Charity farm

Pond 4 peg 20 , Feb 23rd


After having had a few weeks away from fishing due to illness , i finally managed to get on to the bank and after reading Will Raisons E magazine about skimmer fishing which echoed everything that i had written on my earlier blog . I decided on a trip to charity farm to put it into practice and i choose here because it was one of the better skimmer waters around here although at 7 per peg it was a bit dear , the pond i fished had around 25 pegs and had an island across the middle which on my side was about a 30 meters cast .

Me and my mate had originally planned to have a tip vs waggler match but as my new Map tks 801 pole had turned up on the Friday i was understandably eager to give that a try , so i had decided to fish the tip for the first 2 hours then use my pole for the rest of the match . But things don’t always turn out how you would like them too because when we was in the NWAC picking up some bait we got told that Charity farm wasn’t fishing well and that persuaded my mate to choose a knock up match on Heskin hall and not fish with me .

So as i was now going on my own i decided for an extra hour in bed and when i woke at 8 oclock it was rather windy but fortunately also dry , which could mean my new pole might be staying in the holdall we would just have to wait and see how bad it was at the venue .

On arrival at the complex i had a quick look round to see if their was any sheltered areas but unfortunately these pegs were taken up by two other anglers , so i decided on a peg that i had fished a few times before which was peg 20 although my last visit was two years ago . The strong wind was blowing away from the car-park and my peg was situated just on the edge of the ripple .


I decided on two methods today ;

Pellet feeder ,

I used a Maver reactorlite 9 foot tip rod with a 30 gram pellet feeder , my main line was 6 lb Maver genisis and i had a short 4 inch hook length with a size 18 guru lwg hook attached and a micro bait band , i choose to cast this 3 ft away from the island where it was also 3 ft deep

11 m pole line , i plumbed up to find 6ft depth and because of the wind i decided to lay 4 inch on the deck so i could present a static bait . I used a 0.4 scone float with a bulk + 2 droppers shotting pattern , my main line was 0.12 garbo and had a size 20 gamma pellet hook attached to a 0.10 garbo hook length.



1/2 pint soaked micros

1/2 pint soaked micros coated with green swim stim

small tub 4 mm expanders

small tub hard 4 mm pellets

small tub red jpzs

At 930 i was ready to start and potted in two balls of micros dusted with swim stim on my 11 m line and i planned to top this up with one ball every thirty minutes , but importantly leave it for at least 90 minutes for the skimmers to settle on it . I then cast my pellet feeder with a hard 4mm pellet on the bait band , i planned on re-casting every five minutes for the first twenty minutes to put a bed of bait down before leaving it up to 15 minutes before re-casting .


After thirty minutes my tip twitched the drop backed which resulted in a 8oz skimmer making its way to the net ,another two quickly followed of similar stamp before it went quiet for twenty minutes and then i had another run of three skimmers but they just didn’t want to settle on this tip line .

After 90 minutes it was time to try my pole line and i hopped that a few skimmers had settled on it , first drop on this line with a 4 mm expander on the hook resulted in a hand sized skimmer making its way to the net and every time i went out i got an indication or a fish , but i was missing a few bites and with the wind calming down a touch i decided to reduce the amount of line on the deck to just 2 inch .


This resulted in me hitting most of my bites and some of the skimmers where getting over the 1 lb mark but this stamp of fish was few and far between , i had up to this point been holding my float tight against the tow but choose to let the rig run through for a couple of feet to see what would happen and this increased my catch rate considerably with me now catching around 25 fish an hour and it was funny that if i put my rig in where i was getting bites they wouldn’t touch it and definitely wanted it drifting towards them .

With me getting so many fish i increased my feed to a cupping kit after every six fish to keep them in my swim , towards the last hour the bites began to tail off which was under stand able and i put on another section which got me among the fish again they must have backed away from the feed , this also resulted in an increased stamp of fish and my biggest of the day which was a near 4 lb bream .


After five hours i was starting to run out of hook pellets and the wind was also beginning to get stronger and it was also forecast to rain around 3 o’clock so reluctantly i called it a day with 107 skimmers between 6 oz and 4 lb making its way to the net for one of my best days fishing in a while .


My new pole coped remarkably well in the conditions and i cant wait to use it at a longer distance where it should be even better ,the bites today where very finicky and only a handful were proper gazunders although i did have a couple of lift bites . A return to Partridge lakes to fish the open match on Sunday .


Gone fishing Springview

Sept 25th

Day three of my week off work and also my last fishing day for a fortnight , after having had a couple of good days fishing the pole i wanted some were to fish on the tip for a change and to be honest i am not really that good when using one so the practice will do me some good . After speaking to my mate from Balmoral fishing club he suggested going to Gone fishing in Spring view because he had fished it for the last two week ends and had caught a lot of carp both times , the venue isn’t that far from where i live but i haven’t visited it for over two years and i don’t know why but i tend to neglect my local venues for those further a field , its some thing that i will need to think about rectifying next season .

