Wrightington fishery , rivi view

August 2nd , peg 48 rivi view


After a hectic weekend i managed to book a few days from work so i decided to spend a couple of hours on Wrightington fishery to help recharge the batteries , it is a venue that i don’t get to visit that often because it is usually clubbed out at the weekends and even though the weather was forecast to be pretty miserable with strong winds plus heavy down pours i was really looking forward to getting among the resident carp , on arriving at the fishery i wasnt surprised to see quite a few cars knocking about because it is a very popular place and after parking up i had a quick look to check on which pegs were free , as i expected all the better pegs facing the islands had been taken but with the wind blowing towards the car park i chose to sit on 48 which gave me a bit of open water .

After setting up my gear i decided to start on the pellet feeder but with the lad opposite throwing a straight lead well past half way i could only chuck about 25m so i decided to aim for the aerator towards my left and as i had not even picked a rod up for over a year it was probably a good thing that i had a bit of space for my wayward casting , rivi view has a lot of hand sized skimmers which can become a nuisance when you are feeding ground-bait of micros so i planned on using 4mm pellets in the feeder and an 8mm on the hook , i began by casting every few minutes to get a bit of bait into the swim this also helped get rid of the rustiness and after about twenty minutes i started getting a few liners , not long after i had my first fish which was a mirror carp about 5lb then a couple of skimmers got in on the act but by casting every five minutes plus ringing the changes with the hard pellet on the band i began catching mainly carp , although it was noticeable that you would get a couple of fish quite quickly before a bit of a wait but as long as i kept the bait going in regularly they did return and i was doing a lot better than those anglers within eye shot .


After nearly two hours the lure of going on the pole was too much and i had earlier plumbed up a line at four meters which i had fed with a small cupping kit of 4mm pellets every twenty minutes and first drop on this line my float had only just settled when it shot under after a spirited fight up popped a carp which wasnt far away from being double figures , another of similar size followed before i began missing the odd bite but by changing pellet size+colour i soon had them lined up again it wasnt hectic by any means but the carp were all of a decent size so well worth waiting for .


On my last club match here i caught really well using paste in the margins this is something that i don’t do a great deal of and as i had a bag of tiger fish in my carryall i decided to give it a whirl because it was a day for enjoying myself trying a few different things out , in the cold weather conditions which more resembled autumn than summer i didn’t plumb up tight to the reeds but in the slightly deeper water at the bottom of the first shelf , it took a couple of goes to get my rig set correctly but it all went towards feeding my paste line and it took nearly twenty minutes before i had any signs on the float , i was just about to give up on it when my elastic was pulled out of my pole with another near double figure carp hitting the net and it took me awhile to start hitting the correct type of indication.


For the next couple of hours i rotated between my two pole swims picking a couple of carp from each and by doing this it prolonged the life of both of them it also stopped the skimmers getting in on the action as well , before i knew it was time to go and with the black clouds starting to roll in i decided to have one more fish on my paste line which turned out to be an immaculate near double figure common carp , i ended up catching twenty-five carp between 4+10lb plus a few skimmers and a really enjoyable days fishing trying out a few tactics that i don’t tend to fish that often .

Diggle AC winter league rnd three

November 29th , peg nine prospect


Today was the third round of the Diggle AC winter league which was due to take place on lucky dip + prospect these were another couple of lakes that i hadn’t fished before at Old Hough so as usual for me i did a bit of homework before hand on how best to tackle them and i learned that there was a good head of skimmers in them both but you needed to target the carp tight across to be in with a chance of framing plus there is a large head of nuisance bits which could be a problem or in my case they was a godsend as you will find out later. Yet again the weather leading up to the match had been up and down there seemed to be a bit of a common theme occurring recently, today we was faced with the back-end of a hurricane with 60 mph gusty winds forecast and some heavy rain the latter thankfully never arrived although the conditions i faced were the worst i had ever fished in.

On arriving to Old Hough i made my way round to the back of the complex were the two lakes i was due to fish were situated. Upon driving past west sooty it resembled the north sea and i just hoped it wouldn’t be as bad on lucky dip + prospect pleasantly it wasn’t with a couple of trees managing to block out the worst of it on a few pegs it was even flat calm ! ! Obviously these were the ones everybody wanted to be sat on and as the draw began i hung towards the back of the crowd , i picked out peg nine on prospect just the usual end peg flyer which had the bonus of the wind blowing towards and it looked really fishy with a reed lined margin plus the point of the island to target although i did find out after the match that those pegs down that end wasn’t the best .


