low barney roubles too i can not wait to get back but I’m afraid that will have to wait till next year as the nights are drawing in so i doubt i will get chance for an after work session and my weekend matches will be taken up with Partridge lakes of course that is after the little matter of the natural bait festival at Weston pools , regular readers might remember that a couple of blogs back i said i was getting a birthday surprise well as it turns out my lovely wife booked me a coaching session with the f1 master which I’m really looking forward to as it will no doubt help my fishing immensely .

Tunnel barn Friday flyer , club pool

August 28th , peg 11


With the subscriber classic run by pole+match fishing magazine in a few weeks time i decided to have a trip to Tunnel barn farm and see how things had changed since my last visit a couple of months ago , i also wanted to try a few of the waters that i hadn’t fished before especially Jenny’s which is a prolific match water with some big carp + f1s .After ringing up during the week to see what lakes would be free i got told the Friday flyer would be on canal pool and although i had fished it before it was water that i liked so i decided that i would fish that if i got to the venue on time  i then wanted to have a few hours on Jenny’s after it because hopefully that would mean i should miss the rush hour traffic .

After waking up pretty early on the morning of my trip to Tunnel barn i grabbed some breakfast before packing the car with my fishing gear the weather was forecast to a bit breezy with scattered showers but looked quite nice when i set off at 6am with blue skies between the grey clouds it was also reasonably warm at 12 degrees , the drive down went well apart from the usually 50mph zones and getting through Birmingham i finally arrived at the complex around 830 which was just in time to book on the open before the 9am draw .


I ended up on peg 11 which was your usually end peg flyer with the wind blowing my way i just hope that i dont mess this peg up like i usually do , i wanted a nice easy match and decided to fish a few areas which would give me plenty options these were ;

Margin 0.4 jeff’s ruddy float with 0.16 garbo main line with 0.14 garbo hook length which had a size 14 matrix bagger hook i also used yellow size 14 matrix elastic .

Top kit 4×12 malman roob float with 0.14 garbo main line with 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook i also used red size 12 matrix elastic .

Six meter channel line 4×14 malman roob float with 0.14  garbo main line with 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook i also used red size 12 matrix elastic .

Shallow over my channel swim , 4×8 preston chianti float with 0.12 garbo main line with 0.10 garbo hook length which had a size 20 matrix bagger hook i also used orange size 10 matrix elastic .

Far-bank 4×10 malman roob i later changed to a 4×14 when the wind got a bit stronger with 0.14  garbo main line with 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook i also used red size 12 matrix elastic .IMG-20150828-00730

With no bait limits at Tunnel barn i decided to take with me ;

4 pints fishery 4mm pellets

2 pints corn

2 pints mixed maggots

tub 4+6mm expanders

I was set up well before the start of the match which gave me time to have a good look at my peg and give me a plan on how i would hopefully get the most out of it , the all in soon sounded and i kicked off on my top kit between my nets this didn’t work on my last visit here so i was keen not to waste too much time fishing it if it wasn’t producing after depositing a large kinder pot full of 4mm pellets then lowered my expander hook bait among it , a couple of lift+drops off my rig and my float dipped a firm strike resulted in a few yards of elastic streaming from my pole tip before i netted a near 5lb mirror carp . A couple more slightly smaller carp followed and after an hour i had 20lb on my clicker and if i kept up my catch rate i should be on for a ton , predictably my starting line began to die on me but i had been loose feeding maggots at six meters which gave me somewhere to go although i hadn’t seen anything swirling i decided to have a quick look shallow but as i expected i never caught anything apart from small silvers , i didn’t waste too much time before going on the deck and time management is something that I’m trying to improve on recently as i feel this is costing me from catching bigger weights .


On my channel line i began getting plenty indications but not from carp or f1s but small silvers yet again and i felt that maggots just wasnt right today so i began kinder potting a mixture of pellets and corn , with a piece of corn on the hook i started picking up the odd carp again but halfway through the match and i still had not caught an f1 or gone across to the island but i did have nearly 40lb on my clicker a bit of my target and i still had my main lines to fish . With the wind getting increasingly stronger it probably wasn’t the best time to go across but i was itching to give it ago plus my other lines had dried up on me although i did keep feeding them in case things didn’t go to plan i also began putting cups of corn+pellets onto my margin at the side of the reeds , luckily i hadn’t decided to fish really tight to the far-bank so i could leave a longish lash between pole and float by adding a couple of back shots this helped me keep the rig steady enough to hopefully attract a few bites .

