Widdows flash

March 10th , peg 26


After managing to get off work a bit earlier than usual i decided to have a few hours fishing to practice my short-range tip work , i had planned on going to Sycamore fishery which had shown signs of improvement looking at the weekends match results but i decided to go on Widdows flash because my mate text me earlier in the day saying that he was going their .

On arrival at the venue i was surprised to see half a dozen anglers fishing with most of them congregating towards the pegs in the thirties which usually through up plenty of carp in the colder months , i decided to sit on peg 26 which was near the board pegs another good area plus it was only a short walk from the rear car-park .As i had decided to only fish the tip rod i was set up in no time and at 3 o’clock i was ready to start , with only pellets on my side tray it should be a fairly straight forward and just needed to keep my casting tight .

I decided to cast every five minutes for the first half hour to put a bit of bait down before leaving it a while longer after that and would the regularity of bites-liners tell me how long to wait , i was casting a couple of feet off the far-bank in the slightly deeper water and it didn’t take long before i began getting twitches on the rod tip nothing positive though , when these disappeared i had to begin casting with more regularity because i noticed that i would get indications almost as soon as the feeder landed . I tried changing hook baits to a semi buoyant band-um but this didn’t work neither did a smaller 4mm pellet .


My mate was also struggling to catch fishing in the channel and from where i was sitting i could only see one person catch he was on the flyer peg 36 fishing 17m under the aerator , so you could say it was going to be a tough one but after an hour my tip finally pulled round proper and i was attached to a nice 1lb plus skimmer . I hopped that this was the first of many but i wasnt that lucky as it signaled the end of any more liners or bites . The lad that i was with started putting a run of tiny silvers together plus the odd one around 8oz , so with nothing happening across i decided to start a new swim casting in the channel towards peg 25 and just like at the beginning of my session i was getting plenty liners but still no proper indications i’m pretty sure that these were from the tiny silvers my mate was catching .

After another bitless hour i decided to go back across but casting a lot closer to the far-bank i was even contemplating changing from my pellet feeder to a small banjo but kept things the same , i thought that maybe i was casting a bit too frequent and that was the reason the small silvers moved in .So i decided to leave it up to twenty minutes before re-casting and i don’t know if by doing this or the light beginning to fade but i had a proper pull round which saw me attached to a big carp this unfortunately broke my 014 hook length as i was struggling to free the line from behind the line clip on the reel .


On my next cast the feeder was only in for five minutes before my next bite which nearly dragged the rod in and this time i managed to get in with no bother i soon had a near 6lb carp nestling in the net , the light was fading fast and i had just began packing up a few bits when my last cast of the session produced another carp but much smaller than my previous one . So lots for me to think about after today’s session it wasn’t exactly as hectic as i had planned and no doubt i would have caught a lot more at Sycamore fishery but on the plus side i was more than happy with my casting and the way that my rod coped with the big carp .

I’m off to Hall lane fishery on saturday for a practise on our first round supercup venue merlins canal so lets hope the carp are in a feeding mood , not sure yet about Sunday yet either Sycamore fisheries or Partridge lakes .



Widdows fishery

peg 17 , June 21st

After managing to finish work on time for a change , i decided to make the most of it  and have a sneaky practice on Widdows fishery where my next club match takes place . I haven’t had chance to try any of the other four club matches before we fished them so i think you can let me off with this one , even though the water is right on my door step in fact it was only a five minute drive but  it isn’t some were i frequent regularly and have only fished it four times in the past ten years . Not sure why though because its a lovely looking water with 38 permanent concrete pegs which you can drive to every one and drop your tackle off and an island at 16m available on every peg plus a nice reed lined margin . The main species as you would expect are carp and skimmers , but unusually these days their are no f1s , ide or barbel present anyway that’s a brief run down of the venue lets see how my afternoon session went .

Arrived at twelve and their was about six fishing which wasn’t a surprise in this nice sunny weather , hopefully the weather forecasters had got it wrong and it will last all weekend fingers crossed . Decided to fish an area that was relatively free from anglers and at a part of the lake i hadn’t fished before ,i settled on peg 17 which was only a short walk from the car park so no Preston shuttle was needed today .