With the weather being as bad as it was i decided not to set up too many rigs choosing to target ;

Channel at eight meters were i plumbed up to find a touch over five foot which i put in between the margin and the point of the island because of the conditions i used a 4×16 malman roob and the shotting pattern was the usual bulk + two droppers my main line was 012 garbo which had a six-inch 008 garbo hook length attached was a size twenty gamma black hook .

Bottom of near slope here i found around four-foot and as i was fishing on the drop i choose to use a 4×12 tbf cult float with a spread bulk of number ten stotz my main line was 012 garbo which had a six-inch 008 garbo hook length attached was a size twenty gamma black hook .

Dobbing rig which i was going to do down the length of the long reed lined margin it was three-foot deep here so i used an 03 matrix series three float which had 012 garbo direct to a size16 guru lwg hook and i started six-inch of the deck but would work the depths till i hopefully found a few carp .

Feeder rig i used an eight foot matrix carp master rod and as i was only chucking 16m i had a 15 gram small pellet feeder which had a short four-inch 014 hook length that had a 16 lwg hook attached with a micro pellet band .


My side tray had an array of bait for a change ,

Two pints of red and white maggots

One pint of soaked micros with a dusting of f1 dark ground-bait

One slice of steamed rolled bread cut into four pieces with a 7mm and 11mm punch

Small tub of 4mm expanders

Small tub of 4mm white soft hook pellets

Small tub of hard pellets

When the all in sounded i proceeded to put two balls of micro pellets onto my eleven meter line through my kinder pot because i had stupidly left my cupping kit at home as i had decided to use my carp today pole which i felt would cope with the conditions a lot easier and it was in side my other pole ,although i didn’t really think that this would hinder my fishing  as i expected it to be quite hard going with all the recent cold rain going into the lake . After feeding my pellet line i started my match by dobbing bread all along my left hand reed lined margin and with the wind blowing that way too i really expected there to be a few carp present but yet again at Old Hough i never had an indication despite trying various depths and pushing my rig in between all the gaps in the reeds after thirty minutes of trying i decided to waste no more time doing it so i went on my pellet line hoping that a couple of skimmers had settled on my earlier feed , after laying my rig in over the top of the micros i held it tight against the wind it didn’t take long before my float slid under a firm strike resulted in a foot of size six solid elastic sliding out of the pole tip and i put the net under an 8oz skimmer which was a good start but my next bite resulted in me coming back with half an expander then i landed a 2oz skimmer then a micro gudgeon not what i wanted , i reefed with another ball of pellets which resulted in my line fading so i scattered in some loose micros creating a bigger feed area for the skimmers to settle before leaving it to settle for a while .

Since the match started i had thrown six maggots onto my top three-line which was at the bottom of the near slope so that was my next line of attack and i began laying my rig through the loose feed this resulted in a fish a chuck but they were from 1oz silvers , with so many of them present i figured that there couldn’t be much bait reaching the deck were i felt the bigger stamp would be more comfortable so i doubled the amount i was throwing in and put all my weight above the hook length i thought this would get my hook bait to the bottom quicker but the little fish were still taking it on the drop . I had noticed that the two anglers towards my right had caught the odd carp + f1 by fishing tight across to the island fishing corn they could cope with the wind as it was a lot calmer on those pegs with just the odd strong gust where i had it blowing constantly over my shoulder , i did reluctantly set up a line across at 14m which was half way down the far slope but with no corn on my side tray i decided to use pellets because i felt this would limit the amount of silvers i would be catching as this last thing i wanted would be to ship all that way across and come back with a tiny fish , after persevering on this line for nearly half an hour feeding every five minutes with micro through a kinder pot  all i could manage was a couple of 4oz skimmers but with the wind getting stronger it was hard work keeping the rig still .