Gone fishing is a thirty peg natural ish water in an oblong shape with three floating islands , the main species seem to be carp which go up to 20lb and this of course makes it a prime target for the bivvy boys with their annoying bite alarms !!! Their is also a good head of f1s , bream and silvers , at the back of the complex is a round 12 peg water which was used as a training pond by the previous owners .

When i arrived at the lake i proceeded to have a walk round to see what pegs were free because their was quite a few cars parked up , ten anglers were already scattered all over the place but their was one island in the middle that no body was targeting so this is where i set up my stall and i didn’t really fancy sitting with the train tracks behind me so i choose the other bank although this meant a 30 meter chuck to it .

Because i was concentrating on just fishing the feeder today that’s all i brought with me , leaving the temptation of going on to the pole at home and my tackle for the day was ;

Maver reactorlite 9 ft feeder rod , maver genisis 6lb main line , 8lb hook length with a size 18 qm1 hook and a micro bait band attached , i was using a 25 gram pellet feeder to help get me the required distance .

Bait for the day was to be ;

2 pints soaked micros flavored with tiger nut

1 pint hard 6mm tiger nut pellets

small tub of tiger nut 6mm buoyant band ums

At 9 am i was ready to go and after a couple of exploratory casts to set the line clip and we was on our way , i had decided to start a couple of meters away from the island because i didn’t want to go in to the shallower water straight away and where i was casting it was only 3 ft deep.

I began re casting every five minutes and for a change my feeder was landing in the same 1 meter square every chuck , i was also pinging four 6 mm pellets every couple of minutes but after forty minutes i was still bite less and more worryingly i had only a few line bites too . But no body else was catching much either and i was just on the verge of wishing i had brought my pole , when my rod was nearly pulled in because it took me completely by surprise and the result was a pristine looking 2 lb f1 . Not long after another of similar size followed but as soon as they had arrived they were gone , i continued with the same feeding regime and after forty minutes i got another two quick f1s .

At this point a carp angler arrived and decided to fish to the same point of the island as i was fishing , he also began to fill it in with bait going every were and this of course killed my peg as well as his , the best thing was he only stayed forty minutes before he want on to the more easier beginners pond .

Nothing much was happening all over the lake so i decided to change from a pellet feeder to a lighter 15 gram method feeder , this reached the same distance but didn’t make as much disturbance on entering the water . I don’t know whether it was the change of feeder or the fact that the carp angler had stopped filling it in but after twenty minutes the rod was nearly dragged in again and this time a carp of 6 lb graced the landing net .

Since i had changed the feeder i had managed to catch 3 f1s and 2 carp including a 5 lb pristine looking ghostie which put up a nice fight , in an hour but some how it must have damaged the feeder on the way in because the method feeder was now missing its weight ! !

Un fortunately i didn’t have another one of the same weight so i had to go back on to a 25 gram method feeder this coincided with another slow final hour with only a couple of skimmers and a solitary f1 coming my way .

I had to call an end to my fishing at 2 pm and it was an enjoyable if rather confusing day with 10 f1s over 2 lb and 2 carp over 5 lb , plus half a dozen skimmers for about 40 lb which on a new venue and with other anglers struggling i was pleased with how it had gone , i also learned a lot which is beneficial to me for later days fishing on the method or pellet feeder .

Wrightington fishery

Rivi view peg 3 .  1st September

Well here it was the final club match of the season and could i get the points required to win the club league Of course i can ,although i made very hard work of achieving it as you will find out later .

I woke up to find it over cast ,cold and windy which would hopefully get the carp feeding on the deck and stop the floating pole being dominate on the island pegs. I was the first to arrive at the venue and had a chat with Paul the owner who said it had been fishing well but the recent cold weather might mean lower weights and as you will find out he was right .

I went round to do the pegging and as we were expecting 18 today with a few anglers missing due to illness and working shifts , i decided on three sections of six with the best pegs on the lake being near the island on the high numbers so i put six pegs along their to try and stop them running away with the match . The other six peg section was in the open water as you get on to the lake three on each side of the lake and this left lots of space towards the bottom of the lake for the final section because it wasn’t great down that end although the wind was blowing that way . To my mind this was the best and fairest way to peg it but it still didn’t stop people moaning after drawing bad today .

Everyone was early  and in an up beat mood with it being the last match of the season , so we did the draw and one by one all the best pegs was going and finally it came to me and the last ball in the bag was peg three or perminate peg five . Not a bad place to be with lots of open water to go at , on the down side i did have a couple of good anglers to contend with but my main challenger wasn’t one of them thankfully .

