Sycamore fishery

Peg 18 Silver birch , 24th June

A bit of a different blog for you to read today , as i was left at home looking after the kids while my wife was away at work which meant i couldn’t get on the bank as much as i would have liked , so i light-heartedly suggested to my little lad who is only six if he wanted to go fishing for a few hours and to my amazement he jumped at the chance because  i thought it would be a real challenge dragging him away from his tablet and cartoon network but he wanted to go and he was even telling all his friends at school how he was going to catch a whopper .


On my way home from work i picked up a pint of maggots and sorted out a bit of fishing gear it will make a nice change travelling light and not taking a barrow load of gear , so after picking up the lad from school and getting changed then off we headed to sycamore fishery but after the recent sunny weather it was forecast for a few scattered showers so when it started drizzling on the way their i wasn’t expecting it to last long .

There was only a couple of other anglers on the complex and i presumed most people would be watching the england football team get beat in the world cup yet again , so we settled on Silver birch and with little in the way of breeze we choose peg 18 .There was plenty of fish topping along the far-bank but that didn’t concern me because i couldn’t see my little lad holding 13 meters of pole , so we concentrated on just the top kit and after plumbing up to find the required 3ft depth off we started .


After getting my little lad in a comfy place for holding the pole i began flicking a few maggots at the float every few minutes the fish were swirling even at this close range and the float was getting knocked about all over the place , so i decided to try shallow which worked a treat and he began getting lots of bites . Of course he was missing plenty of them because he was using the top kit more like a whip , the ones he was connecting with were the ones that ripped his elastic out and the look on his face the first time the top kit nearly got pulled out of his little hands was priceless .


After about twenty minutes the rain started getting a bit stronger and i was just waiting for him to ask to go home but surprisingly he ignored it all , as he was really enjoying himself and apart from a couple of lapses of concentration when he got side tracked with the ducks he couldn’t take his eyes of the float . Towards the hour mark i felt he had caught enough and didn’t want to over do it on only his second ever fishing trip , he was definitely getting in the swing of things and even saved the biggest fish for the last with a 2 lb mirror carp making its way to the net .


All in all he caught ten f1s plus a 2 lb stockie for about 15 lb and he really enjoyed himself which made my day so i treated him to a mcds on the way home , i am not going to push him into going again but if he asks to go then i will be keen to take him because i never had anybody show me how to fish and it would be nice to have another angler in the family .


Off to Partridge lakes on Saturday to contest the Maver match this which was a bit of a last-minute decision but i just hope i make a better job of it this year and lets hope for a good draw .

Sycamore fishery

Silver birch peg 5 , 22nd April

silver birch

silver birch

After having had a busy day at work the last thing i really wanted to do was go fishing but after promising my mate that we would go because he wanted to try a few different things before the weekends match . On arrival at the venue there was a few anglers on both of the canals but were situated on the more prolific corner pegs and seemed to be catching well , which was good as i was unsure how well it was fishing recently as i hadn’t been for a few months and the match results over Easter wasn’t put up yet .

peg 5

peg 5

The weather today was overcast with scattered showers but for a change on here there wasn’t a breath of wind , we decided to fish on Silver birch canal and i settled on peg five in the past i have had some awful matches on this peg so we would hopefully see how i have improved since the last time i fished it , because we was helping John practice for a match we decided to try a few different things and my rigs was ;

Far bank , matrix series 3 float set 2 ft deep and my line was 0.12 garbo direct to a size 18 f1 hook that had a micro bait band attached .

Shallow , matrix series 3 float set 2ft deep and then altered to 1 ft deep , my line was garbo direct to a size 18 f1 hook that had a micro bait band attached .

Margin , 4×10 preston chianti float set 3 ft deep and it had a spread bulk of number 11 stotz , my main line was 0.12 garbo and i had a short 6 inch hook length of 0.10 with a size 20 gamma pellet hook attached .

Bait as we was only fishing for three and a half hours i only needed ;

1 pint red maggots

1 pint 4 mm pellet

small tub 6 mm pellets

At 330 we was ready to go so i shipped out to 13 meters which was 1 ft away from the far bank and tapped in some 4 mm pellets , i then lowered my hook bait in among it and i then began lift-dropping my rig to try to entice a bite , it wasn’t long before i was into the first of many f1-stockies . My float was set for fishing with soft pellets so only a couple of mm showing this meant that the slightest of touches would take the float under and i think this was the reason behind me bumping fish off on the way in because they was taking the banded pellet and not the hook , i solved this problem by taking a shot of my rig which showed more bristle allowing the fish more time to take the bait .

stockie mirror carp

stockie mirror carp

In the first hour i managed to catch ten fish but John was starting to catch well shallow using maggot so i decided to follow suit but with banded pellet on the hook so we could compare catch rates , i was surprised that i didn’t need to prepare this line and began getting f1s almost instantly it was also noticeable that i was catching a bigger stamp of fish and more stockies too . Slapping-tapping worked better than constant feeding and i was also missing plenty bites so i went even shallower which helped with the fish hooking themselves against the pole tip .


We was approaching the last hour and i had fed my margin all the time so i decided to give it a try their , i flicked half a dozen maggots over my float and laid my rig in over the top , it never even settled with the first of many f1s making its way to the net . After a while i started getting line bites because even at this close range the continuous loose feeding had brought the fish up of the deck and became harder to catch , i tried heavier but less frequent feeding and this solved the problem for a while the only trouble was that the bites had become very dodgy and i could under stand how people struggle to hit them on here .