Yet again i went back onto my 11m pellet line where i had earlier feed some micros but all i could catch here was tiny silvers again and i needed to find a couple of bonus fish to get me back into the contest and i figured the best place for me to do this was to fish across so out came the feeder rod with a yellow bandum on the hook which was the closest i had to a piece of sweet corn , i started by plopping in my tiny pellet feeder over my 14m line but even after casting every five minutes this failed to produce a single liner in a twenty-minute spell so i decided to go tighter to the far bank and set up a new swim in between the two reed beds after a couple of quick casts to get some feed there i began leaving my rig in for around ten minutes in case the disturbance of the feeder going in had pushed the carp out of the swim  this kind of worked as i began getting the odd liner but even after ringing the changes with the hook bait i couldn’t get a positive bite .

Before i knew it i had spent an hour putting nothing in the net so yet again it was time for a change so i set up a new line towards the left hand reeds but choose to use maggots here as i felt that pellets wasn’t the right bait to use today , i began kinder potting in maggots every five minutes and tried to keep my rig still on the bottom but yet again i was getting bombarded by small silvers plus the wind was getting atrocious so i packed most of my pole away as i decided to concentrate on my top three-line for the remaining ninety minutes . I knew that i was way off the pace for framing so it was damage limitation time as the winter league was being run on overall points and if i was only catching small silvers at least i was adding weight to my net , i was soon catching a fish a chuck mainly 2oz roach but if i did get my bait to the deck i did pick up a couple of 8oz ide and i tried various feeding patterns + shotting patterns to try to attract a better stamp but to be honest i never really managed to work it out although i did catch nearly sixty fish before the all out .

As i was packing my stuff away i didn’t really know how my net compared to the other anglers i knew that the lads to my right had done well but everyone else seemed to be struggling the same as me , the weigh in soon started with two low twenty pound weights coming from peg five and seven then my net went nearly eight pound which was more than i had thought i must have caught nearly 4lb in that last ninety minute spell i was kicking myself for not concentrating on it for longer as only ten pound got fourth on the lake . Lucky dip had fished even harder than prospect as only 13lb won it  although it did have to put up with the worst of the conditions and it was strange that my weight was the best from all the eight corner pegs with the middle ones producing better , as all the results were reckoned up i ended up fifth so yet another bad day at the office where i could have done much better if i had known the water a bit more but on the plus side I’m still up towards the top of the league , i failed to lose or break anything and it didn’t rain .


Back to Old Hough again next Sunday for round four of the winter league  this time it’s back on boulders+goose and looking at this week’s open match on boulders were seventy pounds won i hope to finally draw on it .

Old Hough fisheries , Big Max

May 24th , peg 29


As i needed to go down to Old hough fisheries to pick up my deposit for the recently cancelled festival i decided to kill two birds with one stone and see if any matches where taking place because it would be pretty pointless travelling all that way and not fishing , unfortunately there wasn’t any open matches on but after ringing round my friends i found that one of them had a clubbie on Big Max and he managed to book me on as a guest . I had never fished this water or even seen it before but i knew a few people who had fished it recently so after getting in touch i found out that it was a 32 peg water with an island about 25m away and the main species to target are carp + skimmers + f1s but there is also lots of little bits in too , also the main lines to fish would be a feeder to the island and long pole at 14m where their was a shallower bar to fish on with all this information i had time to make a plan on how best to target it .

After Saturday’s sunny weather i had heard they had caught some good weights by fishing shallow on Big Max and i quite fancied a bit of that but when i woke to find damp blustery conditions i doubted that would be a worth well tactic , on arrival at the complex after my forty minute drive i met up with the rest of the anglers on the car-park at the side of the lake and as per usual i was one of the first to arrive but it gave me the chance to have a walk around the lake. At 9 o’clock it was time for the draw and after doing my usual trick of waiting for the dodgy pegs to go before taking my chance i pulled out peg 29 which may come as no surprise to my regular readers it was only two away from were a tonne came from on the previous days open match .


On arriving at my peg it was the same as most on the lake with a good feeder chuck to the island plus a nice reed lined margin and it did look really fishy although the wind was blowing smack bang into my face but thankfully at least the drizzle had relented , obviously my tactics for todays match revolved around the information that i had received so i set up ;

Tip rod 9ft Matrix carpmaster with a 25 gram Matrix pellet feeder and my main line was 6lb which had a short six-inch hooklength with a size 18 guru LWG hook.

14m line i plumbed up to find 5ft deep and used a size 0.3 Matrix series three float with 0.14 garbo main line which had a short six-inch hook length of 0.12 garbo and attached was a size 18 hook with a micro bait band attached .