After Thursdays venture on here i had hopefully sorted a few things out and was keen to get started ;

13m this was to be my main line of attack using meat on the hook and feeding hemp , corn to hopefully keep the fish routing about on the bottom , it was further out than i had fished in practice because i thought the bank side disturbance might have made the fish back off . on plumbing up i found it to be 6ft deep and with it being windy i used a 0.6 scone float for more stability a few inch over depth , i used 0.15 garbo line and a 0.14 hook length to a size 16 hook because i was expecting to catch mainly carp , barbel and the odd skimmer

4m this was to be my paste line for the final two hours of the match , i used a scone paste float and as it was 4ft deep it was a 0.4 gram one , line was to be 0.15 garbo straight through to a size 12 hook because their are some big carp in here my elastic was 13 hollo .

pellet waggler , 11ft drennon red pellet rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a 4 gram middy pellet waggler and 0.14 hook length with a size 16 hook with a micro band attached .

pellet feeder , 9ft maver reactor lite feeder rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a preston pellet feeder because im not confident in using method feeders yet , a 0.14 hook length with a size 16 qm1 hook with a micro band attached .


meat 1 pint 4mm cubed , coated in krill powder

paste half pint , tiger fish one to one paste

pellets pint 4mm hard tiger fish pellets and pint of soaked micros

hemp and corn one pint

As the all in sounded at ten i put in two medium pots of meat , hemp and corn at 11m and went over the top with a piece of 4mm meat on the hook , i kept lifting and dropping to try to entice a bite . I began getting indications but couldn’t hit any and it wasn’t the proper bites like i had on Thursday , i changed my shotting pattern to allow for a slower fall of the meat and this worked to some extent but only small skimmers where coming my way .The lads on the other pegs either side of me were struggling too , but the others on the far bank seemed to be doing well especially the guy fishing the mong rig shallow and they also had the benefit of the ripple on the water .

With nothing really happening on my pole line and with the wind blowing off my back i decided on a few chucks with the pellet waggler towards the aerator thirty meters away and i am not the best at fishing this but i felt that i would need to get on the edge of the wind to get a bite shallow , i began feeding 6mm pellets twice every minute and re casting every two minutes , after a while i began getting the odd bite that i kept missing presumably from roach and i had to get it right at the side of the aerator to get any sort of indication and of course it wasn’t long before i got snagged up on it losing the lot so that went up the bank .

Another try on the pole produced nothing and i had really wanted to leave my margin paste line for the last hour , so i gave the pellet feeder a whirl i was still casting towards the aerator every five minutes and i began getting lots of liners so i knew that fish was in the area , after twenty minutes i had a 1lb skimmer in the net quickly followed by a 3lb carp but as soon as they turned up they had gone and i was left wondering why ! ! ! All the time the lad facing me was bagging up on carp and i was now fishing for second in the section , we was fast approaching the fourth hour and i had no option but to go on my margin line sooner than i planned .

I had been cupping in 4mm pellets every thirty minutes like i had done in practice and first drop i began getting indications , it wasn’t long before it buried and after a hard scrap an 8lb carp was in the net before a few more smaller fish followed Nice start . I then had a spell of foul hooked fish in the tail which i managed to get in and it was probably down to their being a lot of fish in the swim so i cut out the pellets and only feed the hook paste .

This i think worked because my next two fish were carp approaching double figures and in the fourth hour i had put 30lb in the net proper bagging , un fortunately a carp ploughed straight through my paste swim which resulted in my swim dying on me and when they did come back the bites where now little dinks and not the proper gazunders like before , maybe the skimmers had moved although i never caught any ?

Before the all out i had another lump and a smaller carp and i found the best way to catch them was to drop the paste in on the slope and then drag it up the near side shelf slightly and as the whistle went i was unsure if i had done enough .

To be honest as i was packing up it felt like any other match and not one that would decided the league winner , word reached me that my main challenger had struggled in his section and if that was the case i would win any way because he had to do better than me . We weighed my half of the section first which i won with 41lb before leaving the other half on the other bank to try and add a bit of extra tension , but when we got to my main challenger he had to beat 24lb which my apprentice had to get in the points but he only put 15lb on the scales so that was it the leadership was mine .

Section A 77lb , peg 18

Section B 32lb , peg 5

Section C 28lb , peg 12

A hard thought match with some nice weights and a run away winner , my match was very patchy and this week my main line of attack didn’t work out but my back up plan did which was a  relief , only wish i could get them both to work then i would definatley be winning more matches which i think my fishing deserves. By the way i finished second in my section and second in the match overall , but their was no way i could catch the winner after giving him such a head start .

Not sure if i deserve to win overall because at the start of the league i fished well but it tailed off in the middle before picking up towards the end and i finally scraped over the line . Unlike the winter league last year when i think i fished really well all the time , but of course it doesn’t always go like that and it hasn’t really sunk in yet and probably wont till i pick up the trophy because it is my biggest fishing achievement so far in my match fishing . Got a month to kill before it all starts again with my autumn – winter league in October and going to have a week off match fishing before i go back on to the partridge lakes open matches .