When i got to my peg i set up my box at a slight angle to the far bank because today i would be mainly fishing at 16m and with my box set like this it will make resting the pole on my knees easier and therefore taking the weight from off my back , the other thing i did was to set my side tray as high as possible making it a lot easier for me to find my feed pellets and i could catty them in a nice smooth motion with out even looking and another thing to consider was the pole roller placement getting this right will prevent breakages and tangled rigs especially when fishing shallow with a short leader , luckily for me today i only needed my flat bed map roller which i set as high as possible because their was a handily placed fence i could use as my rear pole roller .

As today was to be used for practice i decided not to fish tight to the island because i knew you can catch carp from their using experience from previous visits , so today i  wanted to fish on the slope and with careful plumbing i found a flat area at 3ft deep which was 2ft away from the far bank .

RIG 13h elastic , with a 0.3 scone float 0.12 garbo line direct to a size 18 f1 hook and a micro band

BAIT 6mm hard pellet for hook and 4mm hard pellet for feed

Went out to the island and fed a medium cupping kit full with 4mm hard pellets and then went over the top with my rig and 6mm hard pellet on the hook , it didn’t take long before i was getting indications and my first fish was a 1lb plus skimmer . The first hour was pretty straight forward with eight skimmers and two carp coming my way for about 15lb kept re feeding a kinder pot full of hard 4mm pellets after every fish ,

RIG 13h elastic , with 0.2 matrix float , 0.14 garbo line direct to a size 18 f1 hook and a micro band .

BAIT 6mm hard pellet for hook and 4mm hard pellet for feed

The second hour i decided to try for a few more carp by going shallow tight to the island , i kept loose feeding six 4mm hard pellets by catty every couple of minutes and by searching all along the far bank i managed to pick up four carp up to 4lb , but strangely they wasn’t any caught from the same part of my peg and just wouldn’t settle in one area this was probably due to being over fished for in this area . in this hour i managed another near 15lb although i lost a couple of carp too .

RIG 13h elastic , with 0.3 middy float , 0.14 garbo main line attached to a size 14 b911 hook .

BAIT chopped worm in inch pieces and sloppy soil .

The third hour was spent fishing chopped worm on the same line as my first hour and to be honest i had a sneaky suspicion that this would be my best line and bait today , but i just couldn’t get it to work properly but i did catch two carp early but i think they was still present from before i put the medium cupping kit of chopped worm in . It did produce lots of bites but from small silvers which i couldn’t feed off ,when i put a bigger piece of worm on the hook i just began missing bites but those i did connect with were 1lb plus skimmers and i don’t think this bait will work in the match , caught 8lb in this hour .

RIG 11h elastic , with 0.3 scone float , 0.12 garbo main line attached direct to a size 18 f1 hook and micro bait band , which i later changed to a size 18 gamma pellet and paste hook.

BAIT 6mm hard pellets and then 4mm expanders for hook bait , 4mm hard pellets for feed .

The fourth and fifth hour was by far and away the best of the day ,this was spent fishing just 4m out at 3ft deep on top of the near side slope . I potted in half a medium cupping kit of hard 4mm pellets i began getting bites straight away but started bumping fish off so changed to a 4mm expander and this resulted in a purple patch of ten skimmers in thirty minutes which included a few flying fish and i don’t think their is a better sight in fishing . By loose feeding 4mm i kept the fish interested but this brought them up in the water so a change of shotting pattern to on the drop style resulted in some nice roach . Not quite what i was after so began kinder potting after every fish which got the skimmers back on the bottom making them easier to catch , unfortunately i got broke by a big carp at the end so called it a day .

What did i learn today

Carp didn’t want to be shallow and speaking to other anglers they found it to be the same and ended up laying some line on the deck to catch .

3ft deep line near the island was the best area to fish .

Not confident chopped worm will work near the island but could work in the near margin .

Best area to fish was definitely bottom of the near slope .

Banded 6mm pellet and 4mm expander was the best bait to use .

Carp average 3lb and skimmers 1lb , so not many required to make a good weight .

Overall i got a few things sorted and can start forming a plan for fishing the club match next weekend , i ended up with 46 fish for around 60lb which consisted of eight carp and the rest skimmers .