5m deck line i found this to be only six-inch deeper than my 14m line and used exactly the same rig as the above one .

Shallow rig set at 2ft deep with a size 0.3 Matrix series one float with 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 hook which had a micro bait band attached .


After being told of all the small fish present i decided to use a more resilient bait taking with me ;

3 pints soaked 4mm pellets

2 pints hard 6mm pellets

tin of corn

mixed tub of hard pellets for the hook

At ten o’clock i was ready to go and my plan for the match would be to start on the feeder while priming both my pole lines , i had intended to loose feed pellets on to my 14m line but with it being so windy i doubted that i would be able to fish it properly and in fact never even ventured on that swim preferring to concentrate on my top five swim which was i lot more manageable i fed this line every twenty minutes with half a cupping kit full of pellets . I cast my pellet feeder towards the island where i had earlier clipped up so that it landed 2ft away from the far-bank , i didn’t want to chuck it too close because i had heard that it was quite snaggy plus with lots of cold rain going in over night i felt the fish would be in slightly deeper water . I planned to cast every couple of minutes at first to get some bait in although my accuracy could have been a lot better , after fifteen minutes my tip shot round and i was attached to a 5lb carp which put up a spirited fight before it hit the net a further fifteen minutes past before my tip went round again with another carp of similar size coming to the bank .


Upto now i hadn’t seen many other people catch much and i was also unsure of my target weight but if they was all going to be this big they would be worth waiting for , it was noticeable that i didn’t get any liners before i had a proper pull round so i decided to re-clip up a bit further down the shelf incase they were in slightly deeper water this worked a treat as i soon began getting liners before i had a run of eight big f1s hitting the net in an hour spell before it showed signs of slowing down and to be honest i was eager to try my five meter pole line which i had primed since the match started .

My first drop resulted in a small f1 heading my way but i was getting plenty indications and a few liners to so i decided to begin cattying in pellets around my float to try to get them up in the water but after a twenty-minute spell without a bite i gave up on the idea , i began feeding heavier to keep the f1s on the deck which would make them easier to catch this worked well with a fish coming every five minutes but they were smaller than those on the feeder and i decided to increase my hook bait to an 8mm pellet which was what i had used across to the far-bank . This slowed my bite frequency at first but the f1s were twice as big and by continued feeding the peg got gradually stronger in the last two hours i added a further 21 f1s plus the odd big carp it was all going extremely well that was until i hooked something a bit bigger or was foul hooked because it shot off at a rate of knots breaking my 0.14 main line , this broke my routine and my new rig never performed the same which was strange as it was identical to the previous one .


My catch rate virtually stopped in the last twenty minutes but just before the all out i managed another big f1 and i didn’t even get chance to try my margin swim which i had fed since start this might have been a mistake as a few big lumps had been caught down the side in the last hour , after packing up i managed to catch up with the weigh in with the best weight from the first few pegs was 60lb but when we got round to the opposite side it was like a totally different lake with it being flat calm plus what felt like a couple of degrees warmer and the best weight was 83lb that stayed until they came to my peg . The first net went 48lb which i caught in the final two hours and my second net went just over 40lb this was enough for my best match catch of the year plus i also had the win which was a nice bonus although i was kicking myself for not getting the tonne as it was more than possible if i had made a few quicker decisions during the match .


I am back at Partridge lakes for the next few weeks starting with a double-header this weekend because i have my Fisho qualifier on there in June so i need to improve the results i am getting on the coveys plus i have the Pole Fishing Masters at Tunnel Barn farm soon which is my first attempt at a festival which i am obviously really looking forward too .


Bradshaw Hall fishery , lake 6 and 7

Sunday 17th May , peg 5 Lake 7

Bradshaws lake 7

Bradshaws lake 7

I had been invited to fish Bradshaw hall fisheries in Bolton as a guest on a friends club match and even though it is only a twenty-minute drive from my house i have never seen the place before but it was some where that i always fancied trying  so i jumped at the chance the match was to take place on lakes six and seven , on arrival at the venue i was quite surprised at how well established the venue was with lots of groups of anglers knocking about somewhere waiting to contest the open but most where clubs and this was a bit problematic for me because i only knew a couple of the anglers that i was fishing with but after texting them to find out where they was i found that they were running late so it took me awhile to find the correct group of lads .