By feeding a large kinder pot full of pellets then working my rig over the top i began attracting a few fish into my swim and i soon began catching f1s plus the odd carp i had a good spell of catching one every few minute but after a while i began foul hooking fish losing six on the bounce even changing to a bigger hook didn’t solve the problem so i decided to set up a new swim a couple of feet to my right at the side of some reeds but this time i used maggots , first drop on my new line with double maggot on the hook produced a big carp which was a good start but apart from another f1 that was it from there other than small silvers taking the hook bait on the drop .IMG-20150828-00736

With ninety minutes remaining it was time for my banker margin line this worked extremely well when i last fished it i hadn’t seen any fish movement but the water where i had potted bait in had got a bit cloudier so i expected a few fish to be present and there was but i had a hell of a job getting them on the hook in fact i only managed two , i lowered my rig in with a 6mm expander on the hook and i was getting plenty liners but no proper bites when my float eventually dipped under a firm strike resulted in a small f1 hitting the net not what i wanted , a change of hook bait to a heavier double hook bait which nailed it to the bottom as i felt the carp were wafting the bait of the bottom this kind of worked as my next fish was another mirror carp but i then had trouble with carp hitting my line then bolting out of the swim and i decided to waste anymore time on this line preferring to go back across as the wind had dropped a little .

Luckily my original swim had settled down a bit and i had another good spell of catching f1s including a mirror carp right on the whistle for the all out , i knew that i hadn’t done enough to trouble the leaders because the lad too my right had bagged up in the last half of the match fishing paste on his top kit catching mainly mirror carp and the lad on the opposite corner peg 12 had also done well using paste by alternating both his margin swims, there was also a few other big weights towards the other end of the lake . I was a bit disappointed on how my match went but i felt that i had learned a great deal which was the main reason that i had gone in the first place and with every lake being in the draw bag I’m really looking forward to fishing the 180 pegger there in a few weeks time , before that im off back to Weston pools to contest the rover match on bank holiday monday so i better start checking the recent results to find out the hot pegs .


Gorses farm fishery

May 10th


After yesterday’s long day at the Oaks fishomania qualifier i understandably didn’t fancy getting up early to contest another match and in fact i had planned on having a family day but the kids were either busy revising or wanted to play out with their friends so me and the Mrs took the dogs out for a walk in the wood in the morning before the lure of catching a few fish reared its head well it was a Sunday after all .

With me only getting a few hours on the bank i decided to stay local and as Gorses farm was only ten minutes away that fitted the bill exactly , the last time i fished it i bagged up fishing paste before going shallow and that’s how i decided to target it again today . On arrival at the venue i noticed that the wind was surprisingly quite strong although it is a rather open to the elements , i decided to set up with the wind off my back on a part of the lake which i hadn’t been on before .


You don’t need to fish that far out on here with most of the locals using just their top kits so i set up my top four and plumbed up to find 4ft it was also easy to loose feed 4mm pellets over the top which would hopefully bring them up in the water although recent drop in temperature i wasnt that sure it would work , i put in a big pot of micros then proceeded to try to get the correct depth of my paste rig which also went towards feeding the peg hopefully attracting any passing carp . It didn’t take long before i had my first fish which was the usually 2lb mirror carp i then had a bit of a wait before my next fish but it was only the start of my session and i expected the swim to build up as the day progressed with the carp being attracted to the constant rain of pellets .


In the first hour i was catching quite well getting a fish every five minutes all your standard mirror carp it wasn’t as hectic as my last visit on here but it was an enjoyable day because i don’t do that much paste fishing these days , there was the odd fish topping but i couldn’t attract a bite fishing shallow so i didn’t persevere that long fishing shallow and instead changed it for a margin swim because my Mrs was bringing the little lad down later so it would be easier for him to fish the top kit .


In the next ninety minutes i concentrated on my paste rig to see how many that i could catch plus i wanted to try getting them in quicker which would come in useful when summer bagging it wasn’t that long before they turned up and i had a few pictures taken then little George was eager for a turn , i had fed the margin for nearly an hour to get a few fish in the swim before he had turned up so i wasnt that surprised when the float disappeared instantly which he of course missed but with a little help he hit the next one and landed a nice little mirror carp all on his own .

I should probably take him somewhere a bit harder next time although at his age it’s all about catching fish and stopping him getting bored so that he keeps enjoying it asking to keep coming fishing .


Lathom pond one

24th August , peg 11


Well it has soon come round to the last club match of the season and my final one with Balmoral AC , i have enjoyed my four years there and had a little bit of success along the way with me winning ;

Division three winner in 2011

Overall club winner in 2013

Runner up in 2014

But there has also been a few disagreements to sort out over the years and its been quite stressful running the club on your own ,so i would recommend to who ever decides to take over that they nominate a couple of people to help with everything to make it a bit easier. Back to todays match i had wanted everything to go well but the harder you try the more it usually goes wrong , but it never really happened like that today and without going into too much detail , it wasn’t how i would have liked to finish my time at the club .

Today we only had a dozen anglers fishing because a few members of the club was on a fishing holiday and with us having most of the lake i was able to peg one miss one which will make the fishing better hopefully , i had been up for a practise the previous week and done extremely well so i was expecting some big weights and one lad who had been on a few times in the week decided he would try to break the long-standing club record which stood at 99lb and to be fair he did just that so well done to him .