At 7 pm it was time to call a halt to the session with a nice mixed bag of fish coming to the net , in the end i had 55 fish for around 60 lb and a really enjoyable few hours fishing i would recommend going to anyone who was looking forward to catching a few fish . The evening matches start on here in May on a weds and i will hopefully be attending a few , their will be no fishing for me this weekend with my wife working away but i am sure i will get back on the bank soon .

Sycamore fishery

6th October , peg 31 Rowans

Well after what has seemed like an age I was back on to the match fishing trail getting a bit of practice before the start of my winter league and to be honest I had really missed the hustle and bustle plus competing against your fellow angler. Sycamore fishery was to be today’s venue although their had been rumors of it not fishing that well especially on Silver birch , but I had arranged to meet up with some anglers who wanted to fish my Autumn-winter league so that’s where I headed today .My usual fishing buddy wasn’t able to go because his Mrs has just had a baby girl ,  my companion for the day was Tony scopex who had been a venue regular but like me he hasn’t fished it for a few months , so we was both going at it a bit blind .

On our arrival at the complex we was the first people there per usual and no matter how late I set off I always get their before any one else , we went for a walk round to re familiarise our selves with the venue . Their was a lot of people intending to fish the club match on Davids pool and it had done OK recently on the Saturday opens , so they might be in for a good days fishing . When we got back to the cabin their was a few more anglers in attendance and although as expected because we hadn’t been for a while their was a lot of new faces plus the usual venue regulars .

Talk at the draw queue was how patchy Silver birch had been fishing and the fact that it can’t compete with Rowans at the moment , so we was pretty relived that Phil had wisely decided to pay the top two on each lake and their was 24 in attendance today which was a good turn out. My home for the day was peg 31 on Rowans , while it’s always nice to draw a corner peg this wasn’t one of the best areas to be in or so I thought.



After getting to my peg I was very pleased with how it looked because I had a point of the island and a wind ward margin full of scum to attack, when I began to plumb up around my peg I noticed that the lake was a good foot down on its usual height due to the lack of recent rain and today was going to be the same with blue sky and a gentle breeze, although it had started out cold this morning it had begun warming up quite nicely.

Lines to fish

13m far shelf where it was 3ft deep, 0.2 matrix float with a spread bulk, 0.10 garbo line attached to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , size 10 orange matrix elastic .

5m near shelf where it was 4ft deep , 0.3 malmans speedy with a spread bulk starting above the 0.10 garbo hook length attached to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , size 10 orange matrix elastic .

5m margin where it was 2ft deep although on plumbing up it was very un even , 0.2 matrix float with a spread bulk , 0,10 garbo line attached to a size 20 gamma pellet hook , size 10 orange matrix elastic .

Bait was the same as last week

1 pint maggots

1/2 pint micros

1/2 pint crushed expanders

tub normal 4mm expander

tub white 4mm expander

As the all in sounded at nine I went onto my deeper rig first at 5m and had planned to work up the near shelf as the weather warmed up during the day ,I began by feeding a medium kinder pot full of micro and crushed expander with a 4mm on the hook . After about five minutes of lifting and dropping I was into my first fish which was a nice 10oz stockie , I soon got in a routine of feed , lift and drop, then a bite.

My first hour went swimmingly with ten nice stockies coming to the net , strangely it then began to die on me so I decided to rest it and changed to my right hand margin which I had fed all the time , so I expected an immediate response and I wasn’t disappointed with half a dozen fish coming my way but it wasn’t as prolific as my original line but where of a bigger stamp up to 2lb in size .

I began getting very fast dips on the float which I put down to line bites and even when i went shallower I still couldn’t connect with them and I tried further up the margin slope, this seemed to work but not for long and I was puzzled about why ?

This is where my match began to run away from me because I just couldn’t put a run of fish together so I set up a new swim at 13m on the far shelf slope , fishing pellet and picked up a few nice fish here but seeing the dotted down float was a problem in the sunny conditions , but I had to keep alternating between my 13m and right hand margin to keep putting the odd fish in the net till the all out sounded.

Venue expert Tony Skoyles had a really good last hour on the next peg catching a dozen fish in that time and I knew he had beat me but I was unsure of how every one else had done on my canal but I just hopped that a few lost fish and time spent sorting out the odd tangle wouldn’t cost me yet again in these open matches because it’s these little things that add up in the end.

As the scales came round to my peg I needed 46lb to beat the next peg but i could only manage 32lb from just 33 fish but was thankfully enough for 2nd on the lake because the better corner pegs hadn’t produced today maybe it was the wind direction or the caliber of angler on them who knows , funny things these fish!


Sycamore 6th October results


Unfortunately my mate Tony Scopex didn’t fair as well as I did from Silver birch peg 8 and only managed 5lb getting beat on both sides , his lake was won with 32lb on peg 20 and speaking to Phil after the match he was happy with both lakes saying they had both fished about the same, personally I am not to sure and just hope he continues paying the top two on each lake for the time being any way because I know that a few more anglers would be attending them.

Well its the start off my Autumn-Winter league at Hall lane next Sunday and I am  surprised on the amount of anglers that are willing to fish them and most are going to be fully booked up which of course I am very pleased about.

Keep coming back to see how it goes Cheers Gary