At 930 we got the draw underway as per usual for me a hung towards the back of the queue letting all the bad pegs go first and when it came to my turn i picked out peg five on lake seven this didn’t mean much to me as i hadn’t even got round to seeing the waters yet ,after a bit of a trek i finally found where i would be fishing i was a tad disappointed when i got there because it was rather small for a sixteen peg water and it had an island which was reachable at 14m on every one of them but it had very little in the way of vegetation to be honest it looked a bit like a bomb site nothing at all like the other waters on the complex .


Before i began setting up i had a quick chat with one of my mates who had fished this water a lot in the past and he was really upbeat about my prospects saying that it was a proper mixed venue with the top three being my main line of attack and over 40lb being my target weight , so after hearing that news i was really looking forward to the match now and decided to feed quite heavy to see how i would get on as i felt that i had been a bit negative on my previous few matches getting through less than two pints of bait i think that i would struggle to catch over my target weight using just that amount of bait.

I had three main lines of attack ;

Top three which was at the bottom of the near slope at 4ft deep i used a Malman Roob float size 4×12 with 012 garbo main line which had an 010 garbo hook length and size 18 gamma pellet hook .

13m line where i had found a relatively flat spot opposite one of the many bricks along the far-bank , i used a Malman Roob float size 4×10 with 012 garbo main line which had an 012 garbo hook length and a size 18 LWG guru hook with a bait band attached .

Margin swim top 3 towards the empty peg to my right this was about 2ft deep and i used a Matrix series three float in 03 size my main line was 014 garbo to a 012 garbo hook length which had a size 16 LWG guru hook .

As i mentioned earlier i had decided to up my feeding today and brought with me ;

2 pints meat cubed in both 4mm and 6mm

2 pints soaked 4mm pellets

tin of hemp

tin of corn

tub of mixed hard pellets


After a rather confusing start with a few matches taking place at the same time we eventually got going at 1015 i potted some hemp plus meat on my top three-line in front of me and then proceeded  to lose feed cubes of meat every few minutes to try to draw some fish into the area maybe even getting them shallow , within five minutes my float dipped and a nice 2lb F1 hit the net i would be more than happy if they was all going to be of this size i had enough indications on this line to keep me interested but i just couldn’t hit any of them , the swim was fizzing away like mad and i tried all sorts of different shotting patterns to no avail before i knew it i had wasted the first forty minutes of the match .

The other anglers which were within eye shot had caught the odd fish by going across on what looked like pellet so i decided to follow suit and went on to my 3ft swim which i had earlier plumbed up to find a flat spot , i tapped out half a dozen 4mm pellets before lowering my banded pellet among it and after a couple of feeds i was into some fish at first they was F1s then some nice tench + skimmers . For the next ninety minutes i was catching a mixed bag of fish fairly regularly but for some reason it began to slow down and i needed somewhere else to go while i rested it , luckily i had potted in meat + hemp on my top kit plus one to the right of me and this produced a run of carp and barbel before i kept getting snagged up losing a few hook lengths plus a full rig .


I had no option other than to set up another swim even further to my right and cupped in some bait and while it rested i went back across to my original far-bank swim this had slowed considerably with the rest not working out how i had planned , thinking back i should have just put in another line and kept on doing that every time it showed signs of fading bad judgement on my part I’m afraid . After 30 minutes of struggling across i went on to my new margin swim and began getting a few fish but yet again i kept getting snagged up so i had to resort to fishing six-inch of the deck this seemed to solve the problem but slowed my catch rate down as i was no longer getting the barbel .

By chopping and changing between the two swims i kept picking up the odd fish until the five-hour mark which i thought would have been the end of the match and i had even forced the peg to try to extract a few extra fish , but then i found out we was fishing an extra hour but by now i had properly ruined my peg and struggled to get more than a couple of fish in the time before the all out . When the whistle finally sounded it called time on a rather puzzling but enjoyable match and i ended up catching a 48lb mixed bag of fish which only put me 4th on my lake with just 62lb needed to win and the first+last hour cost me dearly , it’s always nice after the event but if i had my time again i would have ;

1, found out how long we would be fishing before the match started .

2, should have concentrated on fishing pellet rather than trying to be clever fishing meat which they did not want

3, i should have set up a few lines across or maybe gone further up the far-bank shelf when the bites slowed down .