After the draw i ended up on peg eleven which was in the middle of the bay which also had the benefit of the bit of breeze blowing in to it , but the last few matches we have fished on here this area never usually throws up decent weights and we also had a couple of good anglers on the better pegs plus my section was the hardest of the three so i could be up against it today .

When i got to my peg i had already decided on how i would like to target it and i was really happy with my margin swim too , the areas i wanted to fish where ;

Shallow 1ft+2ft , i used a matrix series three float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a guru LWG hook which had a micro band attached , elastic was size 12 preston durro

Pellet deck 6 meter ,i used a 4×14 malmams speedy float with 0.12 garbo main line with a 0.10 hook length which had a size 18 gamma pellet hook attached and my elastic was matrix 12s red .

Paste  meter , i used a 0.3 scone float with 0.14 garbo line direct to a turbertini 808 hook and my elastic was matrix 12s red ,

Margin ,  i used a 0.2 scone float with 0.14 garbo direct to a guru size 16 LWG hook and my elastic was matrix 14s yellow

I had found it best to feed quite heavy on here to keep the fish in the peg so i brought with me ;

1 pint paste

3 pint of 4mm pellets

2 tins of corn

1 tin of hemp

1 tub of hard hook pellets

1 tub of mixed expanders

When the all in sounded i went on to my four meter line and cupped in a full pot of 4mm pellets before proceeding to drop a pea sized piece of paste over the top i decided to use a piece this size because i had expected to be mainly targeting f1s and i would also cut out the pellet feed if it brought the fish up in the water which was a problem on my last visit here .It took a few attempts to get my float set right but it all went towards feeding the peg and i was soon getting indications but not from the f1s though but from proper carp averaging over 2lb a piece so i increased the paste to the size of a conker which helped attract the better stamp of fish .


In the first couple of hours i had thirty fish in the net and seemed to be doing better than all but one other angler , my swim was starting to struggle though and i needed another part of my peg to produce to keep on catching . I had been loose feeding pellets on to my six meter line since the match started but strangely i had only seen the odd one top where when i practised the week before it was black with fish shallow , maybe the recent cold weather had pushed them lower in the water so i decided to start on my deeper shallow rig first to see what response i got but it wasn’t great with only a few line bites so i tried increasing the feed to try to force the fish up in the water but this didn’t work either .

I figured with the amount of pellets going in that their must be some fish in the area so i tried my deck rig with an expander on the hook but this did not produce a bite either and maybe the water was a bit too deep at six meters but i do know that i had just wasted forty minutes without putting a fish in the net not what i wanted .

With two hours remaining of the match i decided to start feeding the left hand margin with four big pots of hemp plus corn , i also made the bold or stupid decision to put my second net in and while i left my margin to settle so went back on to my paste swim which took a while to get going again after being neglected for an hour , i was relieved to finally start getting indications again but the fish i began catching now were f1s instead of carp so i reduced the paste size again which increased the amount of bites that i hit .


I noticed a swirl from a big carp at the side of the reeds where i had potted in the bait so i took the opportunity to give my margin rig a go with double corn on the hook , i had purposely left all the float bristle showing so i wouldn’t be tempted to strike at any little dinks which would have only resulted in foul hooked fish . My first proper bite resulted in yards of yellow 14s matrix elastic streaming from the pole tip , after struggling to get it under control for about five minutes i had a near double figured carp in the net which was a bonus and another smaller one followed before i started getting bites from silvers so a couple more pots of feed went in before i returned to my paste rig .


A few more f1s came to my four meter line before after about twenty minutes the fish were back in the margin , so a quick change of rig resulted in a couple more carp before i hooked something heavy which just plodded about then headed off into open water before the hook pulled and i felt that it must have been foul hooked , a few more cups went in and by rotating between the two swims i kept fish coming for the rest of the match apart from in the last ten minutes when i had run out of corn+hemp so i decided to feed pellets which strangely killed my margin .

When the all out sounded i was unsure if i had done enough to end my time at Balmoral AC with a win but i had certainly caught a few fish , as it turned out it was probably the best club match that i had been involved in with lots of weights around the 50lb mark . It was between me and one other lad for the match win , he had caught constantly all day where i had a bigger stamp but the quiet hour would most certainly cost me and it did with my 53 fish going 94lb but he put 106lb on the scales for the match win and new club record , So well done you fished a great match . 

It was a closer result than a few people in the club had thought and it was a fitting result to end my time at the club because i have lost count on the amount of matches that i had just fell short of winning in my four years with them ,it was just a real shame that it ended up the way it did  but to be honest i didn’t expect any less from some members in the club .

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my club fishing exploits and i have booked some good matches for Balmoral AC next year i just hope that they find someone good enough to take over from me . I think that you will like my open match blogs that i will be doing from now on and i know it is going to be a real step up for me , i have no doubt it will be a steep learning curve but i am looking forward to it .