Well you live and learn that’s why we all go fishing to try to improve , I’m looking forward to my long weekend off work with a pleasure session planned for the Friday which is either going to be at Wrightington Rivi view which is somewhere that i don’t get to visit that often or Hall lane Bessie’s which is a snake lake style water with mainly stockies in it and then I’m off to Old Hough Big Max for a bit of feeder fishing plus long pole depending on the wind as a guest on another club match .




Partridge lakes , Pine canal

May 11th

Pine canal

Pine canal

With my working hours being increased over the next few weeks i decided to make the most of my early finish and headed off to Partridge lakes which was only a ten minute drive away , although the weather was pretty bad with strong gusty winds but at least there was no rain forecast due to the conditions i decided to fish the tip rod and as regular readers of my blog will know this is something i very rarely do even though i have recently purchased a Matrix 9ft Carp Master rod i hoped to put this through its paces on Pine canal .



This canal had only recently been re-opened after having had some recent work done where after being drained they removed the bowls on each side adding a far-side shelf making it into a long straight water similar to Spey but it was a lot wider at over twenty meters making an ideal feeder water , the fish stocking was a mixture of F1s , Carp and the odd big skimmer . With Pine being quite a trek away from the cabin with no close car-park it doesn’t get that many visitors to it which is a shame because it is really peaceful on their far away from the hustle and bustle of the Coveys .


With the strong wind blowing straight along Pine canal i settled on a peg near the top as they all looked the same , the conditions had a bearing on the tackle i had decided to use today with me using a 3/4 oz tip and a 25 gram pellet feeder i hoped this would also help with my casting accuracy because i am not the best .

Bait table

Bait table

My bait obviously revolved around pellets ;

2 pints soaked 4mm pellets

Small tub mixed hard pellets

At 3 o’clock i was ready to get started i had a couple of exploratory casts to get my distance of two foot away from the far-bank as i didn’t want to go to close because it was still rather cold and i would almost certainly end up in the vegetation if i did with my casting , it wasn’t long before i began getting little taps on the tip with a proper pull round signalling my first fish which was a nice stockie Mirror carp around the 10oz mark and a real mixture of fish came to the bank in the next hour including a nice flying skimmer of nearly 2lb which showed the signs of spawning tubercles .

Flying skimmer

Flying skimmer

Most of my bites were now drop backs and i felt that i was not seeing most of them so i decided to change to a lighter half ounce tip this made a dramatic difference with it now bouncing around on every cast , my catch rate increased as well and apart from the odd miss fire i gradually began getting the pellet feeder to land in the same place . Up to now i had used a hard 6mm pellet on the bait band which mixed in well with the feed but i decided to try a yellow bandum although i was unsure that it would work because of the size of carp that i had caught but work it did with fish after fish coming to the bank and its surprising how a subtle change can make a big difference .


In my final hour i managed a fish nearly every cast sometimes the rod was getting dragged round while i was still sinking the line , it was a shame to call an end to my short session but it looked like it might rain a had also had run out of soaked pellets plus my lovely wife had made my tea and i was starving .In the three hours i had been here i managed 58 fish which worked out at one every three minutes not a bad catch rate by anyones standard , it was just a shame that only a couple where over a pound but it will be a cracking water when they pack on the weight plus it is ideal for anyone new to the sport or wanting to try a few things out .


Partridge lakes

peg 14 Holbar lake , March 19th

Holbar lake

Holbar lake

After having managed to book the day off from work to do some family errands which fortunately for me i got done in record time and their fore i decided to have a few hours fishing in the afternoon .So off i headed to Partridge lakes i had planned on trying my hand at the f1s on covey 5 or 6 but the balief had informed me that they was resting these waters for the time being and only using them for the open matches , he also told me that peg 15+16 was fishing well on Holbar so i decided to try their and maybe get among the plentiful head of big carp and f1s .

I had only fished Holbar twice since they had changed it from two lakes too one and done some re modelling on it by putting some new islands in it , both times i fished it i chose peg 36 once in the Maver match this qualifier last year and this peg was towards the wider area of the lake , so today i was in a new part of the lake to try which was over the bridge and facing the road to covey 6 .When i arrived at the complex the weather was warmish with blue skies but the wind looked like it could be problematic later in the day and with this in mind i decided not to fish the form pegs and settled on peg 14 which offered me more protection from the wind .

peg 14 Holbar

peg 14 Holbar

I had decided on three areas to target ;

Pellet feeder . towards the far bank which was a good 30 meter chuck , i used a 10 foot Maver reactorlite tip rod with 6 lb Maver genisis main line and a 30 gram pellet feeder which had a short 4 inch hook length with a size 18 guru Mwg hook and micro bait band .

11 meter pole line , Where after plumbing up i found 6 ft and because of the depth plus wind i decided to use a 0.6 scone float with 0.14 garbo main line and 0.12 garbo hook length with a size 18 guru Lwg hook attached was a micro bait band , my shotting pattern was a bulk and two droppers .

Paste 4 meter line . Where it was 4 ft deep and i used a 0.4 scone paste float , my main line was garbo 0.14 straight through to a size 14 Turbetini 808 .

My bait for the day was ;

2 pints of hard 4 mm tiger nut flavor pellets

1 pint soaked micros with tiger nut flavoring

Tiger nut paste

small tub 6 mm hard pellets for the hook

small tub multi coloured pop up boilies

small tub semi bouyant tiger nut bandums

At 12 o’clock i was ready to get going and started on the pellet feeder which was clipped up a meter away from the far bank because i wasn’t sure that with all the cold over night rain they would be in the margins and i chose a suitable far bank marker , i decided to re-cast every five minutes to build up the swim . After thirty minutes i still haven’t had a sign of a bite but i continued with the regular casting ,it took another ten minutes before i started getting liners and finally a drop back bite resulted in a small barbel not the species i was after but it was a start .

Small barbel on tip rod

Small barbel on tip rod

My next cast resulted in me attached to a large f1 but i hadn’t even seen the bite!!! Things wasn’t going that well with the pellet feeder , so i decided to change to a method feeder which was a lighter 15 gram and would their fore make less of a splash when hitting the water . This seemed to work a lot better with five f1s and two barbel coming to the net but it was noticeable to me that the bites where becoming less frequent , maybe i was putting too much pellets in and a change to a smaller method feeder would have been better ?

average stamp f1

average stamp f1

So i decided to rest it and go on to my 11 meter pole line where i had initially cupped in three medium pots full off 4 mm pellets at the start and then topped it up every thirty minutes with a single cup full . I began getting the odd sign and f1 but they didn’t seem to want to settle on this line , i had topped up with half a medium pot after every fourth fish and thinking about it now maybe i had over done it at the start but i was expecting to catch a bigger than average stamp of fish , also with it being a big lake i felt that they would need a large amount to enable them to find it .

Golden f1

Golden f1

I worked out that if i topped up after every fourth fish it would take thirty minutes for them to settle so in this quiet spell i would have a few chucks on the method feeder , keeping this far bank area re-fed and picking up the odd fish in the process . I decided to give my paste line a go but it just didn’t work with the wind constantly pulling the float out of the paste and it just didn’t feel right with the fish seemingly being in the deeper water so i scrapped this idea and concentrated on making the most of the two lines that was producing fish .

Mirror carp

Mirror carp

The wind was getting stronger as the session progressed and i had to make the most of the spells when i could fish the pole , on one of these spells i managed to catch my biggest fish of the day a nice 6 lb mirror carp but un-fortunately it was on its own . I did have a run of big skimmers when i went back on the tip rod but it was strange that when i had run out of my tiger nut flavoured micros and used my mates green swim stim ones i didn’t catch another f1 on this line only skimmers .

2lb skimmer

2lb skimmer

For the last thirty minutes i concentrated on my pole line and had a run of small 8oz barbel , but because i had run out of 4mm pellets i couldn’t feed them off so i decided to call it a day . I ended up with twenty f1s around the 2lb mark-six barbel – four nice sized skimmers and the solitary carp of around six pound , so not a bad days fishing but it was a shame that the wind was so strong because it prevented me from fishing the pole longer which i am sure would have helped the fish settle better but at least it gave me chance to have a few hours on the tip rod which i don’t do enough off and i was happy with my accuracy in casting today but need more practise on feathering the feeder when it hits the water .


Off to Partridge lakes on Sunday to contest the open match , so lets hope for some better weather and i have heard a rumour that they could be linking up with Preston